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  1. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Seff said:
    I wish that was attractive, it sounds like good orgasms. :razz:

    ... oh, they really are. I assure you. Especially when you're bound/restrained/tied in some fashion or other. The movements you use to process and experience the pleasure are restricted, so it kind of rebounds on itself. :smile:
  2. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    I was really hoping a fun sexy story would actually cause a bit of distraction from the current ruckus, but not even a bit. Is this not the Sex Thread anymore where we swap sultry stories? For shame, everyone.

    I could write another one (I've been busy and kinky lately), but really, if you all want to keep bickering, go right ahead.
  3. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    To put us back on a wonderful track again, we had some wicked sex on our vacation.

    Basically, we were lying on bed with some rope we'd just picked up from the local shop (because really, judge a city by the quality of its sex shops), and she suddenly decided to tie both my legs in futomomo, so that I was lying on the bed flat with both legs folded, naked (kind of like if you were sitting cross legged and then leaned back to lie on the ground without moving your legs). I started to move around, so she then nipple clamped me using the tension clamps and wrapped the chain around my hands, so my hands were trapped by the clamp chain which wrapped around them and attached to both my nipples.

    She then proceeded  to ride me as I was (essentially) immobile until she'd *** three or four times, and had me holding my orgasm, ordering me not to *** until she was done using me. I had to try not to move my hands (which was hard with the whole sex thing going on) as it pulled on the clamps and hurt deliciously, and move my hips enough (bound as they were, which made it doubly arousing) to keep the rhythm going. After she was done with me, she ordered me to *** using only my motions (which were severely restricted due to the bondage) as she enjoyed the efforts and the feeling of me struggling against the rope.

    Suffice to say, it was hot. And that's your scheduled dose of kink for the week.
  4. Lyze

    Annual Off-Topic TW Awards Ceremony 2016! Main thread. READ THE ****ING OP!

    Bwahahahaa!  :lol: I like how I'm barely here anymore and yet I still get nominated for Soapiest. Is proud. :3
  5. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Went in today to get my requisition forms for the standard "new-partner and new year" STI testing, and the doctor there didn't even know what BDSM was.  :lol: You'd think that a multi-decade-practicing doctor working in a sexual health clinic would know what it is. Bloody hell.
  6. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Bulle said:
    I just must say that I've never felt so attracted to him as in that moment, his body looked so good tied up in that chair. His muscles, his body... Wow. He was like Adonis and all mine.

    Haha, I know, right?! Totally focusing on this statement out of mutual interest, but isn't it seriously hot to have an attractive guy tied up and yours?! A few partners of mine have had those "eureka" moments just like you did. Shoot me a PM or a Facebook message if you want to talk more about this subject, I've been interested for a long time so I have a decent knowledge base. :smile:

    To talk the broad perspective for a second, this is why we need more positive content on this topic from a female gaze. It's seriously ****ing hot as you're realising, and yet the societal dialogue emphasises the opposite... and yet here you are finding how enjoyable it can be, as have a few partners of mine. It's why I want to create content specifically on this topic, because what we need now are alternative positive representations of that type of activity so that it circulates a representation of those activities that makes people go "wait a minute, that's actually really ****ing hot!". That way you'll find more people willing to engage in it, and it'll become a positive feedback loop. Moar men as objects of desire, please. :smile:
  7. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Maboobs said:
    Holy ****.

    I'm not so into the whole bondage thing but that sounded hot Bulle.

    Haha, doesn't it?! Welcome to my at-least-once-a-week life.  :grin:
    Glad to see it's becoming Bulle's too.
  8. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Seff said:
    Adrenaline withdrawal.

    This. Heavy/intense orgasms after a protracted period of tease and denial will do that. The nervous system just goes "whoa, what the **** man! That was... that was great? But also terrible. Are you okay? Let's just shake it out for twenty minutes and then we'll talk"... some of the bigger orgasms will just have the fingers or toes go tingly. Nerves, man! Beautiful!

    Also Bulle, that sounds absolutely sublime and right up my alley! Enjoy it? Haha, actually, will he let you do it again? He seemed pretty broken up by the whole "you using him and teasing him" affair. :razz:
  9. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Mage246 said:
    It was a joke. I don't think there's anything remotely macho about it. Relationships and sex aren't much fun if you have to act completely mature all the time. It made sense in that particular context, but it's not as if it's something I ever plan to say again.

