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  1. Goffik

    Earn your banner?

    Anyone can get a piece of cloth, put a logo on it, and tie it to a stick. Why should we be restricted to being "famous enough" to be allowed to have a banner? It would be a silly and unrealistic restriction in my view, especially given the whole "clan" thing that M&B is based around now.

    There are far better ways that fame "rewards" could be implemented than taking our flags away.
  2. Goffik

    Is balancing that important to the single player mode?

    Yes, balancing the game is extremely important at all stages of development.

    Everyone *****ing about content probably knows in the back of their minds that TW has a team of people pushing through new content, but isn't satisfied with that knowledge. They disregard the fact that implementing balance changes is, in general, simply a numbers game and from a technical standpoint is very easy: the hard part of balancing is finding the solution, not implementing the solution.

    On the other hand, content is technically demanding and takes time and far more skilled labor.

    What is currently happening in Bannerlord is that they are balancing the game and creating new content at the same time, which is the best use of their limited resources. It doesn't take many people to implement balance changes, and the people brainstorming balance changes should be different than content developers anyway (Pro Tip:you never, ever want the people creating content to be the same people making balance decisions).

    So yeah, like all large gatherings of passionate fans, most loud voices in this community are either misinformed, overzealous, or just plain biased and wrong.The sky isn't falling, the game is being developed, balancing the game isn't slowing down content in any meaningful ways, and patience is still a virtue.
    Finally, someone who actually knows how things should and do work. Makes a refreshing change from the armchair "experts". (y)
  3. Goffik

    Mount and now seperate.

    Lets be honest, the main reason this is a complaint at all is because it "isn't exactly like Warband". It's funny because if a sequel is too similar to it's predecessor, people complain. But if it's too different from it's predecessor, people complain. No-win situation. :xf-tongue:

    Anyway, I too was finding it much more difficult to hit things with a sword from horseback. Mildly irritating at first, but also probably more realistic. That said, I recently downloaded a mod which moves the camera from it's vanilla position to more of a shoulder-level. This has made judging angles and aiming MUCH easier in both foot and mounted combat. In my opinion, it's where the camera should be in vanilla. Definitely worth a try for those struggling to hit things.

    Xorberax's Shoulder Cam
  4. Goffik

    Did certain items get updated?

    Yeah, I can't couch my fine steel menavlion and long glaive anymore. They fixed some stuff.
    Yeah, my hewing spear lost it's couching ability too. Thing is, there's at least one weapon with "lance" in the name that can't be couched either, which seems a bit silly. My sword also seems to be taking a couple more hits to kill, though that might be armour changes to enemies or something.
  5. Goffik

    Affiliate to a family

    Afraid not mate.

    As that first Wiki entry clearly states, Hœnir is from ancient Norse mythology. The Norse weren't English, so its not an English word. The reason you're redirected there from 'honer' is to aid those that spell it wrong when searching.

    As for your second 'example', Wikipedia is not a particularly good source. Check a proper English (not American) dictionary. For example, this one, or this one, or maybe this one. If it exists at all, its either an Americanism or slang.
  6. Goffik

    Affiliate to a family

    CounterPoint391 said:
    Oh.....really now? I said they were acceptable words in the English language, not that they were correctly used by the one poster in question.....

    My apologies, though one of them still isn't acceptable. 'Honer' is not a word of the English language. Neither is forner, but you didn't mention that one so I'll let it slip this time.  :wink:
  7. Goffik

    Affiliate to a family

    CounterPoint391 said:
    wood, fife, and honer are perfectly acceptable English words...... :razz:

    Actually no, they are not.
  8. Goffik

    The Constable Recruiter Option?

    Reinstall the mod?
  9. Goffik

    my vassals relation hit

    Regarding kingdom options, could it be one of these?

    FAQ Sticky said:
    Very Centralized: Tax Inefficiency for the ruler is reduced by 15%, and increased by 15% to his vassals. Ruler's relations with his vassals should suffer a -3 hit every month. Kings armies get 30% percent increase, lords armies get 9% decrease.

    Very Plutocratic: Trade increased by 20%. Kings relations with their lords decreased by 3 every month. Vassals armies decreased by 9%.
  10. Goffik


    Lord Brutus said:
    This is out of respect to the many users here for whom English is not a first language, many of whom would, I'm sure, find your posts unintelligible...

    I'm from England, English is my first (and only) language, and his posts are barely legible to me. I gave up on that wall of text after the first couple of lines. I doubt those for whom English is not their native language have much hope at all.

