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  1. Nhatorama

    WFaS Patch

    The last update for WFaS was released more than 2 years ago.
  2. Nhatorama

    Hiring villagers as a rebel faction. (Mod)

    Thanks for the reply Lightman.

    For now I'll just chew on Lumos Modding Introduction. Once I've finished reading the intro thoroughly I'll know what to ask.
  3. Nhatorama

    Hiring villagers as a rebel faction. (Mod)

    AFAIK it isn't possible at the moment. If it is please tell me how. Can anyone tell me how to mod the game so that I can get my very own rebel cannon fodder? Thanks
  4. Nhatorama


    Mkhedari said:
    Apologies if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find it.  Is it possible to capture a town without joining a faction first?


    Search for a fief that sees little activity(so that other lords won't attack you while you're building siege material.)
    Attack the faction's villagers/caravans/lords or loot their villages to bring your faction standing with them in the negative.

    Unless your target has less than 50-100 defenders it will take multiple sieges to whittle down their numbers.
    My 2 favorite ways to reduce defenders:

    1) Use an all marksman army and order them to spread out and form the least amount of ranks so as to make it harder to hit your troops. While your marksman are shooting, stick to the walls and take potshots at the defenders. When you're running low on marksmen move away from the walls/defenders so that you will be able to retreat. Retreat when you're out of marksmen. Must use a "Explosive" siege.

    2) Use an all infantry army and simply order them to charge. Retreat when all your troops are down. Must go for a "Ladder" siege.

    For both options if you're not the "Surgery" specialist make sure to keep him/her away from danger.
    Option 1 is the poor man's way to obtain a castle, but if you can afford high tiered/custom mercenary infantry, option 2 will get you a castle/town a lot faster.
  5. Nhatorama

    Need combat/character recommendations

    guns77 said:
    I just picked up WF&S as well as Warband, after having played M&B original for a while, and I was disappointed to see the lance nerf in both games.

    Without being able to be a hit-and-run lancer anymore I'm wondering what kind of combat choices are the most fun. I like getting my hands dirty more than I like standing on a hill directing my troops, but I can't figure out which weapon specialization is the best for that now.

    My Infamous Gang Of 7.
  6. Nhatorama

    Problem starting Flase Dmitry

    kujo said:
    Hi, well, I am having problem starting the main storyline quest with the Russians (False dmitry). I read almost everything online and I just can't start this quest. Everyone says the first step is to find a lord who says "Advise me how to win fame and honor". Well, I have been playing for aorund 50 in-game days and I can't find any lord that says that.
    I went to all of the Muscotive Tsardom's cities and forts and talked to the lords, and no one had this option. I also went to the taverns hoping to find someone there, but there is nobody.
    Do you guys know what am I supposed to do? WFaS is making me desperate. Thanks

    I wouldn't bother, the quest is broken.,210868.msg5022671.html#msg5022671
  7. Nhatorama

    SP Musket Era War Getting Worse Beta 2.20

    I agree:
    jackx said:
    I like the idea of a player-built base of operations (I'd go with a fortified camp or simply a hideout though),  for those times when you don't want to join a faction (permanently) but just want to merc it out while growing rich from the spoils of war.

    I'd also like to be able to recruit deserters when unaligned or merc-ing - defecting from one army to another wasn't uncommon at the time, and again, it'd allow for a neutral/bandit style of play. 

    Maybe if honour is low enough add the option to recruit various bandits/rebels in the player's hideout as well.

    I also think these random weapons should be taken out because they're simply overpowered. If not at least make the strength requirement really high for them.
    QWW said:
    Gatling pistol, Death Toucher, Doom Bringer. Well I might leave in the Gatling pistol.  :wink:
    I found one of these on sale within my first 13 days of gameplay.
    Balanced Death Toucher
    48c damage
    Speed rating 110
    Weapon reach 95
    Requires strength 7!!! I think low to mid 20s is more appropriate, since the most powerful 2-handed weapon on native is slower, has comparable/lower damage, and requires 18 strength?

