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  1. a_ver_est

    About a Future TW game.

    After Bannerlord, anyone who even thinks of buying another TW product is a complete and total fool.

    For sure never again in early access, probably not finished either.
  2. a_ver_est

    Bannerlord is really just a broken game.

    TLDR: Bannerlord at it's base really has a lot of potential, but whoever is balancing it and putting the final touches on it needs to be fired.
    Hopefully it gets sorted in the next year or so, I have my doubts because some of this stuff is just obvious and just needs to be tweaked but hasn't been fixed.
    I dunno, maybe hire back whoever made Warband.
    Totally agree with your ending, it is so frustrating when you see the potential of the bannerlord's world an it keeps being rough and unpolish for so long. My conclusion is that their vision is a battle simulator, the world is just a container where you fight battle after battle... design to be in a never ending war, they won't improve the RPG part of the game.
  3. a_ver_est

    The petty things TaleWorlds does to get us to "explore."

    It is frustrating the lack of NPC dialogs, the great scenes without nothing to do in it, the lack of new quest types when you become a lord, a king, etc.
  4. a_ver_est

    How much work it takes?

    The Diplomacy mod has a functioning messenger system. You pay 100 gold to use it. I consider it immersive because I just pretend that one of my soldiers is the messenger.
    WB + diplomacy mod features was the minimum that I expected for BL... but nope, it is not 'the vision'.
  5. a_ver_est

    Hunting and why it should be in game

    See now this guy gets it. People keep complaining about "why do you want that trivial bland dull feature back from Warband...?" -we dont want it back, we want it expanded upon. Imagine Grand Tournmants with really loud crowds, an introduction from the King, Horns blaring when Gladiators fall, Reputations rising and falling, chicks swooning over the Champions etc... and Lords remembering all of this after the fact -like in Warband..hatred and jealousy being built by rivals. This really aint ll that hard just requires a commitment to bettering the RPG/Strategy aspect of the game rather than just "a sprinkling of a strategy game added"

    Oh and who thought Tourney prizes like "Fleece Slippers" was a good idea..?

    It is really sad, people just want that BL becomes like WB in the RPG side, they (also me) totally lost the hope that it become an improvement. But 'the vision' ... you know.
  6. a_ver_est

    Hunting and why it should be in game

    I don't remember which WB mod had hunting implemented. It was nice due you get few furs and increased your archery skills... very useful in the early game.
  7. a_ver_est

    This game sucks

    Just started playing warband few days ago, I decided which girl I wanna marry but I could not even speak with her, I needed to gain her father friendship to be considered as a groom or be accepted as vassal and being able to attend a feast and try to seduce her. After few game time weeks I am still trying to reach her ...

    The same stuff in banner lord is like, 'I have 10k let's marry with the king's daughter, 5 minutes later Done!!!!'.

    Yeah, this game is boring and it is just terribly frustrating feeling its potential and see the current state.
  8. a_ver_est

    Can battle deployment be updated?

    @MRay with the current system you are unable to do very basic stuff like

    • creating a shield wall in the front line to absorb the enemy arrow rain with infantry which have a shield because you can not split units with and without it in two groups. The result is that now I am avoiding using units without shield.
    • You are also unable to create a group with new recruits to deploy them in a safe position, training people has become a little nightmare.
    • You are unable to create a sort of tactical reserve with high tier units, which is really awful.

    Such things are very very basic and common for almost all players and I am not adding others like having your surgeon in the front line because someone says that he is an infantry man because I know you are aware.

    Honestly in my very humble opinion I think you can't see the forest for the trees.

  9. a_ver_est

    Can't set my wife as archer?

    So you spend time selecting focus points, equipment, perks, etc and or you set your companions as captain or they become just another regular troop that can end fighting in any group based on some slides and random/bugged category classification. Speechless.

    Thks for the answers, just stopped playing again.
  10. a_ver_est

    Can't set my wife as archer?