    I mentioned it, Aeon mentioned it, and now Lord Brutus has mentioned it. Take the damn hint! If you expect anyone to bother reading your posts, then get your grammar and PUNCTUATION sorted out. If you're too damn lazy to make an effort and write sentences the way we were all taught at primary school, then what makes you think anyone is going to waste their time making an effort to read your illegible drivel?
  11. Goffik

    Coward Marshall

    Indeed, you need to get your renown up a bit. Some of the other Lords have close to 1000 or more right from the start of the game, so they're far more likely to get voted Marshall than you. Its understandable that you don't want to become Marshall as I'm not a big fan of the position either, but as Remedius says its something you basically have to do eventually to advance your chosen faction. Hopefully one day we'll have AI that can actually command a decent campaign on their own, but until then it'll need our help.  :razz:

    Remedius said:
    There is a point in the game when you pretty much have to become Marshal in order to get things done or reverse defeats.

    That's certainly true 99% of the time. My current game has worked out very differently though. The Rhodoks declared war on Swadia to 'curb their power' a few months into the game. The Swadians then spent the next few months systematically eliminating the Rhodok faction completely. I nabbed just one castle for myself, but did not help in any of the major battles or sieges, and refused the position of Marshall on the one occasion it was offered. Even when the Rhodoks formed armies and tried to counter-attack, the Swadian marshall, whoever it was at the time, would come steaming in with ten other lords to crush them utterly.

    I hadn't played the game at all between v1.113 and v1.132 so I put this down to an AI patch, but from what you're saying it seems more like a freak occurrence or something.
  12. Goffik


    Sizer425 said:
    hmmm...well first im new to any forums lol but anyway sorry wrong spot just first spot i thought of dont really no rules too much hell some kid asked about recruiting kings and nothing about the mod but ya oh well ppl like u make me want to become apart of this stuff ty for ur wonderful help and have a good life jackass

    Lol... if you think I'm a jackass, then you'll love some of the other people you meet on gaming forums. Many of them like people that don't bother to read anything before making a new thread even less than I do. But then, I guess maybe you can't read after all... the 'Recruit a King' thread was a feature request, not an inappropriate question.

    By the way, ever heard of punctuation, or is that too much effort as well?
  13. Goffik


    What exactly made you think that a mod sub-forum that has nothing to do with firearms could possibly be the 'right' place for this question? You may be new to this particular forum, but you can read, right?

    Post in the modding forum. Or even better, do a SEARCH.
  14. Goffik

    Coward Marshall

    John Felton said:
    Improve your rep with the King and as many Swadian Lords as you can, and get yourself voted in as Marshall. Then its you who decides whether to fight or feast.
    I tried this, but after I become the Marshall, he appoints another marshall in a week.

    What do you do as Marshall? Are you failing to respond to attacks from other factions? What's your controversy level at the moment? I haven't taken the job for a long time (since v1.113) but I always had it longer than a week even if I sat around doing nothing, but something may have been tweaked since then. I'd say either the King thinks you're a crap Marshall, or your game is bugged.
  15. Goffik

    Coward Marshall

    Improve your rep with the King and as many Swadian Lords as you can, and get yourself voted in as Marshall. Then its you who decides whether to fight or feast.
  16. Goffik

    Diplomacy version

    Its your game. Run whatever mod you think sounds best based on your own preferences. If you end up not liking it, switch.
  17. Goffik

    How to Disable Companion Interaction (OSP)

    CharnowC182 said:
    (though it isnt grayed out for native, so it doesnt seem to be a tweakmb problem)

    TweakMB is only 100% compatible with Native. With the vast majority of mods there will be at least a few tweaks which are disabled. This is due to game files being modified, meaning that TweakMB cannot find the values it needs to tweak. Unavoidable.

    As Brutus said, you could try playing as the Devs intended. As well as working it out for yourself, there are also posts and wiki entries detailing which companions are compatible and which are not. Failing that, you could search/post in the modding forum to find out how to perform this tweak by manually editing the text files. (not recommended...)
  18. Goffik

    Diplomacy version

    Check the Diplomacy forum maybe?  (Its the forum your on right now... see all the stickies?)  :roll:
  19. Goffik

    help me.

    That link is for Brytenwalda, so it has nothing to do with Diplomacy. It may include Diplomacy, but it is not developed or updated by the same person.

    But if I'm honest, I'm not really sure what you're asking anyway...
  20. Goffik

    Runtime error

    rambo said:
    How do I know which options ONLY are availible?

    If you can edit the option, its available. If you can't and its greyed out, its unavailable. Simple. Other than that, just DONT activate the battle continuation option.

    rambo said:
    But when I had warband 1.127, i edited Diplomacy almost totally (just for myself é)

    So what? We're not on v1.127 any more, and Diplomacy has also been updated since then. Things change. If you want to change all the stuff which is deactivated in TweakMB then you'll have to do so manually, but don't be surprised if it all goes horribly wrong.
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