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  1. Late Game Fix

    1) Give computer AI nobles access to the medical skill but not enough access that they can attain level 275 HP bonus. This will increase survivability for computer vs computer battles so more troops attain higher tier levels.
    I thought this was an interesting idea, so I made a mod that gives lords 125 medicine skill: . I haven't played a campaign with it yet, but I'm looking forward to hearing if it makes a difference for anyone else.
  2. The lore of this game is just useless flavor text unless you do something about it.

    it's still their codebase and they know it best
    i don't actually think this is true - look how many regressions and new bugs they introduce in every patch
    mods are nowhere near as buggy as official patches
    modders may only do small projects, and they may walk away from the game for long periods, but they can always come back with their knowledge of the code intact
    but once a taleworlds employee quits, that code knowledge is gone for good
  3. How can I debug XSLT?

    I think I've found the solution for this mod in particular, courtesy of the Magic Holsters mod - a project.mproj file. This is apparent, if cryptically, in the XSLT docs, where the example project.mproj points to action_sets.xml, a file in the Native module.

    The broader question - "How to debug XSLT?" - remains open. While imperfect, online XSLT testers are the most useful tool I've found:
  4. In Progress Red Eyes (1.8.0)

    Just got this in 1.9.0 after clicking "yes" to the safe mode popup after a crash.
  5. How can I debug XSLT?

    I want to make changes to the item_holsters XML in the Native module. When I copy the original XML and my XSLT into an online XSLT tester, the changes are made correctly. However, when I put the same XSLT into a Bannerlord mod and load it after the Native module, nothing happens. I'm not sure...
  6. Resolved [e1.9.0 beta] Crafting order stats no longer colored green & red

    I see a line that may be related to this issue in the 13/10/22 hotfix notes:
    • Fixed a bug that prevented crafting item property sliders from showing green/red change values.
    However, the issue persists: crafting order stats text was colored in 1.8.1, but is no longer colored in 1.9.0.

  7. Resolved 1.9.0 Deployment Phase is broke... again... like it was in an earlier version.

    In fact, bring back the old system where I could go in my troop inventory and assign my companions to the formation I want them in. Let the player do the assigning and stop leaving it to random. That will fix the problem.
  8. 1.9.0 Where are all the Manual Laborers quests and why does Bryn Glas suddenly sell grapes?

    Can confirm the Landowner Needs Manual Laborers quest is much more rare than in 1.8. No idea why they'd nerf this in the same patch where they add tournament horses that sell for 15k. One step forward, one step back. Never give us balanced options, just one broken OP way to play and big nerfs for every other playstyle.
  9. Unban MostBlunted one month after release of Bannerlord?

    I read through some of this guy's post history, and it looks like he's a consistent and vocal critic of Taleworlds, not a troll. What was he banned for? A post with 20 different "Inappropriate Behavior" warnings isn't useful, unless you're trying to say that criticism of Taleworlds is "inappropriate".
  10. Why is the Khan's Guard so much stronger than the Vanguard Faris?

    One comes from a horse culture and the other does not?
    That's a reasonable explanation for the difference in riding skill, at least. Strangely, the Khan's Guard has a T4 horse while the Vanguard Faris has a T5. The two horses have nearly the same total stats, though.

    equipment is a big part of a units effectiveness.
    This is also an interesting point. Khan's Guard has 51 head and 62 body armor; Vanguard Faris has 37 head armor and 65 body armor. Khans have a T6 glaive and a T4 bow; Vanguard Faris has (five) T6 javelins, a T4 one-hand sword, and T3 lance and shield.

    The Khans seem to be objectively stronger not just in skills, but equipment too.

    It's that everything about the Khan's Guard takes maximum advantage of AI and equipment imbalances and quirks.
    Yeah. I don't get it. There are six T6 units. Two of them are hand-crafted to be OP in stats, equipment and AI synergy (Khans and Fians). Two are basically lame T5 cavalry (Faris and Druzhinnik). Two are pretty well balanced (Banner Knight and Cataphract). Is this supposed to be a difficulty curve between the factions? Khuzait is easy mode, Aserai is hard mode? Has Taleworlds simply been unable to find time for a balance pass in the last two and a half years? I wish I understood their thinking.
  11. Why is the Khan's Guard so much stronger than the Vanguard Faris?

    260 Bow vs. 140 Throwing 200 Riding vs. 170 Riding 220 Polearm vs. 200 Polearm This doesn't seem balanced at all.
  12. Resolved [e1.9.0 beta] Crafting order stats no longer colored green & red

    The bars show green and red for me in 1.9 too, but in 1.8, the text was also colored.
  13. Resolved [e1.9.0 beta] Crafting order stats no longer colored green & red

    Summary: Crafting orders no longer color weapon stats red or green according to whether the current weapon design meets the order's requirement for that stat. How to Reproduce: Open the smithy, select a crafting order, and look at the crafted weapon stats. Have you used cheats and if so which:no...
  14. Is this the final design for troops and nobles?

    yeah when are they going to "redesign" khan's guards and fians
  15. Post conquest settlement balancing: Why is it a problem?

    (unless the faction has no town, then they go sell it to the closest one I believe)
    Nope - the villagers park themselves in the village and do nothing, and the game crashes if you try to buy from the village
  16. Need More Info Game crashes when clicking "Buy products" in a village with no Trade Bound Settlement

    Hey, please try to reproduce the issue on a new campaign after manually removing all the mod files and verifying the integrity of the game files. If the issue is persistent on the new, unmodded campaign please let me know.
    Same issue reported on an unmodded campaign:
  17. Resolved Siege bug that prevent players form using the order of battle system.

    Has the QA team identified this issue and sent it to the developers for resolution? It still exists in 1.8.0.
  18. Need More Info Game crashes when clicking "Buy products" in a village with no Trade Bound Settlement

    Summary: As an independent clan, I conquered a castle. My faction has no towns, so the castle's bound villages have no trade bound settlement. When I go to one of the bound villages and click "Buy products", the game crashes. How to Reproduce: See above. Have you used cheats and if so which: N/A...
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