    Since attribute requirements are being mentioned I think firearms should have both a strength and agility(if agility=dexterity) requirement.
    Pistol: none-low STR req and mid-high AGI(low(if accuracy is lowered)-mid req on foot and high req on horseback)
    Carbine: low-mid STR and low-high AGI(low req on foot and high req on horseback)
    Musket: mid to high STR and low-mid AGI (it's a lot easier to hit targets at 100 yards with a rifle/musket than a pistol)
    This I think would make things more realistic, but would screw up my current character  :twisted:

    Will the deathcam you're working on allow you to move around the map (The Pre-Battle Mod does allow you to move around with the arrow keys) or will it be restricted to looking around from where you fell(this is what the Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment mod currently does)?

    I would also like to be able to bring up the "View Orders" screen on the battlefield when I'm unconscious, that way I can better tell whether allowing the battle to keep playing would bring better results than just ending it by pressing the Tab key. It's not very realistic but it would be nice to be able to actually use the "View Orders" screen while unconscious.

    I'm sorry but for now I'm sticking with the Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment mod.
  8. Nhatorama

    Import/Export Stats: 0 Agility to 1 Agility magically!!!

    Gambino said:
    why do u want 1 point, u will be slow and cant ride most horses.

    I can live with using a sumpter horse and I'd rather have points from Agility elsewhere.
  9. Nhatorama

    SP Musket Era War Getting Worse Beta 2.20


    I've been using Caba' drin's "Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment v0.92" for 99% of my game time and would like to know if there's a way to get your mod and his mod working together.

    Did a quick search of this post for "Pre-battle" and nothing came up, so if I missed the reply where it's mentioned my apologies.

    P.s. Where are the save games located for your mod? Found it.
  10. Nhatorama

    Import/Export Stats: 0 Agility to 1 Agility magically!!!

    Caba`drin said:
    I don't think the game is prepared for 0 points in attributes, so it gave you 1.

    Yeah, from now on I'll keep 1 point in Agility.
  11. Nhatorama

    Import/Export Stats: 0 Agility to 1 Agility magically!!!

    As the title says I have used the Import/Export feature to redistribute my attribute/skill points and in this case I lowered Agility to 0. I just got to lvl 28 and that's when I noticed the 1 point in Agility. I loaded earlier saves where I was lvl 27 and I still have 1 point in Agility. I know...
  12. Nhatorama

    SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1614: Invalid Party ID: -1; LINE NO: 79:

    Added the code. It does get rid of the error messages.

    Looks like the Muscovite Tsardom questline is broken for good. I think I'm going to take a long break from F&S...
  13. Nhatorama

    BUGS I FOUND that tale worlds should look at in next patch

    I also would like to see the following changes...
    davonskevort said:
    1 cut down on the number of clicks to enter a town. (warband has fewer clicks to get into town)
    2 make all town screens have the same order of selection (ie put tavern in the same location. warband is consistent, fire and sword is not)
    4 cut out the expense spam at the end of each week. the more towns you own the more annoying it is.
    11 city assults are not fun as players can be killed within 3 seconds of starting the battle (need stuff to hide behind)... no city is devoid of things around it... flat field then wall is not realistic.
    20 add crossbows back in (they would be used in that time)

    To skip the tutorial just press the "Tab" key.
    davonskevort said:
    14 ditch the mandatory tutorial.... i have over 2000 hrs in warband and fire and sword.....
  14. Nhatorama

    How to start a war? Sweden has been at peace forever....

    You could go "One Man Army" on anyone you wish.

    I'm pretty sure you're eyeing Polish or Muscovite fiefs, so attack their caravans or traveling villagers to bring your relation with them in the negative.
    Wage your war of attrition (you probably won't be able to capture a fief with just one siege) by sieging a fief repeatedly and make sure to retreat when you're the last man of your army standing.
    Eventually when the nation you've been waging war feels like Sweden has expanded too much, it will declare war on Sweden.
  15. Nhatorama

    SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1614: Invalid Party ID: -1; LINE NO: 79:

    SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1614: Invalid Party ID: -1; LINE NO: 79: At Game menu menu_total_victory. At Game menu menu_total_victory. At Game menu menu_total_victory. At Game menu menu_total_victory. At Game menu menu_total_victory. I'm currently the Muscovite Tsardom Tsar and I'm playing with...
  16. Nhatorama

    SP Musket Era Pre-Battle Orders & Deployment (v0.92 ported to WFaS 1.143)

    Love the mod, I don't think I'll play F&S vanilla ever again  :grin:.

