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  1. Resolved Mu Torere

    Summary: I've noticed this bug in resolved threads, but it is not resolved in my game. Can't remember which version it was when I started playing, but I recall Mu Torere working fine back then. At some point, the bug was reintroduced and it has never worked for me since, across several version...
  2. Resolved [1.6.1] Oil and wine no longer count as food

    Noticed while trading that oil and wine no longer grouped with foods, lack the symbol for food, and the morale bonus (gourmet) has likewise had 4 points subtracted, 2 for each former food varieties. Was this intended?
  3. SP - General Companion Party Leader: Assign Division and Captain Duty

    When assigning a companion to lead their own party, we have no control over their division (e.g. infantry, archer, cavalry, horse archer). It's particularly game breaking when forming an army. I keep my companions in their own division so I can decide when they join the fray. It's absolutely...
  4. SP - General Option to Select Captain Before Battle

    And the problem goes beyond companions. If you lead an army with members from other clans, there is no way whatsoever to assign captain duties. It's all handled automatically, and it's a huge mess.
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