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  1. Starlord

    About updates and mods and blablabla

    I feel like the price of the game is justified. In this new generation of inflated game prices, it's nice to see a reasonably priced game. That said, mods add a ton of content that should have been present on final release.

    Give this game as much time as Warband had to stew and I'm sure it will be a different game in another 4-5 yrs post release along with any DLC taleworlds will add. Everyone will say it shouldn't take so much time but this was kind of the same with Warband, took forever before taleworlds was finished with balancing and features, and then modders unleashed on it.

    Can't justify the small updates which change nothing but break game for mods (although most mods that work with v1.1.x work with the newer updates for me but it can be tricky).
  2. Starlord

    Question on Becoming Ruler of an Existing Kingdom/Empire

    If you become ruler of existing non-empire faction then you have founded a kingdom and you can speak to Azargos to go down his path. Istiana requires you to join or rule existing Empire faction and convert map to Empire. You won't be locked out until you commit to one of them.
  3. Starlord

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Wow these changes look amazing. Please bring this to consoles ASAP, I want/need to play this version. The back alley business has my nipples tingling.
  4. Starlord

    Places your spouse got pregnant?

    My wife would not get pregnant no matter what I did. I would spend weeks in towns to hopefully spur the baby making on, to no avail. Eventually I decided she was no good and I hatched a plot to have her killed. During every battle she was to assault the enemy force on her own, stark naked. The first time she was placed in a group on her own, my army was wary, understandably seeing their captains wife roaring into battle alone, in her undergarments. I assume they didn't like that because after the first time I was not able to have her be in her own company. No matter what 2 or 3 soldiers who apparently thought my debauchery knew no bounds would always deploy with her to be annihilated but she would always survive somehow. After a few weeks of this my wife had 2 babies in rappid succession, both sons. The first was conceived on a starry night in Lageta after a raid on a bandit camp. The second, while recruiting troops in a village close to Senala. The threat of painful naked death might be the just the push your wife needs to become useful again!
  5. Starlord

    This game sucks

    i can see you're struggling to interpret basic sentences.
    That's your area of expertise Dan. I'm not the one with dyslexia, stop projecting.
  6. Starlord

    This game sucks

    aye im dyslexic, and no where did i talk about playing "seriously" or in your language tryhard

    i cant type properly and you can't read properly
    "Tryhard" wtf I thought I was a casual. How you gonna blame the reader for reading what you typed lol.
  7. Starlord

    This game sucks

    it's funny because you're exactly the demographic taleworlds ruined this game for, your a-typical COD casual

    You know a-typical means not typical right? I'm not sure what you're trying to say. People play COD pretty serious lol. You think you play more seriously ok but just because you play games with a constipated expression doesn't mean you're playing more "seriously."
  8. Starlord

    This game sucks

    Stop using only steam review numbers only, take the context of the reviews.
    Facts. People think steam is the only place bannerlord is reviewed by people. On every platform the reviews are overwhelmingly positive especially on consoles. Likewise individual reviewers are also giving high scores, when you look at the overall big picture, it's clear bannerlord is a good game. It's like saying the scrub daddy is crap because some salty crusts in a forum think it sucks, but the product itself is overwhelmingly well recieved.
  9. Starlord

    Patch Notes v1.0.2

    Thanks Taleworlds good to see the updates coming on consoles, so far the experience keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to your future updates and DLC. You guys are killing it in my books.
    Some things I think everyone wants:
    -Console commands on consoles
    -Mods (you will never escape this convo while on consoles , maybe you can add features through DLC)

    I think these additions would appeal to the most players.
  10. Starlord

    The Anime/Manga Thread

    -Vinland Saga is untouchable
    -Hunter X Hunter
    -Goblin Slayer, Redo of the Healer, Berserk for leud dude Grank (nvm actually your super specific topic is something I've never even heard about lmao)
    -Golden Kamuy is funny and awesome I guess I'd add Kenichi Mightiest Desciple here too
    -Love Death and Robots is animation in general but it's too good not to add for a watch list.
  11. Starlord

    This game sucks

    Everyone has their own standards for the games they play. Most games that are on PC are on console and vice versa. I think everyone expects a high standard from the things they care about. Some people just have supremacy issues and think they matter more than other people. Same people you put in that Stanford prison experiment and it's obvious they just want to feel better than others so desperately.
  12. Starlord

    This game sucks

    The recent ones are all from console noobs, they are happy they got the game at all.
    I also follow Reddit comments and they are not "very positive". Most of them are about how to kill your wife anyway or problems with the game.
    Steam reviews are PC. Recent reviews are probably just people getting it on full release. Ya reddit has a lot of that...I might be guilty of trying to kill good Ole Nadea myself and perusing reddit for the info lol. But reddit bannerlord is also people just playing and having fun and posting there experiences or asking questions and making discoveries. Like everyone here thinks never happens. See a bunch of people posting interesting stuff that happens in their games all the time.
  13. Starlord

    This game sucks

    Ya more people come all the time it's the nature of being online. Why alienate new players and new people who don't agree? I've played since Warband. I've played, Pendor and Perisno and Fire and Sword, all those gotdam game of thrones mods. Obviously everyone is here because they are passionate and opinionated about the game, it's always good to have differing opinions. Just saying the echo chamber in here you think is the norm for opinions about the game, is not the case for the majority of people that play these games.
    I like stats. So I looked at Steam ratings on Bannerlord. The average for a game is 85% (another stat source says 86%).
    The Bannerlord rating in the last year from English speakers is 83% (slightly BELOW average), but 87% (slightly ABOVE average) for ALL languages.
    Obviously non-English players rated it a lot better, some of them Turks and many of them Chinese. I'm not sure why!
    The fact is, the game is rated as average and you can't say "but the Steam reviews are good" just because Steam uses nice words and big-looking ratings.
    Dude read the previous comments it's not just steam. I mentioned some other places to look. Many opinions exist out there.
    Also just checked steam is 87% very positive all time and 92% very positive recent. So your numbers are off by a lot.
  14. Starlord

