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  1. about the block in combat

    Well, we already have a difficulty setting for the AI, but sadly it looks like there is not difference at all.

    I find the new blocking for the AI great, and I hope TW do not nerf it if I am playing at highest difficulty.

    On the other hand, I think people is overreacting a bit, and the AI is still pretty much easy to defeat, and low skilled soldiers are still really bad at blocking.

    TW, please do not nerf the AI in highest difficulty. Please don’t!!!
  2. about the block in combat

    If you're in a balanced fight and end up with just a few soldiers left against you, there's nothing you can do. Because the characters aren't distracted, they target you, and that's it. The super defense mode doesn't let you win.
    Not my experience if I have a couchable lance. Otherwise yes, if I am the only survivor.

    Anyway, nerfing blocking for this specific scenario is not a great idea IMO.
  3. about the block in combat

    Faking the attack doesn't work anymore, I'm almost certain of that.

    Do you know what's annoying? Try a battle where you're 1v5. You against 5 looters. You only have a spear and a horse at the beginning of the game. Then come back here and tell me about the experience... If it's on a higher difficulty level, it's fine for the game to be like that, I also enjoy a challenging game. The problem is that excessive attack blocking exists in all difficulties and specific situations.

    There's no need to remove blocking from the game. It just doesn't make sense for troops with no training to defend in this way, as if they were master fencers when they're only using a flimsy weapon that can stop a cavalry lance charge. It makes no sense at all, and it's not enjoyable. If it works for you, I respect that. It's just not my preference.

    This is more complex than it seems. Basically, if you use arrows, there's no difficulty at all in killing looters. This makes archery gameplay a lot of fun. But how do you have fun playing as a knight? I work, I have a life, and I have limited time to play. I don't want to spend 30 minutes in every battle with looters or in tournaments I participate in at the beginning of the game just to make some progress with my character because the normal mode of the game has this issue. If you think this is a difficulty of the game, it would be very simple to resolve. Just keep this attack blocking in the harder modes (although I still think it's not healthy for the game, it's very bizarre to see looters defending everything).

    Playing as a knights is enjoyable, and you can get tons of kills every battle. It is just not great when you are fighting 1v5 against looters the Day1.
  4. about the block in combat

    that's not the point.

    the point is, that it's a ****ty feeling to see a looter having the same blocking behaviour like a sturgian heavy axeman. there is simply no difference between, as there should be.
    while it is fair to discuss about how to approach the issue, i think it's quite missing the point if you just cheese it til you eat it and claim it's good like that.

    of course if you do 180 chamber blocks to attack, backstab or outrange the enemy you wont see a problem, because that simply isn't the point.

    this is true, but has nothing to do with blocking behaviour.

    works great on a controller

    that isn't related to the blocking behaviour

    you can not crush through a weapon block

    kick->attack is slower than the ai enemy returning to blocking. only works in multiplayer.

    once again not the point. point is blocking behaviour is the same between tiers + low tier weapons able to block everything regardless anything. looters/low tiers with tools as weapons shouldn't block like they are exiled highly trained fighting units. it's not a good feel.
    A looter is not even close to be as good as T5 infantry units at fighting. It is true that all units, looters included, are able to block some attacks, but units with high weapon skill are better at blocking than looters, and rarely block in a wrong direction like happens pretty often when fighting against looters.

    This is specially noticeable in Battania tournaments where units with higher two handed skill fight considerably better. Low skilled units are not even able to block two consecutive attacks.
  5. about the block in combat

    @Dejan I think blocking is perfect, please do not nerf it. Thanks for finally make the game a bit challenging.

    I have not a strong opinion about spear trust attacks on horse, but nerfing blocking in general would be a mistake. Anyway, I personally have 0 issues getting tons of kills every battle as always on horse and on foot.
  6. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    Adults, not sure of birthday but I'm a grandparent now; they show level 30 & 34.

    Governors, and anyone "left" in town, always participate in tournaments for me; party members, I need to enter also.

    1 pip 160, yeah, that does in fact look weird.

    I do have "Governors Handle Issues", but afaik that only lets them get minor xp for Quest skills.

    I think you have mods which are making easier leveling up characters. The governor kid should have reached hard cap much before getting 160 skill level in Polearm.
  7. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    Put them in your party and tell them to hold fire while you hunt down small parties. I doubt you can get them to 300, but 200s are doable if you focus on it. Also, tournaments.

    This kid has been a Governor all his life, only tournies:

    This kid has been in my party all her life, but I never told her to hold fire:

    Her 2H is 100% from Tournaments, fyi.
    Interesting, thanks for sharing.

    Just some questions:
    - how old are they?
    - When you say tournaments, how is possible that the governor kid was able to participate in it? I mean, my low level weapon skill companions & kids are not able to participate in tournaments. I wonder how the governor kid was able to participate.
    - Tournaments where you also participate, or they participate by their own? Which case is better for leveling up them?
    - 160 skill level on polearm with only one focus point? It looks weird to me…
    - Are you using any mod which could make it easier for leveling up them.
  8. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    Give them a bow and a horse instead and they will rack up exp and you can invest AP into better skills. You can slap a glaive on them if you want them to have some melee, but there's no reason to bother raising melee skills, it's just playing badly on purpose.
    Once you have played +2000, using the best strategy is just boring. For example, I do not use medicine, scouting, smithing, getting only 100 in riding, etc. Yes, it is about playing badly on purpose for making the game more challenging.

