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  1. svelok

    POLL: Your reviews of the COMPLETED FINAL Bannerlord

    Now I'm back only to find out that this release will be the last one!
    That's not true, is the thing.
  2. svelok

    Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Criminal empires were cut and I doubt we will see them again.
    Also you were supposed to have an option to take control of that area as well (the so called "criminal empire"...).
    Think you might both be overstating how extensive that was ever intended to be?

    I dunno what all was publicly said about it, but I mean, compare it to other similar mechanics to imagine how it might be. Eg, after the alley fight, you got a pop-up that asks "would you like to place a companion in charge of the alley?" And if you hit yes, they leave just like when you assign them to a caravan, stand in that alley, and you get passive gold (like a workshop) and the city itself gets -1 to security per day or something. That sounds... kinda neat, I guess? But not, like, transformative.
  3. svelok

    Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Nobody noticed because we have no gameplay reason to thoroughly explore a town :sad:
    you can beat up the thugs

    not even sure when that was added since I only learned about it by accident
  4. svelok

    Will the Smithing perk tree be finally finished for the release?

    If they ever implement paying a smith for the weapon, I tell you NO ONE will bother with smithing anymore. It will be only used by a few people who want to make some money out of it. Which is okay, but the amount of time and resources spent "bucketing water out of the sinking boat" that is smithing, makes me think of how much they couldve achieved instead of doing constant rebalancing of this project
    the thing about smithing is that it's used by the game engine - every melee weapon in the game is assembled using the same code that powers smithing - so 99% of the work put into the smithing system would've happened either way
  5. svelok

    There should be a slider that allows the players to choose how fast the day/night cycle is

    Does the command also make your and AI parties twice as fast if you speed up the game x2 ? If yes, my idea would be much harder to implement and lowering the amount of days in a year becomes much more feasible (probably, idk if its something easy to change).
    Yeah, it's just speeding up the whole game. What you're asking for is something like a seconds-per-day or days-per-year or days-per-season slider, which is entirely within the realm of possibility - it can be modded, though it's a little bit of a pain, and I'm pretty sure there are mods that do it.
  6. svelok

    What would you like to do with your wife ?

    TW does not even have to come up with (most of the requested) solutions to be honest. "True Relations" and "True Noble Opinion" already handle a lot of these issues - TR improves/decreases relations with clan/companions/spouse, etc. over time and TNO gives every noble the ability to have their own opinion, so they don't simple parrot the clan leader.

    The works has been (mostly) done TW - just ask nicely to have it become part of the game.
    I don't dispute that there's a very meaningful distinction between a mod, and something being integrated into vanilla. But this is a really notable example of something often cited as a game-changing feature (eg, see: the why do clans exist thread) being already supported by mods and yet not apparently making that big a difference once downloaded.
  7. svelok

    Will the Smithing perk tree be finally finished for the release?

    They can remove it and replace it with something useful for all I care
    kind of how I feel about the entire smithing system

    it might as well just be something you access from the main menu, save your custom design, and then just "order" it from a dialog in-game in subsequent campaigns
  8. svelok

    SP - General Let minor factions have their own troops!

    Minor faction bases were shown in the 2016 demo of Bannerlord but for some reason have been removed since then.
    Pretty sure that was just a nonfunctional placeholder, not something that actually had working mechanics attached.
  9. svelok

    Improve Siege Machines on Campaign Map

    That's a bit of a necro, but yeah, campaign map siege is wonky. (Inside of a mission, siege all seems to work mostly well - historical issues with ladders aside - the weapons all do more or less what you'd expect them to do. I rarely used trebuchets in mission so dunno about those, I guess).

    On the map side, trebuchets have a clear function (smash walls, but take a long time == leave you exposed to defending armies). The others are more wishy-washy, and because of how it works, the defending castle churns out defensive weapons that just destroy anything you build in an instant. The send to reserves trick (which honestly feels almost like an exploit!) works, but like @Lesbosisles said, the AI doesn't make use of it so their machines all get smashed. It also means basically bypassing the map-side minigame altogether, rather than being a strategy to engage with it.
  10. svelok

    Economy Changes with 1.8 and onwards

    Curious if anyone has any ideas about what variables to look at to track the health of the economy.

    Eg: suppose I was going to mod how caravans spawn or function. What variables should I be monitoring (and how often) to see the economic impacts?
  11. svelok

    Units weigth getting fixed in gamescom version?

