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    EU siege servers constantly crashing

    don't worry, it has only been an issue for about a year. I'm sure taleworlds sees this as a priority and has their best people on it!
    you mean that guy called "no one"? He is one of the best i heard...
  2. Caps

    [Strawpoll] If Taleworlds prepared another game, what you would do ?

    i mean we know that they are working on some another project... my guess is that it is Wfas2 with more focus on story/rpg stylish or smth completly different


  3. Caps

    Ideas to fix skirm (maybe tw will use)

    I actually messaged NIN3 yesterday with almost this exact issue word for word, and he explained that all weapon produce a stun based on their weight vs the weight of your weapon. It's nothing specific for 2 handers, but I guess naturally the weight difference is much more pronounced. This is negated completely if you pull off an active block and it is always less if you're using a shield.

    Anyway I agree completely that it just feels like you've lagged