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  1. Creating 1v1 Inf/Duel MM & 2v2

    I feel like there are lots of players on matchmaking who would participate in a tournament if they knew it was happening. What struck me about the WLL is that it's practically quite hard to find on the forum. There are lots of native players who if exposed to the idea of a native tournament would most likely want to participate. Take for example Last Hope (LH), a clan on TG_Arena (which is very popular). They haven't even heard of the WLL or MM. But to clarify, I think there are players on MM who do not know about the WLL. In other words, MM is respected. Although people regularly lament its toxic culture, this toxic culture is natural to matchmaking in any game. Look at CS:GO or Valorant. All I'm saying is MM carries with it an air of legitimacy, so creating an 'MM' tournament, by just sponsoring it and using it in the tournament's name (you could even recruit a brand new administration if the current MM administration didn't feel up to it - they would be able to choose who ran the tournament as the tournament would run the risk, if a failure, could make MM look bad (whatever that means). I also think to go a step further, you could use the software that MM currently uses to run the tournament. A radical suggestion, I know. But it'd be interesting if the software, which is so efficient, and used it in this hypothetical MM tournament. It would make tournament's run more smoothly. For example, you would lose the really boring bit where team's are sorting out their drops. It's all automatic you see. The team's join MM (I'm sure the software would have to be altered which I'm not expecting anyone to want to do but I wonder by how much - in other words, it might not be difficult to make the software tournament-friendly). You could host a short 6v6 tournament that tests this out.

    But yeah, imagine teams just showed up, the servers would know when to appear, when to start the match, if a team didn't show, or didn't have enough players, the software would be programmed to pick this up (as it already does) and boom, the other team get the default. The match is cancelled. I just feel like the whole **** about needing individual admins, only one or two people knowing what server the match is taking place on, figuring on drops when the actual official is taking place (this should be perfected beforehand - teams would quickly acclimate to this) - no big pauses between sets - all just more efficient - more smooth - and all through MM and hosted by MM. With MM's name in the tournament such as - The Warband Competitive League, Sponsored by Matchmaking and run using our Matchmaking software - I would provide a moderate prize pool - it would be 6v6 - ruthlessly efficient - prioritising smoothness - we could also advertise the tournament on TG_Arena, Persistent Kingdoms and Siege - it would be programmed so that like it is now, anyone can just make an account, find a team, etc. I don't know. What do you think?
  2. Hi, The High Council (THC) can play against ReV tonight at 19:00 BST for the Warband Ladder...

    Hi, The High Council (THC) can play against ReV tonight at 19:00 BST for the Warband Ladder League (WLL) Week 3. We do not want to award the default. Despair
  3. Creating 1v1 Inf/Duel MM & 2v2

    I feel like duelling is one of the main attractions in Warband. I know this has probably been suggested before but it'd be interesting to hear the community's current thoughts about this. I understand that you're strapped for cash and time because this is a community lead project but at the very...
  4. [WLL] Free Agents

    Could you change my class preference to Cav/Inf instead of just Cav? Thanks
  5. [WLL] Free Agents

    Name: despair
    Nationality: British
    Preferred Class: Cav/Inf
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