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  1. Klausolus

    cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    Yet you are so keen to play their products?

    Oh with some bits and pieces changed for sure. But really you have shown you have little to no backbone. All your hatred for this game is just attention seeking.

    Evertime you boot up cRPG you are crawling back to TW :ROFLMAO:
    The core gameplay is identical. Yes it accounts for 5% (or less).

    What's the core gameplay of Bannerlord? The 4 directions attack/block combat? It was the same concept in Warband and the two games feel very different. No matter how you look at it, the changes cRPG applies definitely account for more than a 5% of the mutliplayer experience.

    I myself am not a big fan of some of the things cRPG introduces, I don't like how grindy it is, I think the new player experience is pretty miserable given how much of a disadvantage they have in terms of stats and equipment, and I question some of the balance decisions and how arbitrary many item stats are.

    But the mod brings in some very welcome changes that definitely have a big impact in how the game feels, like how you can choose your own equipment and stats to build your character however you want, they've also changed how armor works (separated in body parts like in Warband) and reduced weapon damage in general, so armor makes a bigger difference. The latest update also significantly changed how crossbows function, because guess what, they have a dev team that is actually in touch with their community and actively working on improving the experience.

    There's a reason pretty much everyone is playing cRPG over native multiplayer, and it's not just for the novelty of it.
  2. Klausolus

    Patch Notes e1.8.1

    Can't believe the demo for 'manor lords' has a superior banner creator to Bannerlord.
    If it wasn't because it's already been over two years I'd think what we have is just a placeholder. We only get to choose 1 sigil, with many being rather plain and uninspired, and the colour for the sigil and the background from a very limited list of colours.

    Shining example of lazy design.
  3. Klausolus

    What's the plan for multiplayer?

    They are very much aware, and have been for years. They just do not love the multiplayer side of the game and that is sad. Having said that, it's not like the SP development has been a walk in the park either.
    I think we need to accept the fact that native multiplayer is never going to be a decent feature for M&B. It's half-assed and they know it.
    We're past the point of really still expecting anything from the devs here, it's just about stability and acces to as many things as modders can get. Apart from that, screw them really.
    They have never cared much for multiplayer, not even in Warband really. Why expect them to do so now?
    You're right. I guess I'm really just disappointed by how little progress was made in the last couple years. I should have known better, from what we saw during the beta it was clear that Taleworlds just didn't care enough about the multiplayer side of the game, that's the sad truth.
  4. Klausolus

    What's the plan for multiplayer?

    I don't really play the Multiplayer because of everything it is turned into, but i'm really glad to see you back @Klausolus , your wall of text here reminds me on some pretty times of hope for MP, not so long ago.
    Welcome back !
    @Klausolus Good to have you back!
    Thank you, I'm glad to see some familiar faces from the beta, too many have given up on the game by now.

    While it is true that it is undeniable to attribute some progress to Taleworlds, basically and as everyone knows a defining phrase would be one step forward two steps back™. Because of that stubborn closed-mindedness in certain aspects of design we still have the same problems we had during the closed alpha-beta, the first months post EA and now... how much more could have been done? how much more could have been done to squeeze that wonderful testing platform that was the master server of Mister out of time with that overflowing and fluid synergy dev-fan seasoned? It hurts my soul to think about it...

    As for the balance problems... what can I say that hasn't been said in the tons of feedback from the community... and to this day there are still the same problems with the combat system (swing arcs... horse weapon hitting inaccuracies...etc) - It's a pity that NIN3 took the reins so late... now (with all due respect to the new dev in charge) there is nothing more to harvest in this wasteland.

    As for the class system... what to say... they didn't even try to look for hybrid/other solutions approaching the warband system... they just stick to their guns. And as you rightly say...

    ...this is where I also put my foot down... the implementation of their customization system goes against what was intended to be the goodness of that system before... it's something which is beyond any sensible comprehension.

    The passive perks were the final nail in the coffin... hated and warned about since before its gestation I dare say... but them, went to the end.

    If the combat system is going to stay as it is and everything else too, the only thing left for Taleworlds to do is to fix the crashing servers issue once and for all and provide a stable and quality platform; the community will do the rest (again) because there is nothing more to do here with what the native has to offer... they didn't want to do it for more than three years (pre launch alpha beta period + post EA) I don't think that's going to change overnight.

    A decimated and fragmented MP community is the result of this long and tiresome journey.
    I really believe that all of these problems could have been fixed or even avoided completely if they had actually listened to us at some point, they've definitely had more than enough time to fix everything that was wrong with multiplayer, they just refused to make an actual effort, either that or they are severely inefficient. I just see poor decision after poor decision with a half-arsed fix in between. Sad to see that NIN3 is no longer around, he was one of the few who interacted with the community and seemed to actually try to change some things.

