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  1. In Progress Game crashes if you try taking a walk in Jogurys Castle

    I have a similar issue when trying to enter the streets of Pen Cannoc.
    Rolling back my AMD drivers version helps, but then the other games stop working properly.
    Seeing as it only happens in some cities and not others, I assume it's a Bannerlord issue?

  2. Why is the mounted combat AI so bad compared to warband?

    Back in Warband mounted units were truly formidable, because they knew how to bump-slash their targets with a swing or hit them accurately with a spear. Bannerlord mounted units just seem so drastically inept in comparison. I watched a 1 v 1 fight in a tourney with a mounted lord fighting a...
  3. Question to the Devs - Why the swing arcs are so long?

    I still can't believe in 2022 the game punishes the player for using chained attacks because they are slower than the regular ones.

    Let alone the arcs...
  4. Does the weight of horse's Harness/Armor effect the horse's handling, acceleration and/or top speed?

    This topic was from when the EA first releases. In more recent versions the weight does effect the horses speed in a satisfying way. It's not going to make a good horse too slow to equip max armor or anything but it is noticeable.
    Thanks, yeah, I know the horse weight affects acceleration now, so does the horse armor work the same way so it's added to the horse weight? Or is that a separate mechanic, that's what I'm wondering about too.
  5. Does the weight of horse's Harness/Armor effect the horse's handling, acceleration and/or top speed?

    Anyone has relevant info on this topic, how does the harness/player weight mechanic affect horse acceleration and speed? Would appreciate any insight.
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    • Attacks now take into account the relative movement speed between the attacker and the target when deciding if an attack will bounce or not.
    I'm surprised it didn't before, but hey, nice to know.
  7. Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    People pay a lot of attention to Bannerlord's drawbacks, but not nearly enough to its advantages over Warband.

    I've officially uninstalled the game and I'm just going to forget about this piece of **** game until some drastic changes are implemented
    Woah, easy, big boy. Why you gotta escalate it like that?
    Can't believe you've officially uninstalled, smh.
  9. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    so how about we stop beating this dead horse?
    Different people are into different stuff

    This horse was dead before it ever left the stable.
    I don't think it's dead actually, it's just a poorly fed sumpter horse atm.
  10. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    Ye - also taking people's posts out of context and not reading the post they are replying to - isn't useful here.
    Uhh... I'm gonna need your help understanding your point then.
    It was my post you were replying to, so not only I have read it - I wrote it myself. And what I was saying there is that even if a "like" system would increase toxicity, people can probably deal with that.
    To which you pointed out, as I understand, that it all depends on what one would want the forums to be like, either a welcoming and inviting place for civil discussions or an edgelord cesspool.

    So what I'm saying, is that the forums are neither of those two now and it won't become either if the like system were implemented. The toxicity might increase slightly, but also the people's desire to post more useful opinions. In any case, I just don't think the potential drawbacks outweigh the benefits, that's all.
  11. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    @Oakenlix I love how you completely ignored my last post on your argument for popular = useful :smile:. I don't think it helps your case if you just keep repeating the same thing over and over ignoring what others have to say.

    I could of course just turn your own argument around and say that not having likes on this forum seems to be the popular opinion, therefore it's the way to go :smile:.
    I didn't read this whole thread to be able to tell which side is more popular. How did you determine that? I'd guess we would need a poll at least, to know for sure.
  12. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    It depends what you think forums are for really.

    |f you want every person that wants to to be able to come to the forum and express their opinion (in a polite and constructive manner) then you need to make the environment a inviting one for everyone.
    If you only care about the teenage 'edgelords' being able to spout off and don't mind that it effectively excludes many other people then maintaining an inviting environment won't be important to you.

    TW, presumably, at least want their forum to not actively dissuade people from buying the game (though before 2014 it didn't seem like it).
    I think talking about extreme examples isn't useful here.
    Look, everyone here isn't always polite and constructive as it is, far from it.
    Similarly, a like system wouldn't suddenly make everything into a cesspool of toxicity and hatred.

