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  1. Tweaks, Minimods & Translations

    Hi, sorry for reviving the thread, but where can i tweak the amount of of masterpiece percentage and timbers, stones, tools, and food import
  2. Uncapped skills

    right, since there's no more activity for this thread, imma assume the answer is Modsys
  3. Uncapped skills

    Find the skill wich cap you want to change and change second number - usually "10" to 15.
    i did that with tweakMB, but now i want to edit some troops in morgh's editor to have a skill that is more than 10, like how the noldor in Prophesy of Pendor have 15 riding, or do i need a completely different tool
  4. Uncapped skills

    what should i do with it
    should i change the number on the 2nd line?
  5. Uncapped skills

    My guess is you haven't changed limits of skills. So you can't type any above 10 in the morph editor.
    and how does one do that
  6. Uncapped skills

    Are you working on an own mod and try to set it up with a module system or are you just trying to modify some values at another mod?
    the latter
  7. Uncapped skills

    I am a new warband player, recently dive in to the mods, and saw that in PoP and Perisno, there are troops that has more than 10 skill points in a skill, how does one do that, i've been using morgh's editor and saw that 15 skill points is represented as the letter F, which i assume it's hex...
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