    Like mentioned before, a dev at Gamescom mentioned that they are 'pretty happy with the state of multiplayer'.
    I've seen the video and even if they claim to be happy about the current state of multiplayer, I just don't believe it. It has to be a PR move because it'd be a really bad look to openly admit that the multiplayer is failing when the release date is so close. But there's absolutely no way they aren't aware of what's going on: matchmaking doesn't work, server stability is a nightmare, the player count for multiplayer is worryingly low, and most of those players are playing cRPG, a mod.
  5. Klausolus

    What's the plan for multiplayer?

    After taking a break of over two years I've just now started playing Bannerlord again and to my surprise, not too much has changed in that time, and not everything that changed has been for the better. I think the current state of the multiplayer is quite troubling considering that the game is...
  6. Klausolus

    Who got the bug hunter badge?

    I have it and I'm pretty sure @Loror and @Gab got it as well. I reported quite a few minor bugs and inconsistencies, but as far as I know there wasn't really an exact number of bug reports required in order to get the badge.
  7. Klausolus

    Patch Notes e1.1.0

    Why was the lost games count removed from the profile tab in multiplayer?
  8. Klausolus

    Lets have an actual, civil, class balance discussion.

    It isn't really a discussion if you dismiss any opposing opinion as well as any attempts to establish common ground via empirical means(like a 6v6 match). What you participate in here is called an echo chamber.
    A single match between two clans would have little validity and taking the results as reliable empirical data would be a joke.
  9. Klausolus

    MP Modified Combat Parameters

    I mean, come on, at least TW could acknowledge the existence of this thread. A simple "we're considering it", "we have looked at your thread", or even "sorry we're not considering adding these parameters" would be better instead of this absolute radio silence.
    As much as I'd appreciate even the slightest form of communication from the devs, if they just refused to consider these changes without offering a reasonable explanation I'd personally get a bit frustrated, so I don't even want to imagine how @Gab feels about this after putting so much work into something that is just blatantly being ignored by the devs (which I'm certain know about the existence of this thread) despite the tweaks being praised as a noticeable improvement over the vanilla version.
  10. Klausolus

    Great job, Taleworlds!

    If it wasn't because Tork posted it I'd just assume this thread was sarcastic.
  11. Klausolus

    [Article] Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Could Make an Amazing Esport

    I really don't see how captain mode could ever become a successful esport. AI at the moment is pretty rough and unreliable and I guess that's understandable considering the current stage of the game, but I really doubt it will ever get to a state where it is competent enough to be the focus point of a competitive scene. A fundamental requirement for a game to be a good esports candidate is that it has to be entertaining to watch for a larger audience, while watching a big battle take place looks really cool the first time, in the end it's just bots fighting bots and that gets old quickly, while individual skill definitely can make a difference in captain battle, it clearly plays a minor role when compared to other modes like skirmish. In my opinion the asymmetric faction balance that Taleworlds goes for doesn't help the case at all since there will be situations were a team is at a clear advantage, and while this also affects other game modes, it just seems more impactful in captain.

    The safest bet for a esports mode Bannerlord currently has is skirmish mode and even then I believe that battle (the main Warband competitive mode that somehow didn't make it to Bannerlord) was a much better candidate for a number of reasons. I think the game actually has potential to become a mildly successful esport, just not with captain battle.

    The Battle of Bucharest was a nice attempt at trying to make an esport out of M&B but it just wasn't going to take off given how niche Warband was, Bannerlord could change that.
  12. Klausolus

    ETA on Duel (and Battle)

    he said last wednesday they're testing the passworded servers as a temp solution for duels so they should be here soon

    He said this over a month ago, I hope you're right and they get passworded servers up soon, but I wouldn't be too surprised if they didn't and went totally silent on the matter.
  13. Klausolus

    ETA on Duel (and Battle)

    Well, Callum also said that we could request passworded servers during the late beta for testing purposes and as far as I know that never actually happened, it's been over a month now since he said that.

    Duel mode has been one of the most requested features since the early beta because of how much easier it would have made properly testing combat, which definitely still needs a lot of work. It's a bit awkward that we still don't have even the most basic tools for testing at our disposal.
  14. Klausolus


    Since very little has changed since my post in the beta board I'm going to paste most of what I said about this class in there:

    I'm still not a fan of the cost reduction this and many other classes got in one of the late beta patches, this class, along with the sergeant, the oathsworn and the varyag used to cost 150g and I think it should go back to that value.

    I think the spatha (default sword) is overall a decent weapon, it has good speed and damage values but might be a bit too short when compared with similar weapons, making it slightly longer or replacing it with the long spatha might be worth considering.

    As for the perks, the perk mace is pretty slow and its length also makes it a bit unreliable when up close, but it still can come in useful in certain situations. The shield perk is just worthless, while the default one is on the heavier side when it comes to infantry shields and slows down a class that is already slower than similar units, it is a pretty reliable shield, this perk offers little difference in terms of protection and simply can't compete with the improved armor option.