    Sorry if it is a dumb question, I have taken a break from the game and now I am just playing a bit to test the official release. Have they removed the ability of set your wife/companion on a specific troop type group? I mean, in my current game my wife is set as cavalry... is there a...
  11. a_ver_est

    Releasing the game in this state feels like a slap in the face

    It is really shocking that the same person who created a gem like MB and grown it to a master piece in his time like WB now has created BL.

    With the current technology most of us expected the best and what we get it is far from it, I wouldn't say a bad game but far from what its predecessors were.
  12. a_ver_est

    What does clan system serve in gameplay?

    It is a good feature, half backed like the rest of the game.
  13. a_ver_est

    CEO Statement regarding the release


    I thought this will be the game of my dreams, everything that Warband already had in better, bigger and expanded (+4k sheep texture).

    Boy was I wrong....
    You and many of us, it looked easy but… you know
  14. a_ver_est

    Genuinely question for the devs and players.

    To put it simply... Yes, they are 100% depending on mods to save their product. They know that. We know that. It is utterly pathetic. The base game that they provide will have less depth than a moderately modded Warband. Just stop for a second ... and really think about that.

    So many requests for game features have been met with a blunt and blank reply from TW of "There are no plans for that at the present time" ...
    or.... the classic : "That would be too complicated.....(even though we promised it years ago)."

    TaleWorlds are ALL about the money now ... hence the new and huge emphasis on console conversion.

    What burns is that the community WILL actually save this mess of a game! The modded version of the game will be really good. But Taleworlds do not in any way deserve that. Not at all.

    Back in the days of Warband, they were a different company. These days TW are a shadow of their former selves. These days they have far more money, more resources. But hardly any integrity... and they most certainly lack the determination to make Bannerlord what it should be.
    I do agree. They just needed to take a look to most popular WB mods and implement these ideas in Bannerlord... but they ignored them and implemented their own vision which is the opposite of what most players expected.

    I share your frustration because I also agree that the community will finally release great mods that will implement all those ideas like it happened with WB.

    I won't understood the 'decision making' responsible of the current state.
  15. a_ver_est

    Release date announced on 25th October for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S,

    I thought that BL would be like WB but with a richer world, something like bigger WB mods archived in some way but it turned to be the opposite, fight fight and fight nothing else.

    Really disappointed :sad:
  16. a_ver_est

    What would you like to do with your wife ?

    She should have some unique quest, suggest you actions, alliances, provide information about your lords, who is loyal who is not, etc
  17. a_ver_est

    What Do You Play for in Bannerlord? What Keeps you Going?

    Bannerlord... I will said that it is a complex world where everything is connected in someway, markets, caravans, economy, war, etc it is absolutely awesome and useless... because the player doesn't have any tool to interact with this complex world other than jump to next battle. I can not understood why they have created this complex sandbox, those impresive scenes, etc can not imagine all the time spent on it and then let it there without any real usage. stunning!!!
  18. a_ver_est

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Is this beta having a lot of CTD?

    The last time I played was around 1.4.x versions and the game run fine without many issues, I just tried again to check the new stuff and I am having a lot of CTD with a GPU related error, I have updated the controllers and checked the files but the error persist. Is it just me?

    BTW I have seen in the encyclopedia filters for nords and other non existing factions, is there any announcement about them?
  19. a_ver_est

    Is the dynasty mechanic wasted feature and is it also the reason fast paced combat agenda pushed by TW?

    That is one of the problem, is it not? I gather companions, I marry a lady or lord. We have been in countless battles and yet I can not interact with them any different than other npcs in the game. The only different thing I can do is tell them their role in the clan and that is it. End of my main character, let's say I am 60 years old and my relationship with my wife or with my companions who shared lots of hardship with me is +1. I mean WTF!
    IMHO they focused the efforts on combat, everything else is unpolish/unfinished/half developed/call as you want ... it is a big shame because the parts to build something great are there.
  20. a_ver_est

    Have we Reached the Point of Passive Acceptance and Disappointed Resignation with Bannerlord?

    I stopped to play, I am tired to check patch after patch if there is any good progress ... in the end I realized that Armagan has something in mind so different that what I expected. Probably I won't get back until some major mods are released to check them but, as some one said, it will take few years.
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