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  1. The Meddling Monk

    Lost my companion after assigning her to a mission

    Had this happen to me today, RIP Rahan the Wanderer :cry:
  2. The Meddling Monk

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops 📁 Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    Damn, really loving the Battania redesign. The Fiann in particular is a great improvement.
  3. The Meddling Monk

    Dev Blog 17/01/20

    Today's blog will probably be about welcome to the new forums or smth like that :iamamoron:
  4. The Meddling Monk

    Dev Blog 17/01/20

    Rip old forums  :cry:
  5. The Meddling Monk

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    NUQAR'S Kentucky "Nuqar" James XXL said:
    There's no adblock on mobile, you swozzlers.
    Some browsers have one built in, like Brave or Dolphin.
  6. The Meddling Monk

    We can apply a multiplayer beta account now??



    From the /r/mountandblade discord server
  7. The Meddling Monk

    Dev Blog 09/08/19

    Piconi said:
    THIS is how i would like it to look, sort of:
    Yeah, I like the look of that instead of the bars that are currently there.
  8. The Meddling Monk

    Competitive suggestion: Ping system

    +1, I'd love to see something like this in-game. Would be very helpful.
  9. The Meddling Monk

    Taleword's Partnership with NetEase Games, how should we interpret?

    Would be nice if we could get some clarification about this.
  10. The Meddling Monk

    Dev Blog 01/08/19

    vicwiz007 said:
    Im now suspicious that everyone except me is in beta and this is a big prank
    It's a social experiment  :shifty:
  11. The Meddling Monk

    Dev Blog 18/07/19

    Dest45 said:
    Roccoflipside said:
    From the way they described it, there seems to be a"deathbed will" kind of system were in you are allowed o select your successor jut before your character dies, most likely meaning there will be no wars of succession. However, I could definitely see a mod doin this, which I think would be really cool.
    Callum just said he was sick! Not on his deathbed. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.
    Who would he choose as his successor though? Personally, I'd recommenced Terco  :fruity:
  12. The Meddling Monk

    Your birthday :D

    Wigster600 said:

    Antonis said:
    Happy birthday!  :party: :party: :party:
    Thanks, guys!
  13. The Meddling Monk

    Your birthday :D

    Arvenski said:
    Happy birthday, dude!
    Thank you!  :party:
  14. The Meddling Monk

    Your birthday :D

    Thanks!  :smile:
  15. The Meddling Monk

    Your birthday :D

    :party: :party: :party:
  16. The Meddling Monk


    CKyHC said:
    beautiful Alijin!, Princess Ira!, many bandits! and two helmets from СК2 :3....Does anyone know what is called a helmet with "ears"?
    Great stuff! I especially like this guy, he reminds me of Éomir from lord of the rings:
  17. The Meddling Monk

    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    National Founding Figure Respecter said:
    Arvenski said:
  18. The Meddling Monk

    Dev Blog 13/06/19

    Sirra said:
    :oops: i just mean that this ideas are interesting, not very important but as all. it's pretty cool to have a choice choosing your fight style. sorry if you don't understand me, it's language barrier's fault and my English level
    He was replying to the other users' posts, not yours.
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