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  1. Weaver

    What's on your mind?

    Don't worry, I got this.
    Mixed signals, mate.
    Also, I meant to say this earlier: your beleaguered fortress of a country has been very much in my thoughts since before Russia invaded. I'd like to visit Ukraine someday, assuming you guys win. Even in my rural area I've seen quite a few people with Ukrainian flags in their front yards these past two years. You might be surprised how many people are on your side.
    This means a lot. Thank you.
    If we don’t win then I guess I’ll be visiting you.
  2. Weaver

    What's on your mind?

    Hey, I'm not doubting that you're under a lot of pressure. Just really puzzled why you're picking the route that increases anxiety instead of the one that decreases it.
    In your situation, I would go to my mother and say that I really want to get her something for christmas but I'm so overwhelmed with the other stuff that I can't come up with something good and am starting to panic. So maybe she could tell me what she would like to have. In this manner, I'd remove this burden from my brain and also get some emotional support from mommy. Why face this problem alone?
  3. Weaver

    What's on your mind?

    And I know there are a lot of people, including some here (Weaver) who have much more serious problems to worry about. And I'm sorry.
    Dude, I’ve only got one parent left alive, so I’ve got it easier than you. I’m also able to communicate with my parent about things related to them which make me worry, so that further reduces my anxiety. Don’t know what makes you think you’re in a better mental state than me in my beleaguered fortress of a country.

    Seriously though, it’s not about problems but about how you can manage them. You need to learn how to manage your life or you will continue regulating anxiety with sickness.
  4. Weaver

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    That depends on who you call the far right. Some people would call Meloni or Orban far right. These people are stupid.

    The actual far-right westerners are of course rabid antisemites, it's a tradition. And it makes perfect sense that both right and left radicals agree on such issues because they have different ideologies but similar anamnesis. As Lenin put it: "the worse, the better" and that is the motto of every loser sufficiently removed from the political center.
  5. Weaver

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Twitter is just the new “newspaper” infrastructure. In the previous century NYT published articles on how Holodomor was a lie, and today we have countless twitter posts on how Jews killed their own children to justify the genocide of Gaza or how they deserved it anyway. And now Arvenskis of the internet drop these “we must force them to make peace” takes because somehow we have lost the perspective on who the aggressor was and what is the real implication of peace on the aggressor’s terms. As a Ukrainian I am triggered every time.
  6. Weaver

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Yeah, this is all happening because the US vetoed a ****ing UN resolution. Grow up.
    I'm so done with morons making these **** UN resolutions but never actually achieving anything except for moral grandstanding over those who voted differently.
  7. Weaver

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    Who is the ***** now, I thought you wanted banter? :razz:
    Fine, simulating being offended was a ***** move. But it’s still a part of the banter, okay?
  8. Weaver

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    Oh yes. I like your interpretation better.
    Also, I like woke people now. They all have a Ukrainian flag in the bio.
  9. Weaver

    What's on your mind?

    Double post, I know.

    Anyway, back in February/March I bought a house. It was a rushed decision tbh, I never finished moving in, and by summer I could tell that it was a mistake. Anyway, a few days before I was to sign the deal on the house, I came down with a cold. I had to postpone the final meeting with the realtor because the day I was supposed to meet him, I sounded like death and I couldn't go 5 minutes without blowing my nose. Now I'm selling the house, and my realtor wants to meet tomorrow to discuss the sale, and... I think I'm coming down with a cold. This would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that I'll probably spend all day tomorrow trying not to vomit. Wonderful. This is why I hate planning things in advance, because sometimes I feel like making plans is daring the universe to make me or someone else around me sick that day. Marvelous.
    This actually does not sound like a coincidence. More like your subconscious trying to talk to you.
    Explore it further. It will be fun.
  10. Weaver

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    We're not fighting a war against orcs like you, we're fighting a war against wokes and we lost.
    You’re not fighting a war, you goofball. But I love how you're willing to capitulate preemptively.
    And please, don't call me an orc. This is an ethnic slur. Although I am a Russian-speaker, I am a patriot of my country.
  11. Weaver

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    How did you boys manage to pussify even more than previously.