    I've noticed several issues as I've been playing, here they are:

    1- In almost all battles enemies retreating towards one side of the field are unable to escape, but those running in other directions escape just fine. The enemies unable to escape are stuck running in place towards the edge of the field.

    2- Sometimes during a battle where either party is using a wagon fort my character is unable to kneel down.

    3- Troops that I ordered to brace their weapons sometimes do not react to enemies attacking them/within striking distance, i.e: cavalry troops who just had their horses skewered.

    4- Sometimes troops who have been given the "charge" command in the pre-deployment screen hold their positions instead of charging. I think I'm supposed to click on the "Prepare Orders" to be sure my orders are carried out.

    5- Sometimes troops will block(shield up/weapon block) towards the sky for no reason and not react to being attacked and/or keeping their back to the enemy.

    I'm not sure if these issues are known to happen in F&S vanilla and I can't say since I barely played the vanilla version.

    My PBOD Mod Options are:

    All options that can be check marked are selected, except for "Disable Companions' complaints" and "Enable the cheat menu".
    Both reassign commands are disabled.
    "Battle Cont. charge after KO" is set to charge all.
    "Formations Battle AI" is set to formation AI.
    I'm playing WFaS 1.143 version.
  17. Nhatorama

    Heroes charge in with buttstocks???

    jackx said:
    Your mounted pistoleers will have to get quite close, which means you'll have to manually order them around a lot - carbine-armed cavalry will serve you better, as they can remain further away, and unlike your companions, any AI troops meant to fire from horseback come with substantial Shooting on Horseback skill right away so shots they fire on the move won't be a complete waste.
    jackx said:
    The handcrafted (including double-barreled) carbines in particular are a complete waste of money, as are just about all of the hand-crafted melee weapons.
    So in this case handcrafted carbines is money well spent for my mounted gunners?
  18. Nhatorama

    Heroes charge in with buttstocks???

    Caba`drin said:
    "skirmish"/"avoid melee"

    Tried all commands, but my guys still prefer to point a gun at themselves than at the enemy.  :cry:
    Thumbs up for the mod, it's a keeper.
  19. Nhatorama

    Heroes charge in with buttstocks???

    Caba`drin said:
    Nhatorama said:
    What I would like to see is an "Engage in ranged combat only" command if the developers can't/won't change the script.
    I've literally just finished porting PBOD to WFaS--it includes a "skirmish"/"avoid melee" order which produces OK results in Warband. Might want to give it a shot.

    Ah found it! I have a fairly strong aversion of mods, but I'll try it out.
    Thanks Caba`drin
  20. Nhatorama

    Heroes charge in with buttstocks???

    jackx said:
    When ordered to charge (and WFaS always starts a battle with all your troops charging), they will close with the enemy, using their firearms if they are able to(repeatedly if they get the opportunity to reload, such as when chasing other cavalry around) but ultimately trying to engage in melee combat. If their firearm is their only weapon, then its stock is what they'll use for melee attacks.

    AFAIK, this is the same in Warband by default, you can't just make horse archers under your command ride around the enemy continuously while firing arrows at them at the press of a single button either.

    In Warband I have my "must survive" heroes equipped with crossbows and bolts only, riding on their horses. Since crossbows have only 1 type of attack (ranged) they do pick off targets while running circles around the enemy.

    What I would like to see is an "Engage in ranged combat only" command if the developers can't/won't change the script.
    If the script will be changed I'd like to see "Heroes" equipped with only a ranged weapon resort to using the buttstock only if:
    1) They have already shot their load.
    2) The hero is getting hit from melee weapons and is surrounded/can't get away.
    3) They're out of rounds.
    4) They have no other melee weapon available.

    Another thing I would like to see is a take cover(take a knee) command to have units equipped with firearms(or anyone else) take cover behind objects (wagon fort), reload while kneeling down and pop up to take a shot (rinse and repeat).
    Also firing from a kneeling position should increase the accuracy of ranged weapons or at least firearms.

    Happy Holidays!
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