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  1. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    NPC99 said:
    Any helmets or armour flagged as itp_civilian in can be worn inside. A lot of mods flag all armours as itp_civilian to stop Lords without a secondary set of civilian clothes appearing naked indoors.

    Thank you very much. That worked perfectly for the lords, but the player character still unequips. Any ideas?
  2. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    When Lords, Ladies, and the player character are inside a castle, their helmets/hats/etc. are unequipped; how do I disable this behavior so everyone keeps their helmets like the guards?
  3. NEW Kabuto and Armor For Gekokujo (Final version released)

    Amazing work Aruda! Hope to see your pack added to the full release. Thanks for sharing.
  4. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    This mod has been postponed.

    It's now planned to be released for Bannerlord unless complications arise.

    Sorry for the silence, I was considering moving the mod to OpenMW or Unreal Engine. In the end I decided that neither OMW nor M&B would do Neph's new assets justice. I also realized that creating a satisfying open world experience on UE4 wasn't feasible for one person learning to port assets and enhance textures to a suitable size for a first person perspective.  Thankfully Bannerlord looks quite promising and will solve the issue of siege equipment.

    I've also got a lot of plans written for the UE4 version that can be recycled for Bannerlord depending on BL's features and modding capabilities upon release.

    Until I post a link to the new Bannerlord thread, I'll leave this open for possible discussion of the transition.
  5. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    Hazzardevil said:
    Apologies in advance if this doesn't make sense. If it doesn't, I'll fix it tomorrow.

    For the Hylian Troop Tree, and potentially others, like Ordona if they are ever added. Would it make sense to structure the cavalry like at the bottom of this troop tree?
    Have every level of infantry have a cavalry equivilant. I like the idea of complicated troop trees, so this might not be for everyone, but it seems somewhat intuitive as a means to acquire cavalry.

    So Hylian Recruit goes to Hylian Mounted Recruit or Hylian Swordsman.
    Hylian Swordsman goes to Hylian Mounted Swordsman or Hylian Veteran.
    And so on.
    Thanks for the input. I think if you look at my current WIP hylian troop tree compared to the one in Hyrule: Total War, you'll see that I already sort-of had that in mind. The exception is that ranged cavalry would make hyrule too strong with everything else they have. Ranged cav will be saved for Ordona. I like complicated trees as well, as long as they flow well and are balanced.

    If I could have three possible upgrades per unit, cavalry would upgrade from recruits, but I can't. So what I have up there is what I believe to be the best flow. If I did what you're saying, either the mounted recruit or the swordsman would also have to upgrade into the spear line or the ranged line. To me that would just be weird.

    Imagine going through another rank of mastering the sword just to have your superiors to say "OK, now try this bow or spear" or else learning to fight from horseback and then them saying "alright get off of that horse and take this spear or bow." lol  :razz:

    KhivalrousBear said:
    Good luck on the mod! Looking forward to play it anytime.
    Elprede said:
    Great Idea! Can't wait to play it.
    Thanks a lot guys  :wink: Have patience
  6. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    Thanks for the suggestions, the extra units would be very easy to add or take out, and either way I'll make sure they stay true to the nothing too special rule. Mostly that sort of thing will just need to be tested for balance, so I'll go ahead with basically that unit tree for now and if they are unneeded I'll just take them out. I mostly was just adjusting the roster to reflect Mount&Blade better, with more focus on cavalry as well as having a full ranged unit upgrade branch. A repeater crossbow sounds awesome but pretty overpowered, I'd probably have to make the whole faction pretty weak just to accommodate that.
  7. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    Cynfar said:
    In what time of Zelda does this take place though? Not a big Pro on Zelda, but I figure the games played in different ages, right?
    You're right, the Zelda universe spans many ages and even alternate time-lines. Just like H:TW, H:ZW will be its own alternate universe, and sort of mesh different timelines together. Just like HTW it will be predominantly based on the years between the events of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. I may end up doing Termina and Great Sea submods if Undying Nephalim see's those releases through, but let's focus on this for now. The Hyrule: Total War wiki has in-depth information on its lore, factions, and units and this mod will be using that as a basis. This thread will only contain info unique to HZW.
  8. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    The blank units have designs, I just haven't gotten to the point of having them all completely in-game to screen-shot. For instance; the horseman basically is just the infantry unit mounted and given a larger sword, the ranger will be a retextured crossbow unit to be green with black accents and with a bow and the ranger captain will be the same thing with pauldrons added. (Unless people have better suggestions) With that in mind, do you think this tree actually needs many more entries? I feel like it's pretty fleshed out without getting to the point of convolution.

    Are you referring to the old lower-res units that Neph replaced? Do you happen to know if what you're talking about is still included in the current HTW's files? For instance the wind tribe, ancient hylians, and the old Hylian models are all still there. I wasn't sure how I could possibly put ancient hylians in, either as a roaming subfaction or simply add the armor to stores for the player? If I don't have everything, it'd be awesome if you could help me track down which old versions of HTW I would need for that purpose. I definitely won't waste anything that could make the mod more diverse and interesting.