    Banter was the best part of the forum.
  12. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    Some footage from Mariupol was edited into a short film "Our home is on fire" by a Ukrainian journalist on behalf of the family who lived in the city through the siege. They were able to survive and flee to Europe at some point afterward and took the footage with them. It is quite rare because journalists were intentionally sniped while civilians very quickly lost access to electricity and couldn't use phones for filming. This guy had solar panels and was apparently a local geek so he could capture some of this on camera. There are no Eng subtitles yet so it steals a lot of context. But the images at least are important to see and the overall atmosphere is important to feel.

    My favourite moment is when the family tries to loot the hit Russian truck and realize that it had very strong armoured windows... but a very weak metal frame and a simple rifle apparently shot and killed the driver. So they laugh at Russian stupidity.
    The most heartbreaking part is when they come to visit Kolya's family (the boy, who played a guitar) and find them all dead to a Russian aerial bomb. And they can't even bury anyone.

  13. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    Last year Girkin said, that if he is allowed to fight, this will be a good sign for Ru military. But if he is imprisoned - the Ru military is doomed. Here's hoping he was right.
  14. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    Unbelievable lies on Russian TV:

    No doubt Russian will claim NATO rockets damaged the building of the consulate general of the People's Republic of China in Odesa.

    The Chinese consulate was not hit. It is just situated within a block of the target building. Just like my mom's house, by the way. I only found out where rockets struck in the morning and when mom didn't pick up the phone I freaked out a bit.
    Thankfully, she just slept very tightly. We now have to sleep during the day because nights are when rockets and drones are falling. And those who live downtown like my mom... it's the worst.
    There was some minor damage to the apartment. Insect-proof nets got carried away by the blast. Some cracks in the ceiling. Some fallen objects, broken vases. I did not inspect the roof yet, could be bad. I expect it's the same with the consulate, nothing huge.
    That building that was hit was an office building by the way. No storage spaces there, no soldiers or vehicles anywhere around. I guess they were aiming at a certain building that is in the vicinity but missed it. Probably the same with the other hits tonight.

    As to this clown talking about my city, you have to understand that this is internal propaganda. Utesov is a name that maybe means anything to my parents' generation but is mostly remembered by my grandparents' generation. And I am not a young man.
    So what's happening there is this bustard lulling the old women in Russia who still remember Utesov's songs about Odessa and their summertime adulteries here. The old women (without higher education, poor and TV-trained) constitute the majority group of the Russian population, and coincidentally Putin's core electorate.
  15. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    Hopefully such heavy attacks intended as a political demonstration of Putin’s power will end soon. They lack any military logic, whatever grain and port infrastructure are destroyed. I’m sorry you’re suffering from his temper tantrum following the Kerch bridge attack.
    Please don't buy into this "revenge strikes" hogwash. All of their strikes are pre-planned. You can not plan and execute such a massive cross-country strike in 12 hours.
    They knew the grain deal was expiring. They announced they will not be renewing it. There were some speculations that Ukraine could keep transporting grain even with Russia pulling out of the deal. So they planned to make that physically impossible by destroying all infrastructure they could target.
    Of course, these strikes are not guided by strictly military logic. But it's not a demonstration either. It's an attack on the country's civilian economy and long-term ability to provide for itself and to trade with other countries.
  16. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    Today Putin has to make a decision whether grain deal will be prolonged. Peskov recently mentioned that the deal is over.
    I guess this strike sends a message "no grain deal = no kerch bridge".

    On a different note, I have now had the two worst nights of my life. The number of rockets and drones in the sky was insane. The crescendo of explosions and trembling walls felt like I was in a frontline city.
    They are trying to completely destroy our trade port and all grain facilities in the region. Partially they were successful, judging by what I see. Grain terminals are all blown up, together with thousands of tons of grain. I guess the logic here is to destroy our livelihood for years to come. Which is sort of good at least in a way that they apparently no longer expect to conquer my city and now just want to make us suffer and destroy whatever value they can destroy.
  17. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    In the meantime, I'm toying with chatgpt to gauge its actual involvement in the current "blogosphere".
    It's pretty great.
  18. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    Andrey Kolesnikov (kremlin pocket journo) released a short article based on his recent interview/conversation with Putin. There was a story about it in the rag, but I can't see it fully translated into English anywhere, so will share some insights that I find hilarious.
    NBs by Kolesnikov. I love how petty and peeved Putin sounds and this is supposed to be a PR piece.

