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  1. ~Milky

    What tournaments should we have before Bannerlord EA?

    maybe with this announcement some older clans will resurface... so trying out a clan tournament would be great, and also to see which clans have some interest in playing bannerlord.

    a nations cup would also be sick to watch as well.
  2. ~Milky

    What's currently the best clan and what has been the best clan ever?

    ServeAndFolly said:
    No contest. They completely dominated NA for years and were led by one of the most outspoken and dominant callers in MountandBlades history. If they were to come back they would instantly take over the NA scene.,327027.msg7723144.html#msg7723144

    your comment has been seen and taken note of...
  3. ~Milky

    [NASL] North American Scramble League S2 Signups (Reserves Only)

    Name: milky
    ID: 1770339
    Main Class: Archer
    Do you want to be a captain? (Yes/No) No
  4. ~Milky

    Court of Kings [Bannerlord Placeholder]

    nice thread!

    hopefully bannerlord will be soon

  5. ~Milky

    Open Helmet Knights (OHK)

    Good luck.
    EU? NA? International?
  6. ~Milky

    Dev Blog 30/08/18

    KhergitLancer80 said:
    One week before the event, a blog about going to gamescom.
    One week after the event, a blog about coming back from gamescom.

    TW sure knows how to skip weekly blogs.
    exactly what I was thinking...
  7. ~Milky

    Looking for a clan

    good luck friend
  8. ~Milky

    Announcing BladeCast Masters Tournament - In partnership with TaleWorlds

    OurGloriousLeader said:
    - serverside balances/other rule changes
    - something for clans to sink their teeth into between tournaments, such as a perma ladder, or tying WBMM into a scrim ladder similar to ESL
    - less to do here but some way of communicating the scene to larger warband scene. combined with a more ongoing competitive environment it likely would lead to retaining more players.
    Agreed. Something little such as weekly official matches for a Seasonal leaderboard ranking which eventually would lead to a tournament based off of those rankings.
    Ex. English Premier League (Football/Soccer)
  9. ~Milky

    Announcing BladeCast Masters Tournament - In partnership with TaleWorlds

    Woohoo another big tourny!  :party: :party:
    Good luck to all teams!
  10. ~Milky

    NA Battlefield

    how do i have sex with you
  11. ~Milky

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Golradir said:
    reported gadric for bullying
    Thank you
  12. ~Milky

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Gadric said:
    shut up milky

    i missed saying that so much
    When I saw "Gadric" as the latest reply to this post I already knew what you were gonna say  :cry: :cry:
  13. ~Milky

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Kohath said:
    The_Cardboard_Box said:
    #Hype! :grin: TCB looking forward to claim back what it deserved :'D
    Not this time. This time it`s coming home!
    Last time, the leading goal scorer for DoF had a pc malfunction and couldnt play for the remainder of the tournament. Well, sorry to say to all the other clans, but he is back now...
  14. ~Milky

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Erminas said:
    Erminas said:

    As you might have guessed we will be hosting the second Javby Tournament in very near future.
    Tournament's format might be changing but the goal will be the same: having lot of fun playing in relaxed, yet competitive Warband environment that Javby brings!

    Now for the more interesting part of this announcement we will be sharing some of the new features that should be part of the new Javby mod's version:

    • "Back Wall" glitch/exploit fixed
    • Javelin is more visible on the ground now
    • More accurate Long passing
    • And gameplay changer for sure, brand new feature: Short passing. This feature will work as followed. When you switch Javelin to Melee mode, you will be able to pass the javelin to the person close to you by hitting them

    Closed Testings have already started and we are really looking forward to the final version of this New Javby!
    What will be very interesting to see is what kind of tactics teams will come up with.
    Will they rely on the good old long passing?
    Or will they use new passing mechanic to try and force themselves into opposition's Goal?
    Mixing of the both will probably be most challenging, but also the most interesting to see as a viewer of our streams.

    On the final note, William is working hard on implementing all of these features and making them work without game-breaking bugs. Once we are satisfied with the new version of Javby we will have few public tests where you will get your hands on this mod.
    Till then, stay classy :razz:

  15. ~Milky

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith!

    Erminas said:
    Just gonna leave this here.
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