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  1. RalliX

    B Native [RTI] Reworked Troops & Items: Gameplay Update v0.4 Nov 9th 2023

    Today I uploaded the v0.4 gameplay update. It's been eight months, but that whole time I was steadily improving the mod.
    I feel this is a huge improvement to the gameplay and balance, possibly a definitive one. Have a taste of it if you please.
  2. RalliX

    Patch Notes v1.1.2

    I have been assured by the years at this point, not to have my expectations blown out of the water by taleworlds.
    That said, there has been significant progress, but not steady progress. Better versions will come when they come.
  3. RalliX

    Armor lack of effectiveness Devs should consider

    I'm releasing [RTI] Reworked Troops & Items v0.3 for warband.
    If anyone wants some inspiration for how combat should be feeling, I made that mod as a point of reference for what could be done in Warband.
    Rather than speaking in abstracts, the combat should be adjusted by feel incrementally. That's something the devs need to realize. It needs to be played and changed, repeatedly! Finally an equilibrium will be found.

    That's where true balance comes from, that's how the game will be made to feel right.
  4. RalliX

    B Native [RTI] Reworked Troops & Items: Gameplay Update v0.4 Nov 9th 2023

    Added new gameplay footage of version 0.3 in development.
    Also, thanks Redleg, I remember your early endorsement of my old mods. TBH they were ok, but I think this is a more matured version of it.

    Edit: Added new version .3 Apr 10th 2023.
  5. RalliX

    B Native [RTI] Reworked Troops & Items: Gameplay Update v0.4 Nov 9th 2023

    Added new version 0.2 with fixed multiplayer battle gold issue and built off a 1.171 Module system.
    Also further modified some items. I'd say it's closed to finish with what I can do so far. The rest is going to need playtesting to determine what needs correcting.
  6. RalliX

    B Native [RTI] Reworked Troops & Items: Gameplay Update v0.4 Nov 9th 2023

    I will need to make some adjustments to the Scripts file, probably being to replace it with a 1.171 module system module_scripts as the whole reason I made changes to the scripts is to change the equipment loadouts for the MP classes. It seems the 1.166 version of the game had completely bugged Battle mode gold distribution and does not give post-round gold back. So you die, respawn next round only with equipment up to what was earned from combat gold. An oversight for sure.

    The SP works fine though thankfully. But yeah I'll need to update these scripts with the changes I made to the old version before I can have a MP playtest for this. ****.
  7. RalliX

    B Native [RTI] Reworked Troops & Items: Gameplay Update v0.4 Nov 9th 2023

    I mostly didn't include OSPs because then it gets murky which ones to subscribe to and not. This way any mod that has the native BRF files will be able to use my tree.
    Native is messy, but I made coherent and good looking SP units by organizing the items distinctly by faction and theming factions properly using the items available. I'm not unsatisfied with the result, it just makes me wonder why the devs didn't do what I did in the first place.
    It changes the dynamic. It makes things the way they should be using all the native assets to their best. I also got rid of most of the War-rider era item models and replaced them with new and more suitable native ones.
    Really, the only essential core of the mod is the item_kinds and troops file, so really the whole mod could be pared down to like 1 Mb.

    Many thanks for the compliment and support.
  8. RalliX

    B Native [RTI] Reworked Troops & Items: Gameplay Update v0.4 Nov 9th 2023

    Reworked Troops & Items Version 0.4 Released Nov 9th 2023 Version 0.3 Released Apr 10th 2023 Version 0.2 Released Feb 24th 2023 The idea is to to improve the core gameplay of Native, while preserving it's spirit and character. I've heavily polished and balanced the troops and items. (I've...
  9. RalliX

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Dunno if that link works on desktop or not.
    Basically, a trump aide’s document on why one of Trump’s former secretary of defence officials should have been fired.

    It’s literally just a list of unethical things he refused to do. So if trump is re-elected, his next sec-def will probably be an under qualified yes man.
  10. RalliX

    Election system still ruins the game. Please delete, let player run own faction, please make strategy game!

    That's life and even though bannerlord barely does anything right, the voting system is something they do right because it shows the player that they have no power because they're just a petty nobleman.
    Unless as is happening to Ananda, you are a powerful lord or king of your realm, and it presents an insurmountable problem.
  11. RalliX

    Election system still ruins the game. Please delete, let player run own faction, please make strategy game!

    I remember back when having players and AI working off same systems seemed like a good idea.