    In the second row of perks, the spear and the pila are fine, but the axe is a bit problematic: while it is by far the best one-handed axe in the game, it also leaves you with two melee weapons and just doesn't offer the utility the other perks do. In my opinion this perk should be moved to the first row so that it competes with the mace and the improved armor, it should be a solid pick when axes inevitably become stronger in the future.

    The way the pila perk works has changed a bit since the beta, it now occupies two item slots and is on melee mode by default, I honestly can't see the reasoning behind this change and think that it should be changed back to how it worked in the beta (throwing mode by default and both pila sharing a quiver occupying only 1 slot).

    Also in my opinion the helmet should change when choosing the improved armor perk.

    I think that legionaries should be more expensive, they are easily the best all around infantry class. The fact that you can double spawn first round as legionary is why Empire wins so often.
    I don't see how this class is overall any better than the sergeant or the varyag, in that regard I'd say it's in a fairly balanced spot.

    I think it’s balanced to let them be strong in infantry combat but don’t let them get spears to counter cav. That being said I think a 10g increase is fair.
    That's really not a good idea, removing this class' access to spears would pretty much ruin it and very likely doom the whole faction in terms of balance since the other anti-cav alternatives available (recruit with spear and menavlion infantry) are very vulnerable to ranged attacks and thus, unreliable.
  15. Klausolus

    Vlandia, Khuzait and Sturgia in multiplayer ?

    All the players I've talked to recently say that they are always getting to play the same factions over and over, although not every player seems to have the same most frequently played factions, I myself get Khuzaits or Empire most of the time, sometimes Sturgia and Battania, very rarely Aserai and I think I've only played Vlandia twice in over 50 skirmish games.

    In other circumstances I'd guess that the devs tweaked it so that certain factions get more play for them to gather more data on those, but since not all players seem to be getting the same ones I really have no idea what to think, might just be bad luck.
  16. Klausolus

    If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    I would agree with you if MP was a "main focus" of Bannerlord, or if the MP community was larger than it is, but it isn't. Fact of the matter is that Bannerlord is primarily a Singleplayer game, and the overwhelming vast majority of people only ever play Singleplayer. Yes, I am biased because I myself exclusively play Singleplayer.
    But I'll take a step back, take my bias out of the equation, and just look at the raw numbers: As I said, the overwhelming vast majority of the playerbase is Singleplayer exclusive and the game recently launched a very shaky (but still very fun) early access, obviously Taleworlds will pour 99% of their time and resources into patching up the Singleplayer into a stable playable state before they start focusing a little bit more on Multiplayer.
    I see your point but I don't really share it, while I obviously agree that most of the resources should be directed towards SP, that doesn't mean that MP should be sacrificed at all. A small team should be able to make progress for MP at a steady pace while the bulk of the company focuses on improving SP.

    I mean no offense but I honestly think that the whole idea of "most players only care about SP so it doesn't matter if the devs ignore MP for now" is a bit close-minded, there's definitely a market for medieval combat videogames as proven by titles like For Honor and Mordhau (which even if failing to keep a big playerbase alive over time, were sucessful in sales and popularity despite being multiplayer-only games); MP might not have as big of an appeal as the SP, but it definitely has a lot of potential that Taleworlds isn't capitalizing on enough, multiplayer can't just become great without the company investing a reasonable amount of effort into it.

    Unlike you I think I'm making very reasonable arguments here.
  17. Klausolus

    Does MP work in the Beta Branch?

    I don't think there are servers up for it yet.
  18. Klausolus

    If the Taleworld devs don't start paying attention to Multiplayer as much as they do Singleplayer, I will refund the game.

    The MP beta went on for a very long time, numerous months, close to a year almost. Now that the main system of the game, the Singleplayer, has been released, TW should focus on Singleplayer almost exclusively with exception of the most critical bugs in MP. After the full-release of the game (i.e 1 year from now), then TW can start re-allocating their resources and divide them between SP and MP as they see fit.

    But now that we have early access release for the SP (after MP had close to a year of beta testing mind you), I want them to focus on SP.

    That sums up my opinion on the subject.

    If the developers keep neglecting the multiplayer side of the game for the full duration of the early access, by the time they start actually working on it the playerbase will be pretty much dead already. Also when saying that the MP beta went on for a long time you seem to ignore that very little real progress was made in that time, the beta didn't receive much content and many glaring issues related to combat and balance still remain to this day. Even during the MP beta the dev team was more focused on working on the SP build for the EA release.

    Taleworlds isn't the same very small company that it once was, with proper management they should have enough manpower to work both on SP and MP at the same time and at an acceptable rate, this doesn't mean that they should split 50/50 on both modes, but they definitely shouldn't abandon development of the MP. It is very hard if not impossible for a multiplayer game to make a comeback once its playerbase has given up.
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