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  1. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Goodfutter you could try to record some lines earlier posted here. We already have those lines (in French) very good recorded  by Gartan Cione but if we will have the same recorded with different voices - it will give an impression of different warriors taunting their enemies. Also you could offer some more expressions - war cries before the battle.
  2. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Goodfutter said:
    Hey Fannenträger, you incredibly strong believer in what you are doing!

    I follow this post for some years now and I can't wait the game comes out! Look, I'm a Swiss guy, the part of Switzerland that speaks french. I'm also a musician, I have some material to record and I think I have some actor skills. If you want, I would be honored to try to speak some sentences for you in french, you just have to tell me.

    May your project become true!
    Goodfutter thanks for your offer - we have some very good French lines (thanks to Comrade Crimson and his French speaking fellow Gaetan Cione) and some Arabian war cries (thanks to matmohair1). But our current German lines are not so good. I think you could try to record some German lines if you have any German speaking friends and if you wanna try some French lines so you are welcome. Turkish war cries also needed if you have any Turkish fellows in Switzerland.
  3. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Duke of Judea said:
    Fahnenträger said:
    mightywolve said:
    Please give us some sign!
    Now we waiting while our new scripter will make some stuff with MS and then we'll able to show something.
    You're still alive?
    Our new scripter is busy with his exams - so still waiting for him. We can't move forward without MS stuff.
    DavidTheAssassin said:
    I just noticed that the uploader is Ukrainian, do you think the war might have affected him in some way and that's why he hasn't been active since January? O_O
    He is left the team long time ago, anyway we do not know what happened with him - he's not answering our messages.
  4. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    mightywolve said:
    Please give us some sign!
    Now we waiting while our new scripter will make some stuff with MS and then we'll able to show something.
  5. Fahnenträger

    Viking Conquest: Reforged Edition (Lastest features added, page 1) - 31/05/2015

    In The Reckoning mod infected dogs may attack the player. If I understand correctly your boar will attack the player while hunting? In real hunting, the wild boar - it is a very dangerous creature, and often attacks the real hunters.
    Idibil said:
  6. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    We have several times announced the expected time frame, and after that things were not as we expected. Therefore, we do not want to do it - we do not know how long we will take this or that task. At the moment, we have focused our efforts on multiplayer, and after the release, we will know whether we were time and energy on singleplayer.
  7. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    GiipaGips said:
    what is left before release? :fruity:
    Working on a module system, we need several items for the balance of the multiplayer, to replace some walls and ground textures, to make a few outer terrains, etc. The problem is not how much is left to do -  there is not too much. The question is how long it will take. All team members are not able to do it every day, because every day we are working hard in real life so no predictions on terms I can not give - we just do not know. However, for the first release, we have identified only the most important tasks, since we do not want to delay it indefinitely. Other tasks we intend to solve after the first release.
  8. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Cynfar thank you,  :party:  I think that's enough for now. If we need something more - I'll let you know.
  9. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Tötet sie!
    Tötet sie alle!
    Is it correct ?
    Und can you offer some more ?
  10. Fahnenträger

    [M]ultiplayer Open World Mod

    Does it allows to move from one map to another without losing my equipment ? For example, if I sail with my friends on the ship to the edge of the map, so will I appear in the  different map with all my gear and on the same ship?
  11. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Wendek, Foeurdr, matmohair1, thanks a lot  :grin:. And very special thanks to Comrade Crimson and Gaëtan Cione - he is Comrade Crimson comrade and our French voice actor.
  12. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Cynfar said:
    Zum Angriff! ( Charge! )
    Hebt die Schwerter! ( Raise you swords)
    Für den Herrn! ( For the lord/god)
    Für unseren König! ( For our King)
    Weicht nicht zurück, Männer! ( Dont draw back, lads! )
    Tötet jeden einzelnen! ( Kill everyone! )
    Schlachtet die Heidenhunde! ( Slaughter the heathenhounds )
    Möge Gott uns Gnade schenken ( May god give mercy to us )
    Lasst sie Stahl schmecken! ( Let them taste steel)
    Lasst sie Stahl schmecken! Most of all I liked the sound of this expression :grin: I also think that this phrase is most easily pronounce.  Cynfar thanks. Are you German?  We have to be sure that everything is correct.

