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  1. Euryanax

    1.2 workshops broken? What am I missing?

    Trying 1.2 and though I like a lot of the changes, workshops have got me stumped. They used to be a viable way of offsetting the rising cost of your growing clan. Though I've only been playing for a couple hours my first workshop has yet to make a dime. What am I missing? I see you can now...
  2. Euryanax

    1.2 = No Wars = Boring

    I wish I could get my faction to not go to war for 5 minutes so I could let my fiefs grow, meanwhile they are declaring multiple wars. Your example is not normal, or madeup/exaggerated
    It is definitely not normal. Why would I make this up and post it here? In 200+ days not one faction declared war and not one fief changed hands. I posted it here to find out if others were experiencing the same thing, wondering if this was a well-known bug with 2.1. Apparently not.
  3. Euryanax

    1.2 = No Wars = Boring

    A bug or a mod you have installed.
    In my game wars are a constant for every faction, it's a miracle when my faction isn't involved in a war with someone for more than 1 single day (and even then, there would be a rebellion ongoing).
    Wish there were longer periods of peace to be honest. Not too much cause there's hardly any content aside from wars, but sometimes you wish you could have a breather to sort things out with your fiefs that you can't without having to visit them physically (wish they would implement a way to send letters to your governor to have access to the "manage fief" from remote)
    Started raiding the Aserai just to have someone to fight. Thought maybe that might inspire more activity by the other factions. No such luck. Eventually got bored with that and started a new game. Things seem to be working normally now. My guess is that it is a bug.
  4. Euryanax

    1.2 = No Wars = Boring

    I think this is a bug. If you make a bug repport and attach save file, taleworlds take a look and try to find a fix for it.
    Good idea. Thanks!
  5. Euryanax

    1.2 = No Wars = Boring

    Day 216, level 18, not one war has been declared between factions. Not one castle or town has changed hands.
  6. Euryanax

    1.2 = No Wars = Boring

    I guess my explanation was a bit sh*t... lol
    What i meant is, if you want the kingdom you are a vassal to declare war, you don't need to go through all that voting system, just attack a party from the kingdom you want to go to war and your kingdom will automaticaly declare war.

    Are you sure about that? Many game versions ago, I tried that and the faction immediately booted me out and their clans all hated me. Maybe that's been changed, although if it was, it would eliminate the need for a voting system.
  7. Euryanax

    1.2 = No Wars = Boring

    If you personally attack another faction, your faction will declare war on them.
    Interesting people are experiencing different levels of conflict. There is hope.

    This is where I'm at. Once I get a little stronger am going to start attacking minor factions.
  8. Euryanax

    1.2 = No Wars = Boring

    First game of 1.2 I was excited to try all of the new features. Love things like the unit targeting. Love the idea of factions be able to be wiped out. That said, once I became eligible to become a mercenary no one was at war. Although I like the new bandit hideouts, I got tired of cleaning...
  9. Euryanax

    Renown stuck?

    Just started a new game with latest beta, campaign, no mods. I noticed my renown was at 12 and wasn't increasing. After I noticed I fought 3 looter parties which reported that I got 2.4 renown but my actual renown is still at 12. Anyone noticed this problem?
    You're doing great. I've been playing for 2+ hours my renown is only 10.

    Appears from this thread that I need to start doing tournaments or go back to the old version until it's fixed.
  10. Euryanax

    Waiting for mods to catch up

    My only response is, who would want to ?!?!?

    As of last night all these were working in Sandbox:

    You must have the magic touch. Did fresh installs of just 3 mods: Adonnay's, RBM and DRM and the game keeps crashing.

    One of the mods I miss is MB Super Speed. It gets overly redundant running across the battle map to chase down an opponent.
  11. Euryanax

    Waiting for mods to catch up

    I've been with you, really have. But I am going to play devil's advocate here and say that the game isn't the same as it used to be. It's improved dramatically and if you haven't played it in a while without mods, I can encourage you to try.

    Appreciate it. I tried again yesterday after making my post. Saw that the Realistic Battle Mod, De Re Miitari and Adonnay's Troop Changer had been updated, so started a new game with them. Crashed after an hour. I see hr443 posted above there was a patch. Hopefully that solves some issues.

    Based on your recommendation, I'm going to go for it. Will try BL without any mods, simply because I am jonesing to play.
  12. Euryanax

    Waiting for mods to catch up

    First, congrats to TaleWorlds on the release of the game. Been playing for over a year and really do love the world they've created. That said, I can't play vanilla Bannerlords. There are a couple of mods that make the game more enjoyable, like True Battle Loot, and that depends on mods like...
  13. Euryanax

    Destroy the Empire when they can't bounce anymore!

    Your English is fine, probably better than a lot of Americans.

    I agree on all your points. I am playing as a vassal of the Western Empire. We completely stomped the Northern Empire. They have no towns, no castles. We have 60 of their lords as prisoners. Yet, they won't go away. I own Diathma and for the past year have been destroying/capturing small bands of their raiders. At any one given time there are 4 small parties of 10-14 soldiers raiding my territory. I wipe them out, four more spawn out of thin air.

    Too, small Northern Empire armies keep appearing. Where are they getting the dinars? Where are they getting the troops? Where are they getting the supplies? They own nothing. And yet they have 18 clans, the largest number among all the kingdoms.

    I have 50+ of their lords in my dungeon. I would love to execute them all, just to stop them from escaping and forming new raiding parties, but I can't. If I do, all of Calradia, even my own allies, hate me.

    As you asked, how do you get rid of a Kingdom that is for all intents and purposes has been destroyed? As the game now stands, you can't. It feel like the AI is cheating. Which makes the game extremely frustrating the play.
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