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  1. BayBear

    You need to start giving more money for TDM/Siege. No one plays ranked anymore

    Not disregarding the remaining MP devs and the work they have planned, but I don't expect any groundbreaking patches given the departure of Callum, Mexxico and other key TW employees over the last year. The last official MP update (Volume 5) was released over two years ago. Here's to the modders and all the work they do - cheers!
  2. BayBear

    3 years later... We told you so

    In no way shape or form will the class system ever work better than the gold system. You can't meme around naked, you can't customize your armor the way you want, and you're restricted to the one or two weapons of the class you pick. In some cases, you can't even use a weapon of your preference because you don't have enough gold for a decent class.
    There's an old saying in game development: you might have the most thoughtful, carefully planned mechanics but if they aren't fun, no one will play.
  3. BayBear

    We were wrong about the class system...

    Oh how even the mightiest of us have fallen😏
  4. BayBear

    Unban MostBlunted one month after release of Bannerlord?

    If MostBlunted spent as much time developing mods as he spent flaming this forum, we'd have full conversion mods by now. Voted Nay due to misallocation of time.
  5. BayBear

    Patch Notes e1.8.1

    Really? Which ones? I only have like 10 (2 major bug fixes mods, that should be fixed with this "update")?

    A screenshot of your mod launcher would be much appreciated.

    There are so many "mods" (read stuff that should be in vanilla) that I´d like to try but I can´t afford to invest 4h a day to try which mod combination is working.
    But this guy can afford 4 hours a day thread bashing the devs..

    Nice work devs! I look forward to MP custom servers being fleshed out over the next few months.
  6. BayBear

    Genuinely question for the devs and players.

    I honestly don't care who makes the game better as long as it gets better. I'd rather see Taleworlds release it as is right now than wait another 5 years for them to implement features that modders could do in a fraction of the time. If the final state of the base game is to simply be a modding platform, that's perfectly fine with me.
  7. BayBear

    Genuinely question for the devs and players.

    Realistically, Taleworlds still views Bannerlord as an EA product and has only advertised the product as such. Any expectations beyond EA quality is to each their own demise. Game development is taking longer than everyone would like, Taleworlds included, but sooner or later the game will realize its intended vision. Patch 1.80 is a big step modding-wise and it looks like we are inching closer to allowing the player base to craft the game players want. Singleplayer & Multiplayer modding was always the strength of M&B anyways.
  8. BayBear

    Custom Servers Beta Test & Battle Mode

    Any update on the ETA of customs? It's really painful for us in OCE watching Taleworlds advertise other communities playing on custom servers while we're stuck with a permanently crashing, same map, same factions loop. Any info would be golden.
    New here? We'll get em when they are ready
  9. BayBear

    The approach to MP has failed, and what could be done to revive it

    I'm excited for LOTR Minas Tirith & Helms Deep limited life battle servers. Modded custom servers can't come soon enough
  10. BayBear

    GK NA Battle Feedback

    I recommend tk damage be 50/50. This eliminates the effectiveness of all trolling types, and makes it so the players don't have to worry about policing griefers, they can just focus on playing the game instead.

    For maps, I find the captain maps to be just a bit too big, even with high player counts.
    Meh I disagree. Better to fully disincentive archers from blind firing into melee rather than half ass it
  11. BayBear

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Badbuckle welcome to the forums. You are in my prayers
    Mans just posted his "here I am" and yall already throwing the "why is this the way it is???"s at him :iamamoron:

    Welcome & Good Luck, @badbuckle

    now remove twohanders from archers!!!!!!!
    Haha I wish him well
  12. BayBear

    Custom Servers Beta Test & Battle Mode

    The gold/cav issue might be a bit worse on NA Battle because we're doing first-to-five. I think less rounds would help. But a lot people don't want to disconnect/reconnect that often. Once we get map voting and seamless transition between maps, we might be able to reduce the number of rounds so they don't drag on if it's a stomp.
    What's the backend issue preventing seamless map transition?
  13. BayBear

    Love for MP is on the way!

    Sh!it on the base game until they release custom servers
    Which is what 98% of the MP playerbase is waiting for. Most of us have moved on to other games but we will return
  14. BayBear

    March 30th is coming up. Happy 2 years on Steam!!

    Yes, i'm still playing BL 2 years later ... one of the Few ...

    Yes, WB is alot older with many great add ons, just like BL will be after official release .. lets get that OR ASAP.


    Only the brave and fearless endure
  15. BayBear

    Any news on PW or PK thats really all that matters.

    Dear Nin3, as a mod developer and multiplayer player, I have a question for you.

    A few months ago, we (Sword & Musket) and a total of 17 mod project teams came together to write an open letter statement and again expressed our concerns and problems with this statement to Taleworlds. Open Letter to Taleworlds - Mod Custom Servers And we were able to predict the answers we would get from Callum when we mentioned the 4 possible solution about the private servers. While we were in the EA process of this game, we witnessed the server opening in the work done in Betalords also when it was leaked in 1.4.0 "Source" knows as Create a game Feature. Maybe it requires less than "just them files" , I guess you guys could re-enable that Feature for the Public not just for dev-testing, I know there is a big difference between the game development then mod development. I hope the company realizes that these attempts will have a huge impact on the mod community and the mp community. Because now people are really bored and people's morale has really started to drop, and we can also say that there are people who are starting to doubt the company's interest in the players, and we can see this in many people.

    Note: No one can wait for server files to be released during Early Access. Of course, it is useful to avoid some mistakes if it comes out after EA. But I belive Create a game feature can be opened to Public use. We as the mod teams are concerned because we can't test of the work we have done for our mods and waiting after release for something already developed probably kills lots of multiplayer modding Teams and we are concerned about this.
    Just pointing out that this post didn't include a question. Are you asking if Taleworlds can re-enable the "Create a Game" feature? I think NIN3 just answered the question in this thread!
  16. BayBear

    I just realized it's been almost 2 years

    Singleplayer has received the lion's share of dev attention.
  17. BayBear

    #BringBackDeathCount - poll

    Calm down everyone - Taleworlds is just preparing for the upcoming one-life mode. No need to count deaths if players only have one life:xf-wink:
  18. BayBear

    What's the end goal?

    The end goal for Taleworlds is to complete singleplayer
  19. BayBear

    NA East Captain's Clan is abusing vote to kick, auto kicking everyone.

    The real problem is that the player base is too small right now
  20. BayBear

    Bannerlord is way to colorful!

    I think the colors look just fine. Anyone who wants a muted feel could tweak with their monitor's color settings.
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