    This game sucks

    Know your audience. The majority of people who discuss Bannerlord on this forum have been here at least two years now, since the launch of EA. Of those, a considerable proportion played Warband and other licensed titles like Napoleonic Wars years before Bannerlord's EA launch.
    Ya more people come all the time it's the nature of being online. Why alienate new players and new people who don't agree? I've played since Warband. I've played, Pendor and Perisno and Fire and Sword, all those gotdam game of thrones mods. Obviously everyone is here because they are passionate and opinionated about the game, it's always good to have differing opinions. Just saying the echo chamber in here you think is the norm for opinions about the game, is not the case for the majority of people that play these games.

    Edit: Ya I'm their ideal customer I'll probably keep buying up their stuff and support their future endeavors.
    Just pls God let these mofos bring mods to all platforms.
  15. Starlord

    This game sucks

    >"It's not just Steam" - proceeds to list Steam twice
    >Repeating yourself with no source after being asked for a source
    Ya I included steam in my list, no one asked me to provide links, you did the same with your halfass attempt to provide sources for negative reviews "ign, and rps or whatever" way more people are reviewing it with higher scores.

    I wouldn't say "Very Positive", a common thing for video games on Steam, is "amazing". Beyond that, it doesn't really prove anything at the end of the day. It's not a garbage game by any means, of course, but it is ultimately unimpressive and does nothing special. The huge list of incomplete or broken features, bugs, broken MP and lifelessness, and even the mid to late game being nonexistence, is not good. It's meh at best. And the fact that you even said "despite its flaws and all" proves that.

    And it's not that there's some negative loop because people just want to **** on the game. If it seems like repetition in these statements, it is because for over two years now, the development team has treated the backbone of their community like garbage and ignored every little thing said to them in order to push this game to consoles and to casualize it for a greater audience (thus a greater appeasement). People want it to succeed, so they will try to do that by the only means available to them. Is it probably pointless now? Yea, TW seems more than happy with the cash they got from the broken game they shipped.

    I've seen some **** games get amazing reviews on Steam, by the way. It's not really a mark of greatness just because people dropped a review on it.
    I don't really think it's "broken" like after full release it's literally more playable than it's ever been. It barely crashes anymore (not MP) and it's running like butter now for the most part. They've added subtle things with bandit party voice acting and probably more that i havent caught yet. Reviews don't mean everything but depending on the sample size they are a good indication for the avg consumer about product satisfaction. Sample size for Bannerlord reviews is pretty large and its a safe bet to assume its a good game for new players. I agree with most of the reviews.
  16. Starlord

    This game sucks

    It's not just steam reviews most reviewers across the board are positive about the game, hell the reviews on the console game pages for xbox and Playstation, steam, gog, pcgamer, metacritic, general Google reviews all positive. That's a ton of people. More people like the game than hate it and its funny so many people here do nothing except full time **** on the game and think innovation is bad. Like outside these forums people still enjoy the game lol everyone out here just confirming their own biasis to each other and not looking at all the sources. Warband is objectively worse in every way its hilarious people still clinging with white knuckles to that concept but Bannerlord is obviously better eye test and reviews can confirm that.
  17. Starlord

    This game sucks

    They're right tho, reviews are amazing and it's clear a majority of people outside forums actually love the game flaws and all. People just get stuck in a negative feed back loop here. Tons of improvements can and should be made but I still see it as a cult classic type of game in the future, same as Warband.
  18. Starlord

    Please support the Console version!

    You’re just in stage 1 (denial) of the grieving process.
    Lol ok bud you think Warband is better in every way but I'm the one in denial 🙄. If you're gonna use words you think you know at least have some self awareness first. I'm more stage 5; I've accepted it has some flaws, still like the game and where it's headed.
  19. Starlord

    Please support the Console version!

    Hi there.

    I put him on probation in the first place, so maybe you'll put more stock in my opinion on this. He was right to think this had to be a joke:
    I mean...that part you're quoting was a joke.

    Using TaleWorlds' previous titles as a point of comparison, their "hiccups" are exponentially more frequent and disruptive in Bannerlord than in Warband. The activity of developers on the forum might be comparable to what we had during Warband's beta phase because there are now several times more employees than there were at that time (but I don't think it is as high when tech support posts are excluded), and the quality of interaction is spotty at best. Many posts from developers are merely asking for more information. All posts are pointedly non-committal except when stating that a suggestion has already been discussed internally and declined. The developers held in the highest regard among the forum's users are those who are most transparent about design choices and direction. There haven't been very many, and the two most prolific ones are no longer with the company.
    They helped me out a few times with my game issues. Similar issues with others. Multiplayer is suffering if that is mostly what you're referencing but I've had a good experience with single player (and multiplayer too for that matter) lol despite the negativity here in the forums. I'm just not on board with the hate. Those developers leaving may have caused the game to suffer a bit but I still see good things in the game on full release and post launch.
  20. Starlord

    Please support the Console version!

    He’s being sarcastic. We’ve suggested things in a polite manner, we’ve suggested things rudely. The answer was the same: radio silence
    Bet you do a lot more of the latter. There's a big difference in our outlooks. I see them being pretty active in patching bugs and glitches especially on console. Their moderators are also attempting to reply to as many people as they can. Full release added a bunch of things, since then they have continued to be proactive with complaints. They even added more voice acting for bandit parties. You just don't see the positive trajectory. Also how do you not look at other game developers and see the difference in community engagement? On PC with mods you should have way less to complain about but oooo here you are on the console thread just ready.
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