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  1. ZeNinja

    Did the PW kick the bucket?

    pw is ****ing dead. it died off ages with all its constant political cuck mongering ****.
  2. ZeNinja

    The passing of our beloved...

    I wish to not start this with grief, however, our beloved Hugge has passed. Many of you shall know him and remember him from his contributions towards Nexus and helping with events. Helping me with events, also. He was an all-around great guy. His sister, texted me that Hugge has passed away...
  3. ZeNinja


    Persistent World being one of the largest or maybe even the largest community in Persistent World will be a definite in Bannerlord. One way or another a PW Style Module on BL shall be released and especially more modders being introduced to the community due to Bannerlords opening of many new features

    I say it's just a race to who makes the best RPG :smile:
  4. ZeNinja

    [EU/NA]Oasis Hosting - Biggest Mount & Blade Warband Server Host! - 15% off

    mightywolve said:
    What happend with PW EU Oasis?


  5. ZeNinja

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Great to see some activity by the team :smile:
  6. ZeNinja

    We have damaged PW with our scripts.

    chunky_monkeh said:
    Rasorath said:
    chunky_monkeh said:
    Feudal World.
    What about it?
    Ra'Jiska said:
    Why so defensive ?
    Anyway, I'm impressed you remember such thing, the old EUA, four (4) years ago: my first glorious time admin.
    Note that the only killing I made wasn't on purpose, but I must agree with you I had nothing to do with my admin horse at this time.
    We all commit errors, and as you said, I grew old. After a while ? Well, Aldric opened a new server after this one where he gave me second chance.
    From this time to now, I've been admin on all his servers. Apparently he did not regret it. But what about you ? Where were you ? He told me you stabbed him in the back.
    I don't really see how gaining Aldric's trust warrants boasting. He has the intelligence of a baguette.
    I'm flattered that he told you I stabbed him in the back, sounds like me leaving had a negative impact on him and the server. Although it was not so much a stabbing, rather than a kindergarten teacher leaving his children unattended until they devour eachother due to a prolonged lack of supervision. The results would have been the same, though.
    Rasorath said:
    In addition, if you read the forum rules, you'll be able to see that flaming (what you seem to be doing) goes against them.
    Welcome to the subforum.

    What I meant is that the Feudal World staff team was the worst staff team 2k15. And you were part of it. Your attempts are futile.

    You just used the word futile... Oh god the irony...

    Your server is FUTILE it has produced little to no progress over the previous month. Don't be applying that word upon others when you clearly have done nothing.

  7. ZeNinja

    We have damaged PW with our scripts.

    Rasorath said:
    chunky_monkeh said:
    So just don't try running a no-script server.
    Yeah. Let's take advice from the guy trying to save his ridiculously horrible server from its inevitable downfall.

  8. ZeNinja

    MP Medieval [WB] Persistent Europe

    error 503: mod failure complete
  9. ZeNinja

    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    Just reviving the drama cuz lel
  10. ZeNinja

    MP Medieval [WB] Persistent Europe

    lol. gg.
    error 404 : come back not found


    gl hf

    Oh and I find it hilarious that you know have surgery lol. Surgery for butthurtia don't work ;(
  11. ZeNinja

    OASIS CRUSADER EVENT - 22-11-2014 17:00 GMT 18:00 gmt +1

    Simple Events...

    What is your clan name?: House Champagne
    How many members will attend?: 35
    What is your steam name?: Unlived has me.
  12. ZeNinja

    [WNL4] ID Management

    Clan Name:Vikings of Tyr
    Player 1: Jarl Hrothgar of Tyr - 1390151

  13. ZeNinja

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Luka_templar said:
    matmohair1 said:

    Where do you find all these cool pictures?  :grin:
  14. ZeNinja

    EU dreamworld 200server

    Honestly. Had a great laugh. Well, then. WE WILL ALWAYS MISS YOUU!111 1oen...

    Lov yu bbs GL and HF
  15. ZeNinja

    EU dreamworld 200server

    antimatter said:
    We got 8 players today :grin:

  16. ZeNinja

    The Vikings of Tyr *EU*

    Nici said:

  17. ZeNinja

    The Vikings of Tyr *EU*

    Roster Updated
  18. ZeNinja

    The Vikings of Tyr *EU*

    Roster Updated.
  19. ZeNinja

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    hunutteri said:
    markushex said:
    Does the blog 8 song is an actual in-game song ?
    I doubt it. I think they have another studio making music for them, but you never know..  :smile:

    I believe another studio is doing it

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