    Most likely they re-made the physics after that video
    It's not even necessarily the case that the underlying physics have changed, that sort of thing can also come down to how the specific weapon model in question was implemented.
  12. svelok

    SP - General the AI should clear hideouts

    Isn't there already a chance if they fix the bandit hideout quest types?
    Or is that just the quest and not the hideout also. If so that is incredibly smoothbrain.
    I thought this too, NPCs do clear the quests out. I didn't ever stop to think if that actually clears the hideout or not, though. It should be a simple fix to make, if they don't.
  13. svelok

    CEO Statement regarding the release

    if (clan.MapFaction.Leader == clan.Leader && clan.Kingdom != null)
        int num2 = (clan.Kingdom.KingdomBudgetWallet < 2000000) ? 1000 : 0;
        if ((float)clan.Kingdom.KingdomBudgetWallet < 1000000f && MBRandom.RandomFloat < (((float)clan.Kingdom.KingdomBudgetWallet < 100000f) ? 0.01f : 0.005f))
            float randomFloat = MBRandom.RandomFloat;
            num2 = ((randomFloat < 0.1f) ? 400000 : ((randomFloat < 0.3f) ? 200000 : 100000));
        clan.Kingdom.KingdomBudgetWallet += num2;
    This has a 0.5% chance of firing, doubled to 1% if the wallet is under 100k. If it does, it adds 400k (10% chance) / 200k (20% chance) / 100k (remaining 70%). You said it's on daily tick, so it's adding an averaged out ~1500/day to poor kingdoms, and half that to others?

    By comparison, the kingdom wallet pays out between 500 and 4000 per day (more to poorer clans, less when the wallet is low) to normal clans, and double that to the kingdom leader. And rich clans pay in daily 1% of their wealth above 100k, ex: 1k per day at 200k wealth. So in context it seems like a small additional cashflow under normal circumstances, unless I've misread a decimal by one position somewhere. For kingdoms with no territory left, and only one clan on the map, 1500/d is quite the lifeline however.

    I think the kingdom wallet is a very defensible idea, for stabilizing the economy of a realm across its clans. But this feels like it's using the kingdom wallet as a bandaid fix to towns and castles providing kinda poor money, and conversely, the game not having anything for NPCs to burn excess gold on. So lots of landowning clans are broke and, simultaneously, rich clans would otherwise accumulate wealth indefinitely.
  14. svelok

    What makes Bannerlord dull

    It may be due to the fact that after vassalage we dont really need to interact with allied lords, so we never see this. If you want to join an army, you do it in a menu. When you lose relations when sacking cities, they dont tell you anything, they just lose relations. You dont need to talk to them for policy or fief votes. You dont ever see them except when fighting.

    So when do we talk to them? Marriage yes, but its pretty rare. When you go gift them money to improve relations? Why when you can just fight battles together. Other than that we dont have any reason to talk to them. If you could through dialogue spend influence to tell an army commander what to besiege, or if you could persuade someone to vote for you in the next fief/policy vote (also for influence), that could give meaning to talking to them. However, we cannot do any of these things. We cant even ask them if their daughters are being courted by anyone else to duel the bastard. None of these things are in, and many are discarded
    The #1 biggest cause of talking to lords for me in WB was asking where some other lord currently is. That's not really a thing in Bannerlord.

    At #2 was trying to get them to back me for a fief vote, which is including spamming dialog with everyone post-battle for the + relation, to improve their odds of baking me in a fief vote down the line. The relationship factor feels less relevant in Bannerlord, although it could be basically similar formulas behind the scenes; but support is automatic now instead of needing to go talk to someone to ask them to back you. A distant third was quests, which feel like they fall off really hard in Bannerlord and aren't as worthwhile - at least personally, I tend not to bother with them more often than not.
  15. svelok

