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  1. Lusitani

    MP Musket Era "Battle of Gniew 1626 A. D. “ - Historical event (03.12.2023)

    1. Name: Lusitani
    2. Contact (Steam):

    Swedish artillery if possible (as I am part of MF)
  2. Lusitani


    1. Name and short tag of clan / regiment: Myself (Lusitani)

    2. Leader(s) and their Steam contact(s): Mr_Dude

    3. Clan / regiment banner (optional): MF

    4. Which contingent(s) are you signing up for? HRE Arty
  3. Lusitani

    Screenshots and Videos!

    I have heard slings were in the mod in the starting days, anyone got a picture of that?
  4. Lusitani

    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    (Sorry to interrupt the conversation and my poor English) I think you should create it.
    We never know what the community can do with that information or if you will end up helping an Italian boy with his History class. But inspired by your question I started looking for information alone, and I have to say, that after the 8th and 7th centuries, which is when most of the famous bronze figures are made, it is as if the Nuragic culture had mysteriously disappeared. Right now I am reviewing the classical authors in the search of more information.

    Between clan wars and other social systems there might have not been enough time left to write about them, if I am not wrong there might be some inscriptions about them from the Carthaginians, Greeks and Romans
  5. Lusitani

    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    Oh no worries just wanted to know if it was okay for the thread to be created.
  6. Lusitani

    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    Out of curiosity would you consider making a Research thread for stuff like the Nuragic tribes?
  7. Lusitani

    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    All good I also had a suggestion relating to the javs:

    -Let the skirmisher javelins also have an option for a javelin bundle with a bonus against shields but disable the option to let them be picked up afterwards and with maybe less javs

    -Let Italic slingers have the option for a staff sling with a longer reload time but with the possibility of doing more damage
    -Let macedonian slingers have the option to choose a cestrosphendon sling which slings darts (less ammo) but does piercing damage
  8. Lusitani

    Rome at War: Suggestions/bugs

    Do not know if it has been discussed yet but during an overhand stab with the (heavy)pilum the model seems to disapear.


    Also when a Grosphoros hit a Roman Thureo the colours disapear and we are left with just the model
  9. Lusitani

    Historical Discussion

    We used our endless imagination.

    It was well used that I am sure

    To actually give a serious answer (although from someone who was not part of the dev-team) there is generally a lot of freedom in Vikingr when it comes to several items. The Väslgarde helmet for the Norðmenn is a helmet of the Vendel Period (The period in Scandinavia before the Viking Age). Seaxes do appear in scandinavian context for the Viking Age, but there are only a few finds and the only one I know, which would be suit for combat, would be the one from Hedeby. (Which suggests that Seaxes in Viking Age Scandinavia went out of fashion.) The Coppergate helmet for the Engle is too early for the Viking Age aswell, the Yldrena Láf sword for the Wísa also has a design from the migration period. (So called Ring-Swords). You could make a whole list of things that are not 100% correct, but in all honestly, for the time it was made, Vikingr was still quite an accurate mod unlike other mods you had for Warband. And if the Devs wouldn't have taken that freedom, the item slots would probably be quite fewer than today.

    Aye thank you for the clarification it certainly did and still does look accurate for the period and setting the devs wanted, the Goedelic is certainly my favourite faction albeit I kinda wish there had been a skirmish class more focused around something like a javelinmen or even a sling, they already have a lot of unique stuff like the Clubs and the hewing spear.
  10. Lusitani

    Historical Discussion

    Albeit this whole thing is a tad dead I always wondered, what resources did you guys use to make the equipment for the Irish/Goidelic faction? I was confused at first to see Ridge helmets in there.
  11. Lusitani

    "Battle of Chocim 1621 A.D." - Historical event (24.05.2020)

    1. Name:
    2. Contact (Steam)
  12. Lusitani

    [research] iberians

    Well after 4 years I can at least contribute something now.

    I will post more when the Uni Library Opens up.

    From left to right: Gallic,Libyian,Celtiberian,Latin
  13. Lusitani

    The Deluge Historical event - Battle of Lutzen (07.03.2020)


    1. Mancom37
    2. Mr_Dude
  14. Lusitani

    Weekly Skirmish | Every Saturday at 4pmBST (PAUSED)

    Name: Mancom37
    Which team would you prefer to fight for: No preference most of the times people tell that I am a good archer
    I have read the rules: Yup
  15. Lusitani

    Screenshots & videos

    If there is one thing I love and I am known for in this mod is artillery , why ?

  16. Lusitani

    Off Topic Thread - The Banterbrigade

    Old meme


    And here is a new meme

    Going to battle with woad paint and just one axe due to the speed and reach
  17. Lusitani

    Will someone ever make a server for this mod?

    Too much money due to the scripts
  18. Lusitani

    [WB][M]Persistent Frontier Update 2.0

    Mamlaz said:
    Magnificent news.

    Hope the natives no longer have free stuff.

    Just make it cheap, but with at least some cost.

    But you guys have free muskets...
  19. Lusitani

    Suggestion thread for next updates

    So I (Pepe) am making this thread to grab your lads suggestions and present them to vittalion to be reviewed,so go on and post them-
  20. Lusitani

    Just some questions

    So guys just wondering:

    How many slots are enough?
    Would you guys be too mad if I set up a donation link to fund the server and the server only?
    EU or NA?

    Anyone wants to admin for it?
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