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  1. Condestavel

    Página Comunidade Portuguesa Facebook

    Boas malta  :wink: Tenho vindo a desenvolver uma página comunitária de Mount&Blade II Bannerlord com o objectivo de antecipadamente dar a conhecer o jogo ao máximo número de Tugas Também criei um steam group comunitário tuga já a pensar no futuro (e...
  2. Condestavel

    Nations Cup 2012 - Portugal (Ragequit)

    És dos Einherjar nice. Ex-membro aqui.
  3. Condestavel

    Nations Cup 2012 - Portugal (Ragequit)

    Isto não está a andar nem a desandar. Maynd então? Treinos? Matches? Nem no TS tens aparecido.

    Se vamos tentar nos divertir, eu quero ter uma chance mínima de vitória, e de não sermos considerados uns falhados patéticos como talvez há muita gente que nos considera.
  4. Condestavel

    Portugal Nations Cup 2012 - Inscrições

    Presente. Não sei qual a disponibilidade.
    na thread da NC o cap deve ser o gajo com as connects e c o trb de secretaria. Count me out.
  5. Condestavel

    Portugal Nations Cup 2012 - Inscrições

    Maynd said:
    Ainda falta aqui muito bebado! Condestável, ouvi dizer que estas de volta ao Warband e juntaste-te aos VON, como esta a correr?

    Não tenho tempo para isto, é mais na desportiva.
  6. Condestavel

    Portugal Nations Cup 2012 - Inscrições

  7. Condestavel

    Who's going back to Warband?

    I'm loving FaS so far.

    But it's a mod yes.
  8. Condestavel

    Portugal 20-0 Norway (Stage 1, Group 1) Deadline: 19/04/2011

    So can it be tomorrow sunday 17th April at 19:00 BST?
  9. Condestavel

    Portugal 9-10 Spain (Stage 1, Group 1) Deadline: 13/04/2011

    Good match. I only regreat PT only fought with 7 during four rounds.
  10. Condestavel

    United States of America 14 - 4 Portugal (Group Stage 1, Group 1)

    Kittenhuffer, as I stated the discussion is over, team PT obliged the decision by the organization and I wished the best of luck to USA. Things between PT and USA (and referees) are normalized now to my understanding so whats still in discussion? Everyone is already relaxed and we have moved on.

    About the remarks of Orion, as he stated so well, hes not on the competition. Put your ignore flame mode on Maynd. Things are good now so lets not make anyone's day by destroying them. Although you are 100% right

    And I subscribe all of your last reply.
  11. Condestavel

    United States of America 14 - 4 Portugal (Group Stage 1, Group 1)

    captain lust said:
    Enough, team Portugal. Whilst I do not condone this use of Global Chat, I believe you're making a mountain out of a molehill. The result of this game will remain as played: USA 14-4 PT. I'm sorry if I came across as arrogant when trying to deal with your team roster but this is something you should've checked over. I have made the substitution: Dead_Marius for Boltzmann and you can verify your roster in this thread and this thread only. That is all.

    Team USA. I understand you may be frustrated that teams are playing for draws, however it is quite easy to let the flags spawn in order to counter these tactics. It is also perfectly within the rules. As for global chat, whilst there is no rule about keeping it clear, it is seen, in the EU, as a common courtesy. So in your next matches, I would advise you to avoid using global chat. Especially when competition becomes heated, like this.

    Now unless anyone has anything nice to say, I suggest no one says anything at all  :neutral:.

    I see the situation was throughly checked.  :roll:
    Congrats on the USA win, you have very good players. Discussion over.
  12. Condestavel

    United States of America 14 - 4 Portugal (Group Stage 1, Group 1)

    Furthermore the game was recorded. I dont know who has it, but the faults are there to be found, all of them. And Rhade, you are calling us imature and such, note that I am avoiding any ofenses to any of you, personal or otherwise. And my remark about the pings was before the match started, where many things were being discussed with lust.
  13. Condestavel

    Nations Cup 2011: Substitutions - Next Substitution Day: 15/05/2011

    Condestavel said:
    Team PT

    Condestavel (C)
    Maynd (VC)

    Wich means:
    Player in: Emess
    Player out: Swagger

    This rooster for the 2 of APRIL
  14. Condestavel

    Portugal 1-19 United Kingdom (Stage 1, Group 1) Deadline: 07/04/2011

    We can do it saturday (tomorrow) 21:00 GMT+0 BST. What do you think?

    Is has t be another day. ill keep you posted.
  15. Condestavel

    United States of America 14 - 4 Portugal (Group Stage 1, Group 1)

    Since weekend is the best time for you, we propose saturday (tomorrow) at 21:00 GMT+0 BST (21:00 GMT +1)
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