    What makes Bannerlord dull

    A lot of people are posting about not having dialog reflect personalities? But it does, here's some examples:
    • I hear you fought bravely against __ and made the __ pay heavily for their victory. I salute your courage and your men's sacrifice. (Honorable/Valorous)
    • So apparently you're a tough bite to swallow. I hear __ paid heavily in blood to defeat you. (Merciless)
    • I hear __ ran you down. Some speak of heroic last stands, but I say a defeat is a defeat. (Merciless and/or just dislikes you)
    • I hear you fought bravely against __ until you were finally overwhelmed by superior numbers. (Generous)
    That's for pyrrhic defeats. There's lots and lots of trait-driven dialogs, greetings and stuff like that too. If it's less common, or less distinct, or whatever other way worse than Warband - you'd have to be more specific about what the problem is.
    But it suffered from the fact that there were too many people to remember. 20 lords per faction was pushing it. Now we have 20 lords, plus a bunch of replacements, and random mercenary clans. Even the best system in the world can't keep track of this many guys. bannerlord tries to compensate by making you interact with clans rather than individuals, but it makes it impossible to care about anything.
    Big agree. Not only can players not keep track of that number of characters, but they change a lot more (like dying in battle, marriage producing new parties, etc) too, and the higher number of characters also means the number of times you by chance interact with any one character is reduced. Shifting relations to clans undermines the whole thing, though, because clans don't have personality traits, and clans don't fight in battles - characters do.
    Simple, they should have done Shadow of Mordor Nemesis system for Bannerlord.
    I never thought about it in Bannerlord until I saw news that a Skyrim mod had adapted it, but it does seem like a really good idea. Both the whole thing with enemies that defeat you getting highlighted, but also having a button that gives you a showcase of the lords/clans in other factions (in the nemesis-style UI, not the encyclopedia format) would be great too.
  16. svelok

    Release date announced on 25th October for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S,

    Found this statement from Taleworlds on Reddit. Pretty much confirms that there'll be at least one or two more updates until "full release".
    the biggest joke, besides the game itself, is that they'll probably keep releasing updates after the "release", and thus keep breaking every mod every 2 months.
    I would very much like TW to clarify their post-release plans in more detail.

    Do they have a certain slate of content planned, after which they'll call the game finalized? Will the frequency or content of updates change in general? Will Steam still get beta branches, and if so will their nature change in any way? Is TW going to do anything to make future updates friendlier to modders, like communication of API changes, releasing "Stable" beta branches, no longer touching XML/scene files, doing updates annually or semi-annually instead of every 2-3 months, etc etc?

    Or is post-release going to be identical, for all purposes, to early access? And if so for how long? Until XYZ features are in; or indefinitely? As much as some players are disappointed that release is being announced before every promised feature is implemented, modders will also be disappointed if release is being announced without it actually bringing an end to the EA-modding frustrations.
  17. svelok

    Discussion Suggestion Settlement distance limit is breaking custom map mods.

    a hard crash. that has been caused by the settlement distance limit of 150 and no safe default
    specifically, this is referring to the method TryToAssignTradeBoundForVillage, which (newly as of 1.8 ) returns a value of null if no acceptable town is within a hard cutoff 150 distance of the village. (which is not uncommon on modded maps, and they now have to include a code workaround).

    additionally the class, VillageTradeBoundCampaignBehavior, unlike other campaign behaviors is internal, and not for seemingly any reason?
  18. svelok

    Do you enjoy smithing?

    Smithing is in the game just for being in the game. It is completely disconnected from the rest of the game.
    So the thing is, the melee weapons are mostly all built on the crafting engine, under the hood. Smithing just exposes that procedural weapon system to the player.

    But I agree, as it stands, smithing is just completely removed from the game loop. And most players who do take advantage of smithing use it as a way to make profit more than as a creative/customization outlet (and yeah some of which is due to how it's implemented, ie, needing to unlock parts / raise skills). The rationale that you can choose not to abuse it would also apply to literally any purely-money-generating mechanic including exploits, but nobody would advocate for deliberately adding a bunch of those to the game so it seems like a thin defense.
  19. svelok

    How to give a "soul" to this game?

    TW gave us a "sandbox", but forgot to put "sand" in it. As it currently stands, aside from a few stray grains in the corners, it's empty.

    The game lacks a few "small details", like meaningful diplomacy, an economy, village/city building/development, personal interactions with ANYONE (all peasants with the same "filler" dialog, Lords with the same handful of mostly meaningless options), or a reason to CARE about anyone or anything in the game.
    Most of what people are complaining about on this topic are either things that Warband didn't do either, or things that are abstracted to a menu (ex, recruitment) that they want to have a requirement to go talk to an NPC in town. Which isn't saying those complaints aren't valid, but it's an important perspective to keep in mind.
  20. svelok

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops 300 trade perk Everything has a price

    Can't say I care about trading settlements at all, but it does become a huge pain to raise trade XP after a certain point, even with a full investment.

    It stops being worth your time, and cities don't have enough supply/demand of goods for the volume you need to earn a relative profit. If you can earn, say, 20 gold per unit on a trade run, then on paper your income accelerates faster and faster as you get richer and richer. But in practice, City A only has like 50 available per sale, and City B only really wants about 20 before it stops paying a premium, so having more money and inventory space stops being useful by the time you're around like 100-150 skillpoints.
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