    Yeah, I enjoyed the post. Also it's absolutely sublime when they're worked up (or just have a sensitive enough ****) that that can work. Heheheh. Hm, it is refreshing to see Mage's enthusiasm and excitement - normally that doesn't translate in his text tone, though I don't think he was speaking with a "16 year old voice". If passion and excitement about sexual activities means that you have to be 16, then I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
  10. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    We're having trouble doing normal life things around each other. Sex is just too good and she just wants more. I want more too. And when it's not sex, it's kinky stuff, like rope or impact play or clothespins or needles or D/S service... god damn it, we have the best problems.

    Also she's apparently wanted to sexually objectify her partner forever, like in a "you're waiting for me prepared with everything I wanted available and I then use you for my pleasure and nothing more" kind of way. Plus the vacuum bed's level of objectification and "turn-into-sex-toy" potential excites her... so in short, **** yeah.
  11. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Last night was fun.

    Went over to get a one-on-one training/teaching session with my partner and a local needleplay expert in the community. Had around 30 in, a few buttons, and ****, but my partner is sadistic. We then walked home after that, cuddled, studied a bit, and then that progressed to ripping clothes off, sitting on the chair and her riding me, and then the couch, and then the bed... and then to the point where the downstairs neighbour slammed on their ceiling (my floor) twice in ten minutes... at 2 am. On one hand, sorry. On the other hand, really, mate? Just wait a few more minutes and it'll be done. It's not like it's thumping bass music that will go on for hours and hours, it's inherently time limited. Hell, if I was woken up by neighbours having sex, I'd just shrug, roll over, and let them do their thing (as I have done in the past, actually). Sex should be uninhibited and as loud as need be.

    On one hand, I don't want to be the ******* tenant who has the loudest sex, but on the other hand... kinda quick on the aggressive ceiling pounding there, twatcanoe.
  12. Lyze

    Dating Thread, v. I

    Mage246 said:
    Me and my girl just enjoy spending time together. It feels right. We've both brought it up before how we both usually need some alone time, but that when we're together we just feel comfortable. We've spent several full days now by each other's side, and it feels natural. It's not like a platonic kind of comfortable. Whenever either of us is feeling excited the other is willing. I dunno, it just feels nice. I can't imagine feeling trapped by it.

    That's the same sort of feeling I have with my current partner too. It's still new, so some of it is NRE, but... yeah, it's a good feeling. :smile:
  13. Lyze

    Dating Thread, v. I

    I'd skip the "asking the friends" part, and go straight to asking the girl you're interested in/courting at the moment, Bev. Both of you need to get a handle on open communication and how to be comfortable expressing your desires within the context of a relationship/intimate partnership, and asking food preferences is as good a place as any to start. It's harmless, it's a way to learn more about your partner, and it can drop hints that you're gonna go out for dinner too.

    I think there's this skewed perception that romanticism has to be a one way thing, with one partner receiving and the other giving, but honestly, from my experiences, open exchange and participation by both partners, even if it's figuring out what you want to do together, is a lot more satisfying. So yeah, just ask her, mate. Doesn't hurt that it shows confidence either. :smile:

    Aaaand I'm in a relationship. We haven't yet defined what we are, but she's polyamorous, which is scary and new to me, but something I'm totally down for. It's been absolutely electric thus far, and it's been about a month. Crazy how quickly the connections form when you find someone super compatible. Communication has been grand, time spent with her has been very enjoyable, and I suspect it goes deeper than New Relationship Energy if my past experience is any indication. We're very compatible on a lot of levels, and want to do all the things all the time. Haven't gotten tired of her yet, and vice versa, which is genuinely surprising on both sides; normally alone time is needed now and again, but it hasn't hit yet.

    In any case, about ****ing time. This is grand. And oooh hell yes is she down for kink. We were going through our checklists last night and had another "can we do all the things? like right now?" moment. :grin:
  14. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    I am nothing if not a tease, my dear Athie. :wink:

    Besides, spoilers... :razz:
  15. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    PoisonCourtesan said:
    I wonder if any of you ever had a threesome. Or group sex in any way.

    Dual hands don't count.

    Almost. Long time platonic friend with underlying sexual tension (which is curious, because we're a) well-meshed personality wise and b) she's more or less demisexual), and my new lover/partner, a few weeks ago. It was wine/movie night with platonic friend, so we were hanging out, watching movies and eating pizza and drinking wine. It's a good de-stress tradition. Partner came over later in the night, around 2100, because her place had been burgled by a cokehead and he was still at large and trying to come back, and she needed a place to stay.