    I'd guess we're taking about a slight change, if any, expressed by some people being more emotional to "farm likes". It's not gonna be much, and certainly I don't think it would turn people off from buying the game...

    I don't think like systems improve readability. All it does is make it way more obvious when some opinion in a post is almost universally considered to be stupid (and if you can't determine this by reading then you are the stupid), and turn every discussion into a numbers game rather than a fair and rational debate a battle of humiliation and domination like they should be.
    It also helps to quickly determine which posts are probably the most useful. Notice I don't even advocate for dislikes, just for an option to silently express support to someone's opinion.
  13. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    Ok, I got a question, and pardon me in advance, I'm but a simple Russian bloke from a village, who's very far from the high culture issues of toxicity, gender equality and general wokeness.

    Let's say a "like" system would increase toxicity (I don't really think it would, but let's just assume). Well, so what? Like, literally, what's the deal with that? If it improves readability and general informativity of the forums, I'm fine with that. I don't come here for emotional comforting. Do you?
  14. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    Given the kind of thing that becomes popular on social media, I am going to say that this is just your opinion and it's probably not very accurate.
    How does that make sense though? If something is very popular, it by definition means a lot of people found it useful. Maybe just not you, and it's fine. But I don't think it's "just an opinion".
    And then again, "social media" is a very broad term that covers a lot of areas of interests that you might just not share. It's absolutely not the same as this forum, built around a single theme and even divided into specific sections and threads. So chances are, a popular post in the "Bannerlord SP" section would become so precisely because people interested in SP found it useful in some way.

    Posts that stir strong emotions are often popular.
    I see nothing wrong with that either. If you stir strong positive emotions in me, then it must've been a great post. And if the emotions were negative, I just wouldn't "like" it, so nothing would change compared to now in that case.

    I agree.
    in addition, 'like' systems always end up being misused.
    What's the harm? Who gets hurt?
  15. SP - General Silent assasination of leaders without repercussion

    It was an accident, okay?
    But seriously, this exploit could be fixed if people shot by (player) friendly fire always recover.
    Since we don't have a "like" system on the forums, I express my agreement with you by making this post.
  16. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    If you read the thread, the problem is that you'll see the most popular, not the most useful replies, and people will compete for attention instead of writing quality posts.
    I still think it's worth it though, but the guys in charge here are very conservative and old and they dislike all inventions after the 50s.
    I think I've actually read this thread before but forgot about it later, this isn't my first time pondering why we still don't have it.

    And yeah, these are valid points about popularity and competition, but here's the thing... The most popular posts are usually also the most useful! And even when they're not, I still wanna read it because obviously other people liked it.

    So I agree, it's 100% worth it, the boomers around here need to lighten up. I mean I like the games and stuff, but let's make the forums better as well, u know.

    This whole post could've been avoided if I could simply "like" yours!
  17. Debating implementation of a Reaction/Like system

    [Moving my post here from the locked thread]

    It boggles my mind this is still not implemented when it should be clear to everyone that a simple "like" feature makes the whole forum experience a whole lot better.

    It lets people express their agreement without making a separate post about it, which clutters threads absolutely unnecessarily.

    I mean, what's the possible conceivable reason NOT to have it? People getting jelly about other people's "like currency" or some other idiocy? This makes me as mad as it's possible for a thing I barely use, which is still quite significant!

    Jesus Christ, when I go back to this forum once in a while to glance through some threads, I just wanna be able to see the most useful replies without reading the whole damn thing.
  18. Can we get the likes on posts?

    It boggles my mind this is still not implemented when it should be clear to everyone that a simple "like" feature makes the whole forum experience a whole lot better. It lets people express their agreement without making a separate post about it, which clutters threads absolutely...
  19. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Increased the camera reset speed for when the view character key is released.
    Why not make it instant...
    Still very nice!
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