    Schlachtet die Heidenhunde!  :twisted: Its also sounds really expressive in Goodle translate. However, would not it sounds like an insult to the Muslim players? I would like to hear their opinion.
  13. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    At the moment we have in stock (sorry for video sound quality - ingame it sounds good and loud). But we have such a comment in MODDB :
    ahmedmed May 13 2014, 3:57pm says:
    come on people we don't scream alalalal or scream alllllah but some of Arabian tribes recently make some disturbing sounds before the battle to scare their enemys like other tribes or in some cases Turks.

    u can instead put al hamd llah الحمد للهor just Takbir الله اكبر

    it is ur mod u can do what ever u want

    I do not know - is he right or wrong but here in Taleworlds forum we didnt heard other opinions. In this case I think matmohair's expressions are all right. Some more from him :

    "kill them all"

    اقتلوهم جميعا - iqtuluhum jamea'an

    "fight them all" - قاتلوهم جميعا

    qatiluhum jamea'an

    And also we need some in French and German I've cheked Google translate and managed to find something like :

    Tout le monde, attaque ! (Everyone, attack!)
    Pas de retraite ! (No retreat !)
    Montrer aucune pitié ! (Show no mercy!)
    Ne faites aucun prisonnier ! (Take no prisoners!)

    Is it correct in French ? Or maybe someone can offer some more expressions or even some more historical ? Also If someone wants to offer some expressions in German - welcome.
  14. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Cynfar said:
    I dont know, but I believe it would be best to let actual frenchmen, englishmen and germans make such voicovers, due to the accents.
    It is only if they have the equipment for recording and some acting skills.
    dragos said:
    If you need anything in Turkish, I would like to help you.
    Later. No need yet to take on Comrade Crimson too much work. Let us move in this direction gradually ..
  15. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    dragos said:
    he checked them and said that they're all correct.
    Of course, since matmohair lives in the UAE.

    Perhaps we will need some shouting in Turkish. It depends on whether Comrade Crimson  cope with eastern accent. While he was engaged in voicing war cries in Latin, French, English and German ...
    Deus Vult !
    Caelum Denique !
    Sine misericordia !
    Omnes impetum !
    Caedite eos !
    Occidamus omnes  !
    Nobiscum Deus !
    Bellate ! Non receptum !

    Montjoie ! St Denis !
    Beau-Séant !
    Vive Dieu, Saint Amour !

    St. George !

    Gott Mit Uns !

    and so on.
  16. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    YourStepDad said:
    So matmohair is not only a master digger of online military history gems but also does voicework? The man is full of surprises. :razz:

    Glad to see the two of them voicing stuff over, and also glad that we received reassurance on the mod's development.

    Keep up the good work!
    matmohair just sent some Arabic transcriptions
    matmohair1 said:
    :wink: hope this helps...

    Attack !



    Charge !



    move forward



    No retreat !

    لا انسحاب


    Fight bravely!

    قاتلو بشجاعة

    qaatiluo bishaja'ah

    Fight valiantly

    قاتلو ببسالة

    qaatiluo bibasalah

    Take no prisoners !

    لا تتخذو اسرى

    la tatakhithuo asraa

    To battle !

    الى المعركة

    - and Google translate allows to listen its pronunciation. So I hope  Comrade Crimson will try to handle with it.
  17. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    I had been contacted with some people that we think could help us. Some of them responded to our request and have done something for the project. Others help in the moment, for example Comrade Crimson agreed to record some voice acting, matmohair1 sent some war cries in Arabic ...
  18. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    GammaDraconis said:
    Still doubt its going to get a full release.
    And I, too, but still try to do something, despite the fact that none of the team members has almost no free time. This project is being developed jointly by the Russian - Ukrainian team and as you probably know, in both countries there is an economic crisis. Therefore, we all have to work in real life, 2 times more than before, getting to work in much less money than before the crisis. As for me, I can spend on modding, about 4 hours every 2 weeks. It is approximately 8 hours per month ... However, at the moment we currently have in stock 95% of the models and a sufficient number of scenes for multiplayer. It only remains to finish the work on a module system and MP balance. What is the amount of time it will take, I do not know.
  19. Fahnenträger

    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Mod is not dead - it was shelved for a long time because we had no any scripter. Recently, we were able to find a new programmer and now some of the old team members again engaged in the development of the project. We prefer at this stage to do without announcements, as we can not say at what time we will be able to accomplish what we have planned. Announcements appear when we are ready to begin beta testing.
  20. Fahnenträger

    SP Antiquity [WB] Shadows in the Desert - An Ancient Middle East Mod

    rgcotl said:
    why you ppl think popularity will get this mod from the hole?
    the real thing today is that no matter how popular mod is no one really is going to help him out
    most of the time only noobs comes in the team and at best way they can do is waste other team memebers time and quit with doing exactly nothing

    Yes i guess everyone who starts mod had hopes that when they show something cool other "Pro" moders will join and finish the job. But to get someone usefull in the team is nearly the same as win the million.
    No one could have said it better.
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