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  1. Kreu2009

    My issue with the game

    Just my very personal subjectiv opinion. Whats the goal? - For me and many other players the goal is to conquer the world, Either with your own or an already existing faction. What do you need for that? - As many as possible elite Troops, Money and if possible good equipment. How to get what...
  2. Kreu2009

    Campaign AI still needs work

    Currently fighting for the Aserai. Had several wars with the Western Empire. They are absolutely pointless so far. WE keeps attacking Tubilis Castle (closes Aserai castle to their territory). They come in with a 1000 men strong army and besiege it. They eventually start the assault and i can...
  3. Kreu2009

    Bandit Hideouts

    Honestly even with more scenes they would get boring very quickly.
    I really don't like hideouts in general. Even if they were challenging it wouldn't be much bether.

    Once made a suggestion that even got feature under top suggestions.

    The Thread is still liked there under top suggestions.
    Its pretty messed up though because it got merged with another thread.
  4. Kreu2009

    Hmmm, I really really want to target troops at other troop groups, I want to feel in COMMAND, I hate the AI

    I don't only want to be able to order what to shot at, i also want to be able to order what to charge at. I often lose several riders because they decided to run into the massive enemy infantry formation, instead of the weak enemy cavalry, or the back of their archers.
  5. Kreu2009

    In Progress Please fix the archers auto-reformation from loose formation

    This does not happen for me.
    Here my guess whats going on.
    They always try to face the enemy. By rotating with enemys they start bunching up or the area is to tight for them to keep a spread out formation.

    When i place my troop i always tell them how to stand so they won't rotate with the enemy. So maybe that why this problem doesn't occur for me.

    Could that be the reason?
  6. Kreu2009

    Noble Genocide

    I don't think that the ferature should be implemented in bannerlord. Like others already said, to many battles, lords don't care about their lifes, never retreating, no real bodyguards. I don't think the feature will ever really work that well.
  7. Kreu2009

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    @Ananda_The_Destroyer thx , i figuered it out hope they fix it its anoying

    @Kreu2009 NPC only die in player battle not in simulated ones and i think you get relation with the clan , not the leader of it
    so if leader dies it does not matter
    but yes 10% is way to high
    Thanks you thats quite interresting to know!
  8. Kreu2009

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    So 3 of your family members died in a single battle? Go play the lotto.

    The 10% death rate is temporary for “testing” purposes, they will lower it when they finally implement AI vs AI simulated battle death
    Sorry i wrote that wrong. I was talking about lords from a faction. I was in a big battle Vlandia vs battania. Battania won but three of their lords died (out of nine). Do lords have a different likelyhood of dying than family members? What is the point of building up good relations with certain lords if they likely gonna die in one of the battles they join you?
  9. Kreu2009

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Started a new campaign with 1.61.
    I choose "Clan Members Death possibility in Battles Reduced by 100%" I still had 3 of them die in my first battle.
    With the insane rates of battles you have in later stages of the game i can't see this working out.
    There won't be any clan members anymore quite soon with that tempo.
    Also why build up relations with certain characters by doing quests and stuff, if they die anyway.
    We need an option so that they can only die of age.
  10. Kreu2009

    Bandit Hideouts and Taverns - is more variety planned?

    Ah, I think it's ok. I mean what would you replace it with? I think it just needs work.

    Personally, I think having more taverns and a reason to visit them is much more important though.
    I think hideouts need A LOT of work to actually get interresting.

    I once made a thread were i suggest changes to how hideouts work. The thread even got featured in the Top singleplayer suggestions.

    Sadly it didn't get implemented despite lots of positive feedback. Seems to be to much work.
    Here my thread.
    (It got merged with another thread so it is really messed up... Replies to my Suggestion start on page two).
  11. Kreu2009

    SP - General Improving Tournaments

    There is so much you could do to make Tournaments more interresting. I really hope at some point they will have enough time to flesh out that feature. All the points you said are valid and would be nice to have. Also a horse racing though obstacles would be fun.
  12. Kreu2009

    Bandit Hideouts and Taverns - is more variety planned?

