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  1. CelticMarks

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.

    Shad0w said:
    SirWilliamCornwallis said:
    Hello all I am new to the game I got it today, I would like to join a british regiment in GMT time zone, I'd prefer a British regiment as I have greater knowledge of them than other countries as I am a Lt Col in TGAB on a game called roblox.


    19te sounds very British  :roll: contacted
  2. CelticMarks

    3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment [EU - Recruiting]

    * Listen when reading * The 3rdArk originated in Napoleonic wars back in 2013 as the 44th regiment, we played the mod N&S in late 2014. We are all eager for the games release. The 3rdArk will strive to become a well known and respect regiment from day one of the release...
  3. CelticMarks

    Post here if you are looking for a regiment or members.


    The 3rd Arkansas is recruiting EU/NA players for Lee's confederate army.

    To join add -

    Steam page -​
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    Official Screenshots and Video Thread.

    I have to say L'aigle looks great, was worth the wait Dom :smile: +NaS is looking noice too  :wink:
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    What I saw
  6. CelticMarks

    Thank you for the feedback

    mouthnhoof said:
    CelticMarks said:

    My thoughts

    All you need to take from the video is "Rome wasn't built in a day"GL devs.
    It seems to me that you are disappointed not because of the DLC, but because of your expectations. This is not a MP centric DLC - it is more about the SP game. Call it a SP DLC with a MP option as bonus. There is a small selection of weapons because that's what people used in that part of the world in that specific time frame - there were a few good weapons and everyone used them with minor variations. Same goes for armors. Archery sucks because.. well.. archery sucked back then and was not a serious factor in wars. Games tend to over emphasize archery because players like it and make it way more effective than it actually was, but this is not that kind of a game.

    I dont understand your problems with the SP. The game starts with you getting your ass kicked - so? it is set in such a way that you start from the bottom and for this reason you cannot recruit easily. Do you really think that in those times a scruffy unknown armed person walked into a village and 10 able men would leap and join him as his loyal soldiers? You dont like SP, then this DLC is probably not for you.

    I'm not alone with the faults I found. I didn't have high expectations at all as I said "I'm not going into this expecting magic and rainbow" but the DLC lacks feeling "A pretty Native" "Offer something that's not currently available" I could DL Vikingr and Bryntwelda and it'd have a better experience. I also say in the video if you watched the whole thing that i'm not into single player and this is more of my thoughts on Multi, now NW has hardly any weapons yet it's fine, in this they give you a few spears and that's it, good luck using anything else. - those standards.... 
  7. CelticMarks

    Thank you for the feedback

    Dan11311 said:
    CelticMarks said:

    My thoughts

    All you need to take from the video is "Rome wasn't built in a day"GL devs.
    I appreciate your criticism. Made me a little depressed and not wanting to play. Hopefully they fix damage and slow movement down though. What was your impression of Brytenwalda VS this DLC? It seems that you are more of a multiplayer guy instead of singleplayer. Is that right?

    I get into the Single player later on but yes, I feel multiplayer is what brought a lot of the new players in (vikings tv series). I've never been one for single player tho I did enjoy the Clash of Kings mod.  :razz:
  8. CelticMarks

    I'd like a refund.

    I think most people are feeling the same as the comments on the video itself suggest, sad really could of been a hell of a game.
  9. CelticMarks

    My Thoughts "Rome wasn't built in a day"

    Don't comment if you have hard on for anything viking, this is just my honest Opinion so respect it please. GL Devs & taleworlds.
  10. CelticMarks

    Thank you for the feedback

    My thoughts

    All you need to take from the video is "Rome wasn't built in a day"GL devs.
  11. CelticMarks

    I'd like a refund.

    My thoughts
  12. CelticMarks

    VC Completed [EU] Suisse Saturday: VC Event [Accepting Admins]

    Clan/Regiment Name: ANV
    How many will you bring: 20ish
    Link to your steam:
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    Herluci Warband [EU]

    RobinWar said:
    ssalih said:
    Herbiji Warband would be great.

    Good luck.

    The Luci in Her-Luci is named after my dead cat please don't hate. I met a whispering Dutch man on the road, he told me Her was saxon so Herluci.

    + The Taleworlds factions are made up, based on real nations aye but I couldn't give a **** about the name personally. Thanks for the comments  :razz:
  14. CelticMarks

    SwagClan™ ~ Recruiting ~ [EU]

    Want to film a colab?
  15. CelticMarks

    Herluci Warband [EU]

    want sum ***?
  16. CelticMarks

    Herluci Warband [EU]

    Need for later
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