    Not always the case, it seems.
  12. RalliX

    Poll: The unification of North American servers

    This is only a problem because no dedicated servers and because of the matchmaking system. Also the reason we get kicked from server after matches.
  13. RalliX

    Re-Installation Criteria

    I’m just waiting for them to finish refactoring and release the mod tools so I can start fixing the combat, troops, items, and balance.
  14. RalliX

    Bannerlord was a grift

    The game is not "large" or a "massive project", it has quite a few improvements and new features that weren't in Warband, but, isn't that any direct sequel??? If you are making Rome 2, you are going to include a) everything in rome 1 and b) new things. There weren't that many new things Bannerlord introduced. Of those, very few actually made it into the game, others were good ideas, but taleworlds decided co-op wasn't worth their time. It wasn't an "honest" mistake, or even a mistake. At least around 2016, they knew exactly what they were doing.
    Actually I’d say this game was a far larger project than the rather indie original. Warband was an expansion that took that engine as far it could go. They worked on an already polished project and codebase. The new game starts from scratch, and is just bigger. You also no longer have the efficiency of a small team, especially if testing isn’t automated and at least weekly.

    Changes made by one dev on one branch might break the changes of another, and the less frequently they’re merged, the more bugs show up and damage the code, without knowing exactly how and where. This results in long and slow refactors of large portions of code.

    A very easy mistake to make with the development strategy by a previously small team.
  15. RalliX

    Bannerlord was a grift

    I’m posting this from my phone, so forgive the readability if it sucks. I’m also moving it to this thread as it seems more relevant than where I first put it.

    The history of the game is the rags to riches dream of any new game developer. In this case starting from nothing, then making a basic working concept medieval fighting game. WarRider.

    Then expanding and building an engine with a small development team into a real marketable game. Mount & Blade.

    Then they expand just a little more on that rock-solid foundation of tried and true software and expand the features and improve the quality with the standalone expansion. They document the simplicity of modifying the code so that the game’s life is extensible even by amateur developers and modders FAR past its release replayability.

    Warband, a beautiful game I spent probably over ten thousand hours playing. I’ve played it more than any other game.

    Then they decided to take the next logical step.
    They’re not Indie anymore, they’re ready to be the biggest video game development studio in Turkey.

    A true sequel successor is what makes sense.
    What could go wrong?

    Well if you’re starting from scratch creatively on a brand new software engine with a large development team and you’ve never done that before...

    Anything, everything can absolutely go wrong and if you do not know the way, with something like software development, it is virtually guaranteed to go wrong.

    I’ve been absolutely saddened by the state of BannerLord. I’ve sort of moved on.
    I’ve also lately been absolutely intrigued by learning about software development as a discipline.

    My favourite channel to listen to about this subject is Continuous Delivery.

    He posted a video today describing in some detail his understanding of the efficient production of software.

    I think what has happened is that much of the early development time was lost. This is really a very ambitious and complex project. They probably had to scrap much of their progress due to an inefficient development cycle. Hence the need for an even now incomplete refactoring of the code.

    I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault really. The fact is that the game is too large of a project for certain development strategies.

    If the development strategy is not correct from the beginning there is potential for massive amounts of time and work to be wasted.

    I get the feeling that this may be what has happened. It’s an honest mistake, I think.

    Whether the game’s development can be saved at this point remains to be seen. At this point TW has got to be feeling the heat. I want badly for them to succeed, but the state of the game is improving too slowly. It’s just not fun enough, and it won’t be until some point after the refactoring is satisfactory to TW and the modding community can finally get their teeth into the gameplay side of things.
  16. RalliX

    [Tool] Arena - Xml Modding Editor for Bannerlord

    Any progress made on the items editor?
  17. RalliX

    Official Modding Tools

    But if you mean something like troop tree editor etc, I can understand why Dejan and team decides not to do that. Because Native Troop trees are already done more or less and creating a tool for that, which will take several months and integration might be too much work for them.
    You’re right that it would take quite the time to make & integrate. Seems like there’s just not that much documentation available for the code material of the game that isn’t to do with new models and scening.

    The kind of modding I’m trying to do is going to require thousands of small changes to the existing game, I think there’s plenty of items and troops etc, I just think they need a lot of polish on the numbers side that I don’t see right now.
  18. RalliX

    Official Modding Tools

    I think the Morgh's editor was a nice community tool that allowed for easier access to modding for those that didn't want to go knees-deep into the whole thing. Seeing we don't have something like this internally for Bannerlord, I doubt it will be developed just for modders. I'll bring it up as a suggestion though.
    The issue is that a proper code editor could actually speed up everyone’s work.
    A code editor should be looked at by the developers for internal use. Morgh’s was good, but more limited. You guys could make a system work for a more broad set of problems and guide the modder rather than just babysitting them through minor tweaks.

    If you can tear into a item or NPC with granular detail on each line of code, and have the editor in the background keeping the letter of the code accurate while providing the legend of changes you can make, commentary/documentation of the available feature options to add to a troop, item, kingdom, etc.

    Essentially this would be a how to and assistance toolbox for coders. I think it would bring in a large crowd of new modders and optimize work for those already going at it.
  19. RalliX

    Official Modding Tools

    If you're referring to something like the Morgh's editor that was created for Warband - No, we don't have anything like that internally.
    Do you think that could be a useful addition to the mod-tools? I bet it would save a lot of people a lot of time.
  20. RalliX

    Official Modding Tools

    Will the mod tools ever officially include a code editor to interface with Items, Troops etc?
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