    Would they really be more fun though if they looked different? I think the entire mechanic is just not interresting enough to put work into creating new maps.
  13. Kreu2009

    Seriously Missing feature making Bandit camp attack difficult

    The "Bandit Camp" feature is essentially a reused component from Warband, I don't think TW spent that much time in Bannerlord crafting this.
    I could be wrong, but the whole feature reminds me the most about Warband even M&B 1.0 if I'm not mistaken.

    I agree tho that's a loop of gameplay I don't like spending time on, the lack of interesting maps plays a huge role to this, and yeah game-design wise the fact that you're playing with and against a small party is showing the drawbacks of the game in your face ( essentially the AIs in combat here ).

    That's essentially why I don't like spending time on the endless " stealth " missions on a shooter, most of the time it's executed poorly, unless someone can come with a surprising idea to tackle the inherent issues of the said game, which in this case of Bannerlord shouldn't be the priority when Mass combats and Sieges are still clustered with issues aswell.

    My 2euros cents, as always.
    I once made a thread were i suggest changes to how hideouts work. The thread even got featured in the Top singleplayer suggestions

    Sadly it didn't get implemented despite lots of positive feedback. Seems to be to much work.
    Here my thread.
    (I got merged with another thread so it is really messed up...)
  14. Kreu2009

    A few "points" on why combat(armour) is more satisfying when using realistic combat mod compared to vanilla

    Not to be rude, but you put a number on it, implicitly, when you said that light infantry should be more cost-effective, i.e. 500 denars of light infantry beating 500 denars of heavy infantry. Or 1000 or 2000. I said that they already do (edit: in native), once they have basic weapons and shields. It just doesn't scale endlessly because of the party size cap and other soft factors that discourage massive sizes. But cheap troops already outperform expensive ones on per-cost basis.
    How do you know that? Im honestly not sure on how cost efficient light troops perform against hight tier units. It his hard to compare if high tier units can't really be purchased. Also you won't really get into money problems as long as you hunt weaker partys often enough and sell their loot. So does cost efficiency even mather right now?

    In the threads that i read so far, nobody did really put numbers on it. So i did it to allow an discussion on how the numbers should be.

    You are not rude. No worries. I hope im not rude either.

    I didn't say anything about it because I agree with it and TW has not once suggested or implied they were going to add more than that, so it isn't like anyone was mislead.
    Yeah thats true. The main purpose of my post was to find out if others are actually annoyed with the few mechanics the game has, or if they like the grind how it is. I was expecting replies like
    "High Tier units are the reward for the grind and should heavily outperform low tier units. They should beat low Tier units in cost efficiency. If i want low or hight Tier units should not be the choice. I don't think the game has an overall problem (At least in this regard). I enjoy the grind. The problem is fixed with changing armor values"

    or the opposite

    "Its true fixing the armor values won't change the core problem. It could be a short term solution till the core Problem (not enough mechanics is fixed).
    In my opinion the balancing should be done ... (numbers) ... The purpose of lightly armoured cheaper units should be ... "

    Depending on the answers I get I could find out if there is a problem with the game and solutions need to be discussed (what features would make the gameplay more interresting) or if the game is just not meant for me (Im not the target audience).
  15. Kreu2009

    A few "points" on why combat(armour) is more satisfying when using realistic combat mod compared to vanilla

    It does work like that though, as long as those light troops have the basics (decent weapon + shield) they'll probably win.

    They already do. That's the basis for many of the complaints about armor.
    Well no it doesn't really work like that. I mean of course if you have enough light troops they will beat heavy troops. But if you don't put any numbers on that than you can't really discuss if it is well balanced. Does light infantry beat heavy infantry cost efficiently? Thats the question.
    And at the same time its not the question, because to make this question mather in the first place you would actually need to have a choice between light or heavy troops.

