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  1. takeoshigeru

    Resolved General No top of the head label in spectator

    Doesn't it make spectating extremely confusing?
  2. takeoshigeru

    Suggestion General Avoid modifying the given AgentBuildData in Mission.SpawnAgent

    Also there are lots of internal methods that we can't use, for example:
    - Mission._activeAgents.Add
    - Mission._allAgents.Add
    - Mission.DeploymentPlan.HasPlayerSpawnedFrame
    - Mission.DeploymentPlan.GetPlayerSpawnFrame
    - Agent.BodyPropertiesSeed
    - Agent.SetMountAgentBeforeBuild

    Also should I manually call the OnAgentBuild on all mission behaviors?

    That really sound like a absolutely terrible solution.
  3. takeoshigeru

    Suggestion General Avoid modifying the given AgentBuildData in Mission.SpawnAgent

    That is so much code to write just to fix a broken behavior :sad: When I pass an argument to a method I don't expect it to be ignored based on arbitrary decisions.
  4. takeoshigeru

    Need More Info General FlagCapturePoint.IsDeactivated can throw exceptions

    Indeed I'm able to do
     flag.GameEntity == null || flag.IsDeactivated
    But since GameEntity is a weak reference under the hood it can return null by definition and this case should probably be handled.
  5. takeoshigeru

    In Progress Scene Editor Open ScriptComponentBehavior.OnCheckForProblems

    All the method accessibilities in the class should probably be review. I see other useful methods such as OnEditorVariableChanged, OnSceneSave.
  6. takeoshigeru

    In Progress Scene Editor Open ScriptComponentBehavior.OnCheckForProblems

    ScriptComponentBehavior.OnCheckForProblems is internal but it could be very useful to use it when providing custom scripts to the mappers.
  7. takeoshigeru

    Need More Info General Cannot load sprite sheet category from 2 files

    The following sprite sheet defines an image for a cRPG map. When it is loaded, in SpriteData.LoadFromDepot, it will completely override the ui_mploading category with my single sprite, so all native maps lose their image. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SpriteData> <SpriteCategories>...
  8. takeoshigeru

    Open General Client crash in internal_decode

    [22:57:58.387] Reading message: PingReplication [22:57:58.387] Processing message: PingReplication: PingReplication [22:57:58.408] Server generated reliable native event received: add_jump [22:57:58.408] NET LOG:Mission::on_network_message_MPSGE_add_jump agent_index: 50 [22:57:58.410] Trying to...
  9. takeoshigeru

    Need More Info Scene Editor Sprite sheets generate errors when running modding kit

    I have a sprite sheet defined like that: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SpriteData> <SpriteCategories> <SpriteCategory> <Name>ui_mploading</Name> <SpriteSheetCount>123</SpriteSheetCount> <!-- ... --> <SpriteSheetSize ID="43" Width="1920" Height="1080" />...
  10. takeoshigeru

    Scene Editor Multiplayer modules are not available in editor

    I provide custom scripts in my multiplayer module for our mappers but they can't use them because multiplayer modules can't be loaded when running the modding kit. Could you allow loading these modules to be loaded in the modding kit?
  11. takeoshigeru

    Resolved General Custom class division and culture crashes in MissionMultiplayerGameModeBase.OnMissionTick

    When spawning a custom division with a custom class division, it crashes in MissionMultiplayerGameModeBase.OnMissionTick: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. (Parameter 'index') at...
  12. takeoshigeru

    Resolved General Allow defining class divisions with no perks

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <MPClassDivisions> <MPClassDivision id="crpg_class_division" hero="crpg_character" troop="crpg_character" hero_idle_anim="act_vlandia_mp_sergeant_idle"...
  13. takeoshigeru

    Resolved General No top of the head label in spectator

    When spectating a game, there is no indicator to differentiate teams. I would expect the same label as for your allies when you join a team.
  14. takeoshigeru

    In Progress General Default font for spectator doesn't display Chinese characters

    Same with ALT
  15. takeoshigeru

    Need More Info General Banners can be dropped in the air

    If you jump and drop a banner it will just float in the air and it looks very weird.
  16. takeoshigeru

    Resolved General MissionBehavior.OnMissionRestart is never called

    May have been fixed in 1.2.0:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the scoreboard from resetting after a TDM warmup.
  17. takeoshigeru

    In Progress General Hardcoded remaining momentum after crush through

    In cRPG we would like to tweak the crush through mechanic, we faced that first problem MissionCombatMechanicsHelper.GetDefendCollisionResults bypass StrikeMagnitudeCalculationModel and the second problem is that in Mission.UpdateMomentumRemaining, if isCrushThrough is true, the remaining...
  18. takeoshigeru

    In Progress General Rare crash in MultiplayerGameLogger

    [14:47:36.391] Game creating... [14:47:36.395] opening ..\..\Modules\Native/ModuleData/managed_core_parameters.xml [14:47:36.396] loading managed_core_parameters.xml [14:47:36.399] opening ..\..\Modules\Native/ModuleData/global_strings.xml [14:47:36.400] opening ../../XmlSchemas/GameText.xsd...
  19. takeoshigeru

    Need More Info General FlagCapturePoint.IsDeactivated can throw exceptions

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Objects.FlagCapturePoint.get_IsDeactivated() at Crpg.Module.GUI.Hud.FlagsHudVm.<>c.<InitCapturePoints>b__23_0(FlagCapturePoint f) I'm making my own HUD for the flags and it...
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