    I agree about separating crossbowmen/rangers, not sure why but I changed it at the last minute. Maybe also have a "Veteran" or "Siege" crossbowman with more armor and a mace to even out the tree?

    Edit:I'm seeing a lot of newer looking unique models at the wiki, it's too bad Neph doesn't want to put the time into sharing his backlog of models. Oh, well maybe he'll have the time in the future. I can understand why he'd want want to focus, though, he has much more planned than he's already done.  :shock:
  9. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    Reserved (Details)

    Game Details
    Work in progress, please offer suggestions.

    Hyrule Prime
    Kingdom of Hyrule
    Order of the Wizzrobe
    Sheikah Cadre
    Gorons of Death Mountain
    Lanayru Province
    Zora Dominion

    Great Desert
    Forces of Twilight
    Volvagian Remnants
    Gerudo Empire
    Darknut Legion

    The Woodlands
    Huskus Remnants
    Deku Tribes

    Fairies of Tarm

    Labrynna Regime
    Tokay Tribe
    Gorons of Rolling Ridge
    Storm Zora

    Southern Hyrule
    Ordona Province
    Old Blin Kingdom

    Gohma Hive
    The Oocca (Maybe)
    Kingdom of Ikana

    Sub-Factions (Roaming) (Leader - Region)
    Friendly (Descending Default Relation)
    Hylian Knights Errant - Global
    Tokay Hunters - Labrynna
    Goron Expedition - Global
    Zora Expedition - Global
    Zuna Merchants - Great Desert
    Subrosian Miners - Holodrum
    Hyrulean Resistance ? - Hyrule

    Neutral (All 0)
    Geru - Global
    Labrynna Expedition - Global
    Keaton Pilgrimage - Global
    Wild Faires - Global
    Mogma Guld - Death Mountain
    Wind Tribe Expedition Queen Siroc - Holodrum
    Deku Monkey Tribes - Woodlands
    Huskus Bounty Hunters - Woodlands
    Fokka Forsworn  Quetzal - Great Desert
    Mazura Forsworn Hayagriva - Great Desert
    Daira - Misery Mire/Great Desert
    Reavers Alros - Great Desert

    Hostile (Descending Default Relation)
    Wosu Knights
    Goriya Watchmen
    Baga Scrubs (Skull Kids)
    Gerudo Pirates
    Keaton Bandits
    Forest Thieves
    Lizalfo Tribes
    Hinox Bombers
    Yook Band
    Wolfos Packs
    Moblin Tribes
    Wild Gohma
    River Zora
    Church of Majora

    In Depth Faction Info
                  1 Town (Horon)
                  1 Castle (Horon Castle)
                  1 Village (Horon Village)

              Maku Tree of Horon (Leader, Owns Town and Castle), Sokra (Minister)
              Mayor Ruul (Marshal, Owns Village), Mrs. Ruul (Wife), Syrup (Minister)
              Bipin (General), Blossom (Wife)
              Pippin II (General)
              Stockwell (Equipment Merchant)
              Vasu (Supply Merchant)
              TickTock (Village Elder)
              Maple (Tavern Keep)


                                          Horon Mystic

            (Noble Unit Tree): Maku Sprout->Maku Scrub

    Special Items:
                          Maku Seed
                          Gasha Seed (Boosts Looting)

    Undying Nephalim for models, textures, and concepts in the form of Hyrule: Total War
    Nintendo for concepts, artwork, and creation in the form of the official Zelda franchise
    Eldren for his support and the idea of a M&B port
    Overmind5000 for models and textures
  10. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    Reserved (Media)


    (Open image in new tab to enlarge)

    (updated 5/3/16) WIP Kingdom of Hyrule troop tree

    Link's zora tunic retex

    Hylian helmet coif is fixed to look right in Warband now. Test shots, (town guards won't have shields or swords):

    Hylian Infantry in-game:

    Hylian Knight (original low-res shield):

    Ironclad Elite:

    HD Re-textures
    Knight Helm
    Ironclad Cuirass
    Recruit Armor
    Hylian Shield:
    New Designs
    Ironclad Majora Convert Cuirass (Needs Work)Hylian Majora Shield (Texture Only For Now)
    NormalHeavy WearBurntNobilityOriginal Reference
    Non-Military Issue Hylian Shields:
    WIP Maku Knight Shield:
  11. SP Fantasy [WB] Hyrule: Zelda's Warband

    Hyrule: Total War's sister mod for Mount & Blade: Warband Planned Features: Update:I've joined the Hyrule: Total War team to help ensure it has a stable future. Work will continue on this as my side project, and much of what I do will overlap. Expect only a slight slow-down. I'm...
  12. Banner Contributions

    Thanks for the tips, although the snake cult symbolism was intended to show the deep roots of the cult in Baccus society, not actually to be used for the cult faction. I suppose I didn't go for much realism on banners because they don't look realistic whatsoever in game in any case, so I went for more of a graphic sort of thing. I guess I'll just stick to things I'm better at, I'd delete this topic but I'm unable. Oh well, enjoy the clutter.
  13. Banner Contributions

    I posted a preview of my work a while back, which was met with very mild interest.  :meh: Because of that I didn't prioritize a release of anything further but continued to work on banners for my private use. Shortly after, my PC went on strike  :facepalm: and I was unable to create any further...
  14. Prophesy of Pendor 3.705 Bug and Support Thread (Ask all of your questions here)

    Using 3.705; Maiden Scouts have short bows but no arrows. (Checked in Morgh's)
  15. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    wookdaddy said:
    No worries, I wasn't offended...just curious what banners said people were unsatisfied with. I know what SPQR means. I didn't think people would care that much as it is based on Rome after all. To me, the authentic banners used back then are badass. Sure they aren't yellow and don't fit the lore entirely, but they are authentic. I'm a history buff and I figured people would like that. As for the offshoot Empire (in which case it's not really an Empire, but one of the many smaller Roman copies which almost all failed), the snake banners are to signify corrupted lords. I like the yellow banners though...the harp one looks like the white one I used, but color coded for the (Baccus?) Empire now.

    As for the "flatness" of some of the banners, I really didn't care. It took me hours upon hours to put this pack together in a cohesive theme, so if you want to change every single banner...go for it! Gotta get back to work kiddos, have fun.

    I didn't think Pendor was based in reality, just on it. Thus the Empire isn't an offshoot of Rome but of the fictional Empire Baccus, and the Empire offshoot is still set up like its own independent empire. So for me they didn't make much sense lore wise, despite the fact that I agree that classical banners are quite badass. I'm definitely no lore expert, am I completely off base here?

    I love the snake banners and the idea behind it, though. I had no problem there. I thank you (and the rest of the team) on behalf of all of the guest lurkers (of which I was a part of until this thread) for your hard work. Overall the whole pack is awesome.

    The lyre/wreath was actually a coincidence, great minds think alike, eh?

    I'd like to clarify, though. When I said "flat," I didn't mean that in an aesthetic appeal sort of way. I meant that one or two of the banners were lacking the "blank banner" underneath the design. When I say flat I meant it didn't have the folds of cloth like texture.
  16. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    wookdaddy said:
    I spent a ton of time making the banners fitting for the factions...which ones do you think are out of place?  If you change banners too often or yes, they will be out of place, as the lords revert to the "default" banner. The only faction I felt was somewhat unfinished was Empire....because I ran out of banners to use. D'shar, Fierd, Rav, and Sarleon were all done to the T in terms of lore and color coordination. I understand everyone has different preferences.

    Edit - all you have to do is literally copy/paste and overwrite the files in Make sure they are in the exact space. So if you want to add your own, go for it. It's not difficult, just time consuming.

    Please don't misunderstand, among the new banners are some of the best I've seen for M&B. They are beautiful and for the most part quite fitting for their factions. My only issue is with SPQR and other roman banners being used. First of all SPQR stands for "The Senate and People of Rome" in english. The Baccus empire is just that; an empire, and without a senate and certainly not based upon the needs of the people. They are also red which doesn't fit the Empire's colour scheme. I also feel as though the Roman eagle is too immediately identifiable as Roman and thus unfit. Beyond that it's just a matter of taste, to which most of the rest are quite suitable for me.

    I've already added my own to my copy of PoP 72 (I made and implemented the ones I had shown), I just saw someone in another thread mention they felt the Roman banners were out of place, and so I thought I might share. Sorry to offend.

    As a side note, a couple of the new banners lack an actual banner base texture, if you know what I mean, they are just flat.
  17. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    MitchyMatt said:
    Very nice, maybe once things settle down on bugs I can focus on seeing about the banners since some DO seem out of place.

    Thanks a lot, I'll update my post as I make more. When you have the time to give banners more attention, please feel free to use my work if it fits and is well liked. It'd be an honour. Although I'm certain someone else could do much better, so no butthurtz either way.  :fruity:

    I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions.
    Here's another,

  18. [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Speaking of banners, I have an idea for the replacement of Roman banners for the Baccus Empire. When I saw that I wasn't the only one who felt they were out of place, I decided to share. Sorry if this is unwanted or in the wrong place but I didn't feel like it was worth starting another thread for (I hunted down the suggestion thread just to find it locked.)

    I modified a public domain "Roman Way to the Gods" symbol, and I like how it turned out. It feels more fitting to the yellow/black theme of the Empire. I plan on making more for my own personal use. If people are interested, and the devs allow it (this is my question, by the way), I'll release complete replacement packs as well as individual banners as an optional dl.

    Again sorry if this is a nono, and thanks for your continued efforts on a masterpiece, team!  :party:
    Here is the "Baccus Way to the Gods" Banner;

    Edit 1:
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