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  1. In Progress Clone npc children in all clans

    As the information asked was not provided within 2 weeks, i will mark the thread as solved. Please let me know if the issue is persistent.
    Bro this has been a persistent issue for years, what information do you need? Literally every child born in-game will be clones with their same-gender sibling. I guess I'll just assume this will never be fixed.
  2. [v 1.1.0 BETA] Hero FoW was a bad idea

    Yeah it's ridiculous that I would be receiving marriage offers from clan members across the map that I have never met, and their stats are blacked out.
  3. In Progress [1.1.0 Beta] Clone children bug (2-years old bug still not fixed)

    +1 one, this bug is so old that I'm starting to think that the devs are never gonna fix it.
  4. Resolved Rebelling town returned to original kingdom owner after all rebel clan members are executed

    I've been informed that the settlement returning to the original culture is intended. But,

    This one is an edge case as in not all rebel clan party leaders should be roaming the map and some should stay at the settlement. We have questions regarding how did you do this in the first place. Were all the rebel clan leaders out roaming? Or did you finish them with a siege?
    They were roaming. I chased them on the map and executed them all individually. After I executed the last lord, the town was returned to the original culture owner at the start of the game.
  5. How add more names to the pool?

    More Names
    This mod adds 3600 split names for all cultures, 300 male and female names for each culture.
    I think he wants to know how to mod it himself, like if the specific game file where you can add names to the RNG pool
  6. In Progress NPC male wearing female dress

    Still exists in 1.1 beta
  7. In Progress [1.1.0 BETA] Game skips "deployment phase" in battle scene

    This also happens when you attack an enemy army sieging a settlement, there's no deployment phase.
  8. In Progress A relationship bug with nobles

    Yeah I got this bug several times in my current playthrough
  9. Resolved Rebelling town returned to original kingdom owner after all rebel clan members are executed

    I'm not totally sure if this is intended, but if you are to take a town for your kingdom, that town rebels, and you execute all the lords, it seems that the town is automatically returned to the original owner kingdom at the start of the game. So for example, my kingdom Vlandia had taken Omor...
  10. It's still ****

    I've been present since the beginning and played every single patch, I have more than 1,000 hours in vanilla and played multiple long campaigns. There is just so many buggy and shallow features, and it has become apparent to me that the developers do not test out the patches they put out.
    For example, when they finally added banners into the game, you would lose a horse archer every battle if that unit had a banner carrier, because the banner carrier would just charge the enemy if you set them to self-command.
  11. Are Children still clones?

    Are clan's children still all clones? I haven't played in a while since this specific bug bothered me and hasn't been fixed since early access came out.
  12. In Progress Clone npc children in all clans

    Bump, I'm not playing this game until this bug is fixed. It has been a known issue for like 2 years now.
  13. This game is getting even jankier with every patch

    I haven't played a long campaign since 1.7.0 and on the most recent patch of 1.7.2, all the same problems I had before persist but now there's new ones. Is this just me? This really kills all hope I've had for this game. Is this the state Taleworlds plans to fully release?
  14. After over 900 hours of playing, I can't recommend this game.

    Pretty much this. The game has or had HUGE potential. As someone who really enjoys the dynastic/RPG aspect of the game instead of trying to speedrun a Calradia conquest, I can tell you that I've been disappointed with the progress. As it stands there is so much jankyness and immersion breaking material in the game.

    Something that would improve my experience personally would just be fleshing out and adding certain features to the entire clan and kingdom management part of the game. Also INCREASE the freaking cool down period between wars. I can not do any RPing or management of my estates when I'm at war every single moment of the game, and I can't just let the NPC's handle wars because they stand ZERO chance against enemy AI. I don't know why they tantalize us with these really neat Crusader King-like features if they're going to keep it really janky and unfinished.

    Another problem is that the way relationship gain/loss works is ridiculous and serves pretty much zero purpose. For example, you increase/decrease relationship with entire clans rather than individuals which doesn't make sense to me. What if I killed the father of a certain NPC (in battle or via execution), but then that NPC joins a friendly clan? Their relationship towards be resets to friendly. Also, what if I have just taken an enemy kingdom's entire holdings, and 100 relationship enemy lords STILL refuse to join me? Does that make any sense? Loss/Gain of relationship should also be harder (or easier in the former's case) to obtain, and have actual consequences or benefits.

    Population should also be handled differently. Fix the code behind how likely or who NPCs choose to marry. 70 year old ladies shouldn't be marrying young male lords. Increase the fertility of NPC couples, also introduce a mechanic that adds infant/child mortality. Also more clans could be introduced if villages weren't tied to castles, or just add clans that don't have any estates. As players we also have no choice to choose what NPC clan members we want our own clan members to marry, NPC clans only offer the oldest unmarried clan member as an option which a lot of the time is an elderly widower.

    Also fix the model generation of children. This has been a consistent problem since the game came out, all of your kids are still freaking clones and it bothers me to no end. Add more names as well because there are so many repeating names, is it that hard to think of, let's say, 500 more names? .