    Then I have realized that leveling up melee skills for companions is really awful.
  9. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    It is random, or at least it was last time I looked. The auto resolve battle would randomly select a troop from each side and simulate a fight. It's entirely possible that your companions will never be selected to fight in those battles. The only way to guarantee they participate in the fight is to run the battle live and order them to fight. I use hideouts for this. As you are marching your 400+ man army across the countryside, if you see a hideout, stop and clear it using the companions you want to gain melee skill xp.
    I have been doing this in my current campaign and it is still extremely slow. My kids get +1 or +2 skill points in melee skills at best, and sometimes they get 0.

    Are you getting a good skill level by doing this? To reach +150 or so in only one weapon skill, I think I would need to clear out about +100 hideouts which is simply.

    I can make them level up relatively fast if I babysit them, I mean, if I thank enemies while my son kills them, but I think this is not how this should work.
  10. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    That could work. On the Inter hand, just tweaking the features we currently have could help. For example:

    - Increase combat skills XP in AI vs AI and autoresolve battles for companions and family members. They rarely get XP in AI vs AI battles, and it feels random. Most of the battles my kids do not get a single combat skill point in AI vs AI battles, despite of having really low skill level, which means that these skills could level up easily with a small amount of XP.
    - Add combat skills XP in all quests where fight is involved, when sending companions & family to resolve them. Sending my son to clear a hideout and just getting XP in scouting is silly.

    I think both changes are easy to apply and would improve a lot the current situation where our kids usually have pretty low combat skills.
  11. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    No, IMO melee combat skills are less important than leadership, medicine, stewardship and tactics. However, companions/children progress in combat skills if you keep taking them into battle.
    Yeah, melee combat skill are less relevant but still important for making kids able to participate in tournaments, and it is also more immersive to see some of your kids becoming great warriors by themselves. I only have doctors, nurses and engineers in my family…

    Companions and family members fighting AI vs AI battles should give more XP for weapon skills. Currently it is pretty rare to see them gettin a skill point in weapon skills in battles. They just level up medicine and leadership in 99% of the battles.
  12. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    Making children or companions party leaders in my army, levels them up reasonably quickly.
    You mean melee combat skills?

    Leveling up social and intelligence skills is ok, and even leveling up archery is ok, because in large battles there are usually a skirmish at the beginning, but leveling combat melee skills is a pain for me when you are fighting big battles. My kids get wounded before being able to do much most of the times.
  13. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    Because you choose not to fight bandits and clear hideouts. I'm saying, choose to clear a hideout so you can level the skills.
    Yes, I choose not to fight bandits or clear hideouts. Once you are playing as a king and leading 400 men party in non-stop wars, there is really not much time to taking a walk with my kids and babysitting them for leveling up.

    I think we need a way for leveling up companions and family members in late game. Fighting huge battles is not as effective for leveling up as fighting small battles in early game, and while “I choose” to not fight these small battles against bandits, it has also to do with the game progression. A king shouldn’t personally care of clearing hideouts and personally supervising (babysitting) their family training. We need something for effectively level up companions and family in late game.
  14. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    That's the solution. Have them fight small battles. Raid hideouts or fight bandit parties. Use only the companions/family you want to build up.
    Yes, but even if you have kids really soon, you have to wait about 1600-1700 days until they are available. In late game you rarely fight bandies or clear hideouts.
  15. Leveling melee combat skills - Family members

    I am finding really tiresome to leveling up melee combat skills for my kids. Once they are available after 82635718263 days, I am usually king already, and leading a +400 men party which makes impossible to leveling up melee combat skills for my kids. Making my kids party leaders does not work...
  16. Endgame = mindless endless war

    Yeah, endgame = mindless endless war

    This has been the case since the beta release, and nothing or just a few things have changed about that. All the nice suggestions related to make the endgame funnier and deeper have been probably discarded in order to keep the game “simple” for consoles.

    I really doubt something going to change related to this. For more than two years TW have been reading threads about people complaining about how much boring the endgame is.
  17. Is end-game more fun now?

    It is actually worse, since you can't count on the rest of the clans to accomplish anything.
    What has exactly changed related to this?
  18. Roadmap? Features in the future? Anything?

    Hey, do you have any specific features in mind?
    - Claimant quests.
    - A decent messengers system.
    - A decent diplomacy system.
    - Allow companions to complete conspiracy quests to avoid the player having to deal with these repetitive quests all the time.
    - A good civil war system with factions inside a kingdom, which could allow the player to usurp the throne.
    - Revisit relationship system with lords for making harder to keep 100 relationship with everyone, and after that add nice features like duels, enemies sending assassins, etc.

    To be honest, I have an infinite list about how the game could be improved, but what I would really love to know is if TW has plans to add more features to the game, and which features you are working on.

    We really need some kind of roadmap if you are planning to add more features. Something like the statement regarding singleplayer you show us some time ago.
  19. SP - General Player as a claimant

    I think you are talking about CK3. In Bannerlord it is sadly not possible.
  20. SP - Quests Conspiracy quests completed by companions

    Please, allow us to send our companions & family members to complete repetitive conspiracy quests. This could be also a good way to level up companions & family members, while at the same time do not force the player to go far away to complete repetitive quests.
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