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  1. Skass

    Looking for regimental co-founders

    Hello there, fellow community members. As me and a few of my friends are planning to start a new regiment, we are looking for some more people to do it with us. "Why is that?", you may ask now. Well, as we have quite a bit of experience with the founding of new regiments, we have figured that...
  2. Skass

    59th Regiment of Foot - 2nd Nottinghamshire [ EU ] ~ The lilly whites

    I'm here to fap in Mack's Thread actually.  :lol:
  3. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    Mack. said:
    Oh god Furrnox..

    Skass just ask me and furrnox in the future to have a nice conversation on your thread  :grin:.

    Rather not  :lol:
  4. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    Bump :grin:
  5. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

  6. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    Thanks :wink:
  7. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    Thanks guys :grin:
  8. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    Haha true, and thanks :grin:
  9. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    Thanks guys :smile:
  10. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    KArantukki said:
    Who made your awesome thread Skass ? ^^

    The most awesome guy on earth  :lol:
  11. Skass

    15. Infanterie-Regiment

    Yes, its time for a glorious restart :grin:
  12. Skass

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    I'm looking for some experienced lads who would be intrested in being an officer in a new regiment and help building it up right from the beginning. It would propably be Prussian, EU based and english speaking. For any further information or incase you're intrested, PM me here on Taleworlds.
  13. Skass

    Now this is what you get for asking for a merge...

    Potterr said:
    Are you palfer or are you mike? haha

    I don't know which would be worse  :lol:

    Though i don't believe mods will appreciate this kind of thread too much so....

  14. Skass

    [Community Game] Napoleonic Wars nations warfare

    Russian Empire - 30 points
    United Kingdom - 41 points
    Kingdom of Prussia - 42 points
    Austrian Empire - 47 points
    Duchy of Warsaw - 61 points
    Kingdom of Italy - 24 points
    Kingdom of Sweden - 48 points
    Kingdom of Denmark - 32 points
    Kingdom of the Netherlands - 50 points
    Kingdom of Bavaria - 51 points
    Swiss Confederacy - 34 points
  15. Skass

    3. Kurmarkische Landwehr-Regiment

    Was a great linebattle tonight :wink:
  16. Skass

    NW Completed Monday Historical Linebattle Event [Cancelled]

    Yup, permanently cancelled, Kalitorian and KArantukki will continue the tradition fo this event. :wink:

    Thanks to everyone who made it possible as it happened and also thanks to everyone who attended. :smile:
  17. Skass

    NW Completed Monday Historical Linebattle Event [Cancelled]

    Sorry guys but i'll have to cancel this weeks event because of various reasons.
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