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  1. Patch Notes v1.1.3

    I bought farming simulator few weeks ago. There I can actually watch the grass growing 🖖
  2. Patch Notes v1.1.2

    I always considered it silly to just talk to any workshop employee and buy it right away from him. Owner doesn't care his employee sold his business on which most probably his family depended 😁
    There should be some workshops in the game that are considered "bankrupt". The player would talk to OWNER to close the deal and story of buying it and saving former owner from debts becomes suddenly believable.
    + player should have possibility to start new workshop. That would open an interesting quests/missions,such as outcompeting others in clean or dirty way, making cartel deals or even establishing guilds of the same craftsman industries.
  3. I have concerns over the Mid and Late Game in v1.1.0 Beta and feel the gameplay has been degraded from previous versions.

    IMO there should be only one army per kingdom led by the king. The king should have possibility to make detachments out of the army. As example, fast cavalry group to chase/harras smaller enemy groups, scout the area, do foraging => pillaging of settlements would get a reason to exist => we pillage to get our army fed. Could be done in a way player has it. Either by force or by persuasion/business.
    On top of it, each army needs a war goal/target. What should be the target must be decided by war council. Another reason to have army camps in the game.
    When player is a part of an army, he should receive orders from army commander. Not to relay/wait on rng ad-hoc blue exclamation mark that may or may not appear. This game needs more interaction of NPCs towards player.
  4. I have concerns over the Mid and Late Game in v1.1.0 Beta and feel the gameplay has been degraded from previous versions.

    In feudal times, owning land and bondage to it was everything. In this game it means nothing. If there is a war, and city/castle is lost to enemy, original "owner" doesn't give a rats ass to take it back. His kingdom rather attacks some far away city/castle, because game code is whispering to its ear that it has the least amount of soldiers in it. As silly as it can get.
    Rebelling city must be on the side of its de jure owner. Not to create some independent entity just waiting for my warband to take it over.
    So many non-sensical game mechanics that it's not even worth writing further 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. When do the new armors spawn?

    Maybe as a test.. dropping some steel bars on the market...
  6. Can you fix Weapon Ranges?

    Yep. All you've said. Sometimes I think that originally looters were supposed to have slings. But then devs decided it's "too complicated" and made them a hardened baseball pitchers 😁
  7. I have concerns over the Mid and Late Game in v1.1.0 Beta and feel the gameplay has been degraded from previous versions.

    Good points from original poster. I just stopped playing my recent play through a week ago just because all he has mentioned. My faction got into exactly that position > being the strongest but at the same time not. Part of the world between Lagetha and Khuzait lands has become a neverending wack-a-mole. Cities being pillaged repeatedly by both antagonist parties (Battania vs Empire) dropping prosperity to mere 1000. Villages permanently raided by those pesky fiefless clans miniparties to the number of hearths you could count on fingers of your both hands.
    I have started yet another playthrough few days ago. This time with a rough idea to have just my warband consisted of bandits mostly and some mercs/caravan guards to complement cavalry.
    I gave myself a silly target (because with this game I just ran out if ideas) to conquer as many cities as possible while being independant clan. To laugh at still persisting game "feature" that as independant clan NO ONE can declare a war on me.
    4 years into game time, not even trying hard, and I already own 4/5 of Battania cities + 3 in Sturgia. Just conquered rebelling Revyl yesterday while 1500+ army of Derthert was just looking at my 10 times smaller band while erraticly zigzaging around 😄
  8. Can you fix Weapon Ranges?

    If you are on PC, you can easily edit weapons loadout of looters in bandits.xml file. You can even remove the stones if they are a nuisance for you. IIRC they will always leave at least blunt damage which is kind of OK.
  9. Missing Companion "Horsethief" of Khuzait

    Khuzaits are not stealing horses. They manufacture them ☝️
  10. Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    One just wonders why all those defeated and bankrupt lords don't go exile to that cave in the mountain of doom west of Rhotae. That old man would appreciate some company 🤔🤭
  11. Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    I see the problem in silly commodities distribution in the world. Everything is available everywhere. Now even horse trade is not profitable anymore. There used to be times when I went to land of Aserai to buy hundred of desert horses and sell them in Vlandia. Now almost every town in game has acces to horses. Commodity is not scarce anymore. The profit is based on scarcity. There are no regional specific commodities that are worth trading. Olive oil is not consumable anymore. Why? It also used to be profitable business....
  12. Do you think bannerlord would benefit from a smaller map and less clans?

    If you take the distance ones warband can travel per day, general spacing of cities and other stuff, the map is in fact very small. Smtg in size between Czech republic and Hungary. On such small area you have cramped "cultures" that should occupy area 100x larger. To be at least believable.
    My 3 points to make the game fun for me:
    1. Mąkę the year 365 days again.
    2. Make marriage/kids and all that crap a sidequest
    3. Give common enemy to sedetary cultures > make Khuzaits great again
  13. Midgame kinda stopped being fun.

    Get Rougery skill up. You will not know what to do with all that dineros from loot 😄
  14. Death chance for lords

    As a step one, devs should increase death % for de-facto non-existing kingdom lords roaming your backyard and turning it into waste land. An interesting way for player to solve this persistent question => how to destroy faction/kingdom completly.
  15. Village notables aren't co-operative.

    Real world, and specifically medieval world, didn't work on emotions and +/- relations. It worked on hierarchy of subordination. Village elder can think&feel whatever he wants about his lord, at the end he needs to obey and pay taxes. If he doesn't, he will be judged and punished. Very often paying with his life. Same goes with lords vs kings. Defecting lord should be considered as oath-braker / enemy of kingdom. When captured, he should also be taken in front of the court/king and be sentenced. This game has it simply wrong and especially in later phase of game this neverending allegiance switching is just lame and not fun at all.
  16. Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    The conditions concern the specialized sally out ambush mission that takes besiegers by surprise as they sit in their camp and you attack their engines.

    We are working on a fix for that.
  17. Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    I mean NPCs not player. there's a chance that NPCs wear female skirts when they grow up which I think is not intended. What makes it worse is that they have breasts..
    I had such guy in pinkish dress wearing crown in my last break-from-prison quest. It's always a hilarious moment 🤭
  18. Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Trying to sally-out from besieged town and attack besieging army still causes game crash for me 🤔 It happened again yesterday, when I was defending Ortysia and waiting for my faction relief army to arrive. When they did, they attacked besiegier and I tried to help them out. Well, didn't go as planned, game's time continuum crashed 🤭
  19. HELP!!!

    Check also all surrounding cities. If any of them has silversmith, you will never gona earn what you aim for. You need to get rid of competition => buy that other silversmith and change its production. As for me, since they did this change in "economy" Im not bothered with workshops anymore.
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