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  1. Are my dreams coming true? BL beta

    I doubt TW will give keys to any random Joe anyway. It'll probably be the tournament winners who get prioritized in the first go, and then we'll see who else gets admitted.
  2. Skandinavisk/Skandinaviske Politik/Politikk

    Urgrevling said:

    Konservative er bekymret for Norges og Europas framtid, og det har vi all grunn til å være med tanke på dagens utvikling.

    Forresten, støtter du faktisk Fethullah Gülen eller er det bare kødd?
  3. Skandinavisk/Skandinaviske Politik/Politikk

    Hvem er redd da?
  4. Skandinavisk/Skandinaviske Politik/Politikk

    Ikke akkurat gull og grønne skoger her heller, nei.

    Men vil påstå at situasjonen i Norge er fremdeles hakket bedre enn i Sverige.
  5. Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    I think Ready or Not looks pretty good, and I'm glad we're finally getting the long-awaited SWAT 5. Not going to pre-order though. I think I'll wait for the Steam release, to have the ability to refund just in case. Better safe than sorry.

    I may change my mind when the testing phases come around, but that $119.99 price tag is too steep for me to want to buy the "Supporter" edition of the game. If the testing feedback sounds good, I could maybe considering opting in for the standard edition for beta access, but tbh early access is overhyped anyway.
  6. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    Now we can discuss the UEFA Nations League, starting this september.
  7. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    That Russia-Croatia match was one of the best and most intense matches in this whole World Cup. Both teams really put 100 % into this match, and it was a great game from start to end. Shame to see our boys lose, but the performance they showed was excellent. Proud of the Russian squad for that play, with a little more luck I'm sure they could have done the impossible and went to the semi's - but such is football. The ball is round, and anything can happen.
  8. whats with napoleonic wars2 (bcof)

    Not a scam, development is just going really slowly, sort of like Bannerlord. But Bannerlord is probably progressing quicker than BCoF.

    Check out Holdfast: Nations at War if you want to play a successor to NW. It's made by some of the same developers who were on the FSE team before.
  9. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    Liathbeanna said:
    Schmeichel... :sad:

    I really feel bad for him, with that performance he really deserved a win last night.
  10. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    célibataire volontaire macroniste said:
    God exists

    And he's a Russian.

  11. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    I believe that Russia can beat Spain. Let's go Russia!
  12. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    Wulfburk said:
    Problem with VAR is that it should superseed the ref, the ref shoudnt be able to deny a VAR review, and  it would be best if he didnt even need to stop and look by himself, have the guys up there decide on the act, like Rugby Union.

    Yeah, that's what I was talking about in my post as well. VAR should be the superior referees, since they're the ones with hundreds of cameras at their disposal and they're in a way better position to make the best call instead of some sweaty on-field referee. I really do wonder what the VAR guys think whenever they see an obvious penalty and the referee does nothing. Can't they like call him up and let him know that this should have been a penalty?

    VAR is a great idea at its core, I don't really get why people don't like it. The way it works just needs to be changed, so that the VAR guys are the superior referees and have the final call.
  13. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    célibataire volontaire macroniste said:
    Ronaldo deserved a red card or worse for randomly hitting iranian player and expecting to get away with it, the referee is a ****.
    Morocco almost won against Spain, so maybe russians will be able to beat them?
    VAR is the most dramatic thing ever

    We've seen a lot of bad referees so far in the World Cup unfortunately, I really hope that trend changes and we start getting some matches with good refereeing.

    Yeah, Morocco almost beating Spain has really got my hopes up for Russia-Spain. It's a shame Iran didn't go through, in my opinion they deserve it more as a team than Portugal, but oh well.

    Kentucky James said:
    Adorno said:
    That penalty kick for Iran was plain wrong. But they played really well.

    If Iran's players had some more stamina Portugal wouldn't have stood a chance. They held possession for most of the match and did nothing with it. Ronaldo played goalhanger and tried to outskill 5 defenders with no support. Their cohesion was the worst I've seen from a major European team. It's a team built around a narcissist who wants goals fed to him.
    I'm really surprised by Iran. Last world cup they were snore-inducingly bad but this time they're one of the more organized teams in the tournament.

    Also lol at how VAR causes more problems than it solves. And it hasn't prevented some of the worst diving in human history.

    Fully agreed.
  14. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    Was sad to see Russia lose today to Uruguay, but the loss was deserved. Russia did not play well today, but hopefully this loss will motivate the team to do their best against Spain in their upcoming match. I still have faith in the Russians.

    Вперёд, Россия!!!
  15. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    Wulfburk said:
    Well now its brazil and germany in round of 16.

    IF brazil doesnt loses to serbia that is

    I hope the Serbs manage to collect themselves after their last loss, and beat the Brazilians. Will be a good game, I'm sure.
  16. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    BNS Marko said:
    It's just very inconsistent. VAR did its job during the Brazil and Iceland games very nicely yesterday, and failed to react for the Serbs. That was definetly a penalty. It seemed to me as if the referee had a grudge with Mitrovic or something, he continuously ignored him.

    However, Serbia losing the game was a pretty fair outcome due to how they closed their game after the first goal...which was in the 5th minute. That's now a winning mentality. Perhaps thing would have been different with a penalty, but I think they just had too many blunders to win that.

    Agreed that the performance was not best by the Serbs, but I don't think Switzerland deserved a win either. Imo, I think it should have either been a draw or a very close win for the Serbs.

    After the Serbs secured their first goal, the play went really downhill which was sad to see, especially considering how well they played during the first couple of minutes to secure that first goal.
  17. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    VAR is a great idea, with terrible implementation. Look at today's Switzerland-Serbia game, there was a clear penalty for Serbia which was not awarded by the referee, even though he clearly must have seen it. I really wonder what the VAR guys were doing at this time? Why didn't they call him and tell him it was a penalty? Why does the referee that is on the field get to make the final call and not the guys with tons of cameras at their disposal?

    In my opinion, it would be much more fair and make much more sense if a group of referees (the VAR folks) were the ones with the final say in refereeing the game, as they have a better overview of it and can better judge situations rather than the referees who are on the field.

    Also, to just piss a bit more on today's referee, I wonder who's great idea it was to appoint a German referee to a game where Switzerland plays? That's a horrible idea, and we ended up with biased refereeing because of it.

    Serbia of course has to take part of the blame as well, after scoring their first goal their play just got awful, they barely managed to hold onto the ball and that 2nd goal they conceded was absolutely horrible, they should have defended way better than that. But keep in mind that the Serbian players were frustrated after all the bull**** refereeing, and them not being awarded their penalties (which there should have at least been one of, perhaps even two.)

  18. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    BNS Marko said:
    Brazil hasn't been up to par for a long time now.

    Certainly. This will be an exciting World Cup.
  19. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    Brazil drew against Switzerland, also unexpected.
  20. Football and/or Soccer Thread

    What a beautiful game, lots of tension and excitement. Congratulations to Mexico for beating the current world champions! The win was well deserved.
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