    I think after they fix these things they can go and think about expanding the game. Maybe add naval combat and add villages to all of those empty islands.
  15. Poll: Current Troop Assignment

    It doesn't have to be one or the other, the new system is well done except for the fact that you're not allowed to assign individual troops/units into different formations. If they can fix that it'll be ideal or as close to it.
  16. What would you describe as "eyesores" in the current state of the game?

    Take a look at this blonde Mamluk:

    If anything, striving for historical accuracy would require Aserai to be ethnically diverse, possibly more so than other cultures.
    That is true, the historical culture the Aserai represent are essentially generic middle eastern arabs which are phenotypically very diverse and can include blue eyes/blonde hair. But it's quit silly to see Aserai Sturgian lords or Khuzait Vlandians
    I think that the probability for an NPC lord to marry another culture lord should be lower than that of the same culture, and only bordering cultures should be able to intermarry in the first place. Once you play 50+ years in the game, the cultures are all mixed together and really kills immersion when you want to RP as a specific culture, since it seems pretty pointless at that point.
  17. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine III

    -no feasts or events.
    While it would be nice from an RP'ing perspective, I don't think it should be a priority since the goal of feasts in Warband was to meet potential brides and improve relationship with lords, which is incredibly easy to do in Bannerlord.
    -no claimants/usurpers
    True, it would be nice to see them added.
    -no cutscenes
    Don't really see a point in cutscenes. Cutscenes for what exactly?
    -randomly generated companions < jeremus
    I actually really like the idea RNG companions, it just needs some tweaking to not make the companions all appear to be copy/paste. The game is in real time so really unique companions with their own individual lore aren't sustainable since they'll die eventually. A lot of people like me like to play long, slow campaigns because it's more realistic and fun to RP and companions like the ones in Warband will just eventually die.
    -no promised gang/brigand playstyle
    I agree with this, it's not sustainable to play as a bandit character, but let's be honest, it was like this in Warband as well. But with Bannerlord you can't even play as an evil character since executing enemy lords have really drastic relationship loss with a double digit number of clans.
    -villages don't count as fiefs, only useless castles and town do.
    Agreed. I think villages should be offered as fiefs. This would also add an opportunity to add more minor tier 2 clans who hold a single fief like a village.
    -no upgradable villages
    Ties into the last issue, there just really isn't anything you can do with villages. They just make some money and can be raided, that's it.
    -no manhunters
    I would like to see them added but I can imagine them being annoying in the early game when they're wiping out bandit parties that you wanted.
    -no naval combat

    On the topic of naval combat, it would be a very nice addition and was implemented very well in Viking Conquest. But there's a lot of stuff right now that should take priority before adding something major like that.
    -RtR system from Warband discarded, a clown could become a faction leader overnight.
    Yeah, a separate point system should be added in order to become a ruler of a faction.
    -no books or trainers.
    I agree with adding books.
    -no hitmens targeting you/random encounters like the belligerent drunk.
    A classic Warband feature, but really pointless. It would be more of a fanservice addition.
    -no lords consipiring on each others, no duels. 0 political intrigue.
    I agree. Lords should have beef with each other and be relevant. Like helping out a certain lord should decrease relationship slightly with another lord. There's no point in a lord's encyclopedia page having a list of friends and enemies if those relationships really don't do anything.
    -no political quests and denouncement quests.
    True, I guess it would add to more quest diversity.
    -no deserters
    Agreed. There should be deserter parties.
    -no deeper courtships, just gamble rng, no poems.
    The courtship/marriage feature really needs to be fleshed out and have more depth added. It would also add one more reason to actually visit cities in order to visit bards for poems.
    -no real reason to visit towns/castle/villages at all.
    -no camping.
    This is actually something I've thought about and it really bothers me that TW completely cut out this feature. I really liked how camps in Viking Conquest were done and that you could upgrade them into little mobile forts and hire staff.
    -lots of other content removed/discarded.
    -meme ingame economy.
    -meme ingame diplomacy.
    -lots of exploit-early game is a chore/boring.
    Early game is indeed a chore, but really not that difficult, it's just grinding.
    -meme mid-late game
    The mid-game where you're a mercenary and have a decent army is actually the most fun in my opinion. Recent patches have made being a mercenary very sustainable and there's no incentive to become a lord right away once you're able to, since you'll lose your mercenary income.
  18. What would you describe as "eyesores" in the current state of the game?

    Anything that, while not exactly bugs or immersion breaking, you would describe as an eyesore. For me its: - Auto-generated clans being called '[Leader's name]'s Clan' even after said leader is dead. There should be a clan-name generation system like there is for first names or if the player is...
  19. SP - General But is it really that complex for TW?

    I assume because what you described are gimmicks that belong in standard RPGs and don't fit with the theme of Mount & Blade. If you really want to play as a thief or assassin, there's always Skyrim. What TW should be doing instead is improving all the immersion breaking bugs that still exist and add more roleplaying mechanics that were present in previous M&B titles. The game as it is just feels really soulless.
  20. SP - General Marriages need to be fixed/changed

    Between my player characters and siblings, we have a surplus of children who have all grown up by now. I wanted to marry them off to other clans in my kingdom, especially to clans in danger of going extinct. The problem here is that whenever I offer marriage proposals for one of my male clan...
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