    Friend and I were cuddling because we're both very tactile, and oxytocin ****-yeah, and when my partner came over, we were talking for a bit... and then it progressed to all three of us cuddling on the couch. When she's drinking, friend gets a bit toppy, and my partner does too. Partner was also a bit tipsy from a munch she went to, so she was all happy-drunk. It ended up that I was in the middle of the couch with one of them cuddling on either side of me, my arms around each of them... and then someone, can't remember who, decided to start tickling/pinching/biting me, and then they both started doing it. After a time, the sensations started to build to sensory overload as they kept running their hands up and down my body, stripped off my shirt, kept biting and pinching, groping... and I started to return the favour to both of them, kissing my partner and my friend (after asking her if it was okay), and this slowly progressed to groping...

    Some of the bites and sensations were hard to deal with, and my legs were kicking and twitching a lot, so partner smirked and grabbed one of my rope coils from my room and did a single wrap tie on my legs so I couldn't move them... which started to kick me into a bit of a headspace... from the moment of binding, it was then a good thirty minutes of them holding my arms pinned above my head or behind my back while both of them ran their hands, teeth and lips up and down my chest and legs until I was having trouble speaking from the sensory overload...

    It would have progressed further, but I needed a moment to calm down, and the energy kinda faded away during that moment. Partner and I were still very recent at that time, and so we didn't move any further. We want to though, and long term friend does as well. Right now we're just taking time to explore each other (partner and I), but all three of us have expressed interest in playing together in some way in the future once the primary relationship has solidified a bit more. In short? ****ing hot. Those two are devious when you get them together. >;D
  16. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    So the latex leggings came yesterday... while she was still at my place after we'd made breakfast. Of course, I tried them on for her. They'd been on order for three months, because custom items take time, and when she found out they were coming, she was very excited (which is refreshingly awesome after previous patners' takes on latex).

    I tried them on for her after we showered. These things are kinda rad, in that they're tailored for the male anatomy. Most latex leggings androgynise, which I don't like. These ones are cut for the male lower body and show it, and also have a cock/ball ring so that it fits very tight against the skin (with this being covered by a stud/zipper codpiece). Suffice to say, it looks hot. So much so that it ended up with her cuffing me to the bed spread eagle with those on and riding me until she came multiple times. I think the count was at five, and she almost made me late for work...

    All things considered, probably the best way to receive a latex shipment.

    And yes, kinky story above. I'm sure you've all been missing it. :razz:
  17. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    Sorry mate, you're sold out of luck. Porn on the internet is still horrible, no matter if it's BDSM-focused or not. You're not going to find what you're looking for. It's at best cheap visual material of a few of your favourite kinks to help you get off. The one thing the BDSM porn might have going for it is that it's really hard to fake sounds when you're in a lot of pain, so there's that.

    The best thing you can do is get involved in your local community and find those experiences for yourself. Are you Age of Majority wherever you are? If so, join FetLife. It's like Facebook for Kinky People - it'll have the resources you need (but it is NOT a dating site, it is NOT a hook-up site, and it is NOT a site for free porn).
  18. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    lllAnteklll said:

    I like this bondage. I'd like to try this position.

    If you're interested in rope bondage specifically, you should look up "Two Knotty Boys" - they're some of the better known North American Style rope bondage artists, and they have a lot of instructional videos and books. If you want something a bit more traditional, Midori's "Art of Japanese Bondage" is superb for beginners too. That one is a book though so you'd have to find it in a store/online somewhere. Totally worth it if you can find yourself some rope though.

    On the personal sex life note... my gods. We just don't have enough time in the day for all the ****ing we do. Last morning, was in the shower, silicon lube, from behind, with one of her legs up on the side of the tub to change the angle. Damn, felt incredible, she came at least a few times (hurray penetrative orgasms! She's a unicorn!)... and earlier in the morning because I was being a sadistic bastard she put me in the cuffs when I was still half asleep and teased/bit/played with me, which got me worked up, which then lead us to the shower... beautiful circle. :grin:
  19. Lyze

    The Sex Thread.

    So we broke her bed last night after we got back from the bar and our friend's burlesque performance. Oops.  :razz:
  20. Lyze

    Dating Thread, v. I

    table flip

    Will these gender normative stereotypes never end? Why can't she buy him ice cream without getting accusations? :'( :razz:

    In any case, seeing a new poly girl... she's ****ing incredible so far, also fantastic in bed. We're taking it slow, but it's going to be very interesting to see where things go. This is new ground for me, and holy hell, is it ever going to be fun.
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