    — What actually happened during that meeting on June 29?

    — On the on hand, I assessed their battle achievements, on the other hand, I assessed their actions during the June 24. Finally, I outlined possible venues for their further service. Including using them in battle again. That was it.

    !And it took them 3 hours.

    — So can we assume,— I said,— that PMC Wagner will be preserved as a combat unit?

    — Well, PMC Wagner does not exist! — Exclaimed Vladimir Putin.— We do not have any legislation pertaining to private military organizations! It simply does not exist!

    !So, if there is no legislation, there is no PMC.
    !Well, what was that all about though?

    — Such legal entity does not exist,— underlined Vladimir Putin.

    !Apparently, he was speaking as a professional lawyer here. Understandable.

    — The group is there, but legally it does not exist! — repeated the president.— This is a separate issue, related to actual legalization. But this issue should be discussed at the State Duma, the government. It's a tough one.

    !Later Vladimir Putin shared a story from that meeting, where he offered Wagner commanders (35 were present, as he confirmed) several options for further employment. Including continuing working under their current combat leader (Sedoy) who they served with for the last 16 months.

    — They all could be gathered in one place and continue their service,— said Vladimir Putin. — Nothing would change for them. They would be led by the same person, who led them all this time.

    — And what came out of it?

    — Many of them nodded a lot while I talked,— continued Vladimir Putin.— But Prigozhin, who sat at the front and didn't see his men nodding, replied "No, guys will not accept such a proposition".
  19. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    Unfortunately, I don't fully believe that either. It's a Russian general for crying out loud. You couldn't be a general in Shoigu's army if you were not a part of the corruption machine. An honest man would have been ousted many years ago.

    What probably happened was the guy got sacked as a result of post-Prigozhin purges or whatnot and kitbashed a pretty story to look heroic. All units on all theatres experience some sort of ammo shortage and inadequate coverage by artillery. On both sides. It's bad. Everyone knows that. And nothing can be done either.
    He's just like Prigozhin screaming "where is the ammo, Shoigu?" When the answer is - there's objectively not enough ammo for intense daily shelling of the entire front's length, you clown.
  20. Weaver

    Ukraine Today

    interesting speculation:

    No, I don't buy this at all.
    For one, Kovalchuk is on the record saying the most conspiratorial, chauvinistic, and insane things about Ukraine and the "anglo-saxons", probably superseding those of Patrushev himself. He was one of the main influences on Putin for this war to be started in the first place.

    People like to speculate about the "towers of Kremlin" which vie for power behind Putin's back. I think there are really just two towers that hold real power - the "siloviki" (led by Patrushev and FSB) and Putin's personal friends and family (Rotenbergs, Kovalchuk, etc.). Just like the two groups Girkin outlined in his post.

    The main difference between these groups is that siloviki are independently powerful and Putin's friends absolutely hang on Putin remaining in power. Once he's out, they will have no protection and no military or political resource to keep what they currently control.
    It was said that Prigozhin was originally affiliated with Kiriyenko (Kovalchuk's group). But for the reasons mentioned above, I do not believe the latter group would ever try anything that undermines Putin's power. So I am convinced that Prigozhin's coup was either staged by an FSB-affiliated group (him being a double agent) or that Prigozhin actually went rogue and acted against Kovalchuk's interest, probably still aligning with the siloviki as the result. So him still being alive means a win for siloviki and Putin's buddies being weakened.

    Girkin is affiliated with FSB likewise. So this post by Girkin has to be an elaborate ruse, a psyops. To convince the rising Russian fascist public core that Prigozhin is still a Kovalchuk's guy and Kovalchuk and Co want to end the war. When in truth, it has to be vice versa. Putin's life and career depend on how this war goes now. So "friends and family" absolutely are in till the last soldier. While siloviki have not much to gain from prolonging the war or escalating it. I think siloviki are the ones working toward ending the war, but they want to blame Putin's friends for this so that they can keep the support of the rising Russian fascist irredentist core.
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