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  1. joer5835

    Do you like/dislike zero wages payment?

    I'd like a system where you recieve wages depending on your party size and skill and with those wages you pay your own troops. Would be a lot more realistic.
  2. joer5835

    Where do ya find richard sharpe?

    You know, instead of making new threads for every question you have, you could use the search function to see if it hasn't been answered already...
  3. joer5835

    Official Screenshots and Video Thread.

    An officer with a fatige cap in battle? Must be a poor one...
  4. joer5835


    I've always wondered, would it actually be possible to add a visible ramrod to the reloading animation, or is this just another unreachable ideal?
  5. joer5835

    L'aigle Hype

    I'm quite fond of Hornblower myself, excellent series.
  6. joer5835

    All towns poor

    The economy system in L'Aigle is far from finished.
  7. joer5835

    The Napoleon Miniseries

    It's not supposed to be a movie, but more a promotional video of what the 33rd Reenactment group does.

    Although it's small, they got all the historical details correct (duh, they're reenactors), which can't be said for Sharpe.
  8. joer5835

    Adding content from other mods/modpacks? (Including the Pirates and Fish mod)

    I'm no modding genius, but wouldn't including these mods at this stage not require Docm to remake L'Aigle from scratch again?
  9. joer5835

    The Napoleon Miniseries

    I watched the shortened 3 hour version of it, didn't like it that much tbh. Perhaps my opinion will change once I have seen the full version.
  10. joer5835

    Enemy artillery is better than any sniper!

    The problem with NW cannons is that the AI are not able to use it.
  11. joer5835


    Free accomodations perhaps?
  12. joer5835

    Enemy artillery is better than any sniper!

    if there was another way, Docm would surely have done that. So I highly doubt that.
  13. joer5835

    Parrot's Minor Modifications - New Map Icons

    Excellent work, this greatly improves immersion.
  14. joer5835

    Working AI formations!

    That's odd, you should try to test it out a bit more. I personally doubt enabling cheats would have fixed formations, but who knows....
  15. joer5835

    Working AI formations!

    the actual Warband cheats or the Mod cheats?
  16. joer5835

    Ottoman Research

    Oh they certainly were still a major power. It's just that they weren't involved in the Napoleonic Wars except for the Egypt campaign, and therefore not really important for this mod though. Top priority concenring nations should be completing the existing ones and adding the Spaniards and Portugese. The Ottomans could be a nice treat for later, when all is finished.
  17. joer5835

    A Well Written Script

    He's promising you some drinks, after he's done recruiting.
  18. joer5835


    I think it's good enough, I rather have this than some over the top Patriot-style musket swinging as if the damn thing weighs nothing.
  19. joer5835

    Official Bug Report Thread. Post all problems here!

    If I recall correctly, choosing noble origins and the military student background will instantly get you Serjeant.
  20. joer5835

    A Well Written Script

    I don't recall saying anything about cannon fodder.
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