    People complain because there heavily grinded army with hight tier units doesn't perform well enough. I can understand that. But at what point to numbers mather more than quality? Nobody gives any numbers. Do they have to be 3 times as much? 4 times? Or just when they have the same price? I argue if they have the same price.

    But my entire post was more about the fundamental lack of mechanics which are the core of the problem why battles are so boring.
    Changing armor values won't change that.
    My example that you quoting is not about "does light infantry beat heavy". Without any numbers you can't discuss that anyway. Its about what mechanics are missing for example to make the gameplay actually interresting. A choice what units i want to recruit would be important. The Player should actually have to face tough finacial decisions. You can't make ambushes. There aren't even roads that you could camp. There are no real scouting mechanics. Maps don't offer any chokepoint 95% of the time. You can't really choose the battle map. You can't make suprise attacks on camps etc. Changing armous values won't make the game bether. It just extends 3mins of mindles bashing to 6mins. At least you have to grind less often though.
  16. Kreu2009

    A few "points" on why combat(armour) is more satisfying when using realistic combat mod compared to vanilla

    Well here are my 2 cent.
    In my experience most of these mods don't really make the battles more interresting.
    Sure they now take longer but are 6mins of mindless slashing really bether than 3mins?
    The main problems of battles is the lack of tactics, mechanics and challenge.

    Lets imagine a Situation.
    I plan an campaign. I have 3000 gold and can decide if i want to spend them on light or heavy infantry.
    I decide to go with the light infantry because of the terrain that i expect. I believe to be able to lay an ambush and meet my enemy unorganized, giving my supperior numbers the abillity to split up my enemys and surround them, granting me victory in the end.
    Why does the game not work like that?

    1. You can't make a choice what troops you get in the first place... You always get mostly recruits at the start expect of a very few mercenaries.

    2. If you can get high tier units then you always will take those instead of the low Tier units. Low Tier units have no advantages because in my experience Money is never a problem and doesn't play a role in your decision making. (If you had a choice in the first place).

    Low Tier units should beat high Tier units in terms of cost efficiency (cost efficiency = Same amount of gold invested on both sides.).
    Sounds weird but that is actually how it works in most games. Why? Because that gives tacticall choices = more interresting gameplay.

    Each unit type should have pros and cons. The pros of light infantry:
    - They can beat heavy infantry (with the same amount of gold is invested) if they can make their numbers mather (Surround the enemy, split them up).

    - They are weaker against archers.
    - They loose against heavy infantry if ther can't make their numbers count.

    This gives tactical choices. None of this is something we have in the game right now.
    You can't lay ambushes, maps don't really have chocepoints that help you to not get surrounded etc.

    The game currenlty is just a grind. A grind throug endless meaningless battles.
    All the mod does is that once you have gone throug the grind one time, it is less likely that you have to start again because you loose less troops.
    Thats also the reason why the mod is enjoyable.

    Less grind...

    What i try to say with this post is:
    I don't think it makes sense to suggest Taleworlds to rebalance armor. There are way to many mechanics wrong or missing to make combat/battles actually enjoyable. Those mechanics need to be implemented first. Then you can balance armour stats.
    (I also don't really mind if armor values get changed now. But i don't think it changes the core problem)

    Almost forgot:
    In general i agree that armor is not efficient enough. But even units without armor die to fast. Not saying that the damage values are wrong. Units simply are to careless and bad at defending themself. If i see a guy getting hit, i would expect him to back of and concentrate more on defending. Let an comrade step up. That would also already extend battles. Instsead even half dead units still charge forward mindlesly taking their deathblow right in the next second.
    Here. I even made a video about that. Quite old already though...
  17. Kreu2009

    Why field battles turn into a 1:1 K/D slugfest

    I once made this video about that:

    But i think they i read that they improved the AI since then. Haven't played the game for quite a long time so i can't tell if it is true.
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