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  1. Do you enjoy smithing?

    I can think of no other game where smithing is displayed even nearly as uninspired and tedious as in Bannerlord. Fits the game, though.
  2. Resolved Cannot give myself Castles or Cities.

    Thread #3 I found regarding the same issue and instead of working to fix this, the problem allegedly gets forwarded to the QA team instead to the actual devs. It is obvious that Taleworlds does not care about these threads and does not wish to use the users experiences and problems to actually improve the game. A copy and paste post like the one above is much easier than that.

    Luckily there are independent modder who did work on the issue. If you are reading this because you have had the same annoying experience as me and xsaint, check this out:
  3. Resolved Can't Give Yourself Fief

    lol it's not fixed. Thanks for nothing!

    Nice way of "resolving" issues, though. Good work, random PR person. Gotta love Taleworlds way to approach problems. Just state they are gone and ignore them. Pro tip: don't ever call your game 'fully released' and state that problems will always be there 'because of early access'.

    Anyway... modders are more competent and actually fixed it, it seems. If you found this thread through the Google search like me, check this out:
  4. Need More Info Quest bug: The art of the trade

    Hi, I have encountered a bug with the 'The art of the trade' quest which is easy to recreate. It occures when you sell the goods from the quest and buy items at the same time. I agreed to sell some goods for 2750 and sold them for 3457. Since I bought some items while selling the goods the...
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