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  1. Indar

    EU Native Duel In-progress European Duel Tournament Edition VI (87 players)

    Your Nickname : Indar
    Your Steam profile :
    I have read and agree to abide by the tournament rules
  2. Indar

    EU Native Skirmish Completed [BNL] Bannerlord Native League #4 - Skirmish tournament (signups open untill 20th of January)

    Team: ape REBORN
    If you played last BNL tournament - In which Division did you play?: B
    In which Division would you like to play?: B
    Teambanner (if available):
    Team contact:

    []Scrixter ([URL] (lMhvJRjGcb#9381)
    []Vampy ([URL] (Player2BLSocialId#4563)
    []Chowski ([URL][/URL]) (chowski#1351)
    []Ale ([URL] ) (Alejandro#8866)
    []Yoshie ( [URL] (Yoshie#1164)
    []Wegnas ([URL] (Wegnas#2374)
    []CARNIFEX ([URL][/URL]) (CARNIFEX#4065)
    []TheCrusader5 ([URL][/URL]) (Crusader#808
    [*]Mean Outlaw ([URL][/URL]) (MeanOutlaw#2103)
    [*]Jaximus Fate ([URL][/URL]) (JaximusFate#501)

  3. Indar

    A bug with shield.

    It's been in the game since its release.
    never saw that before
  4. Indar

    A bug with shield.

    After the latest patch there appeared a bug: sometimes you can pick up a shield with wrong animation. I could record more clips but i think it's enough. Anyway, all you need to reproduce this bug is just playing a game. (I'm sorry for the quality of the video)
  5. Indar

    [BEAST 8] ✨Finals & Third place Matches

    HINQ ban: Urikskalaar
    DR ban: Zendyar
    DR pick: Echerion
    HINQ pick: Town Outskirts
    Date: 06.09 20:00 CEST
  6. Indar

    [BEAST 8] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    HINQ vs RMS 22.07.22 19 BST [20 CEST]
  7. Indar

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    Do we really need almost a month to start the tournament? People will go holidays and wont be able to play. imo you should start it as fast as possible to avoid delays, defaults and sheduling issues later on. cheers
  8. Indar

    European Weekend Cup™️ - Sign ups are Open!

    I'll play for HINQ
  9. Indar

    EU Mod Battle Open [BRE] Sunday 550 slots Roleplay Event [Weekly Event]

    Team Name : Hyperborea

    Team Tag : HYBR

    Type of unit : Infantry

    Average number of players (+/-2) : 10

    Type of registration (Regular or Once) : Regular

    Leader Steam Id :

    I have read and agree to the rules. I'll accept any form of sanctions if i'll should broke the rules.
  10. Indar

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    Bebop and Rocksteady 20 - 6 Wu tang clan
  11. Indar

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    Team name: Bebop and Rocksteady
    Indar the Judgement
    Contact Information: Indar the Judgement
  12. Indar

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup VI - Red Dot Edition (56/56)

    Name: Indar the Judgement
    Nationality: Caucasoid
    Main Class: Cavalry
    Steam Link:
    I confirm that I will be attending the draft cup itself (13.3.2022 at 17.00 CET).
  13. Indar

    2nd Balance Patch: design insights + full changelog

    "+15 riding skill"

    Does it mean that Druzhinnik has the greatest riding skill atm?
  14. Indar

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup V - Captain Signup Open (56/56)

    Name: St1myL
    Nationality : Russian
    Main Class: Cavalry
    Steam Link:
    I confirm that I will be attending the draft cup itself (06.11.2021 at 17.00 CEST).
  15. Indar

    EU Duel Completed ?ABCD - A Bannerlord Cavalry Duel (Tournament)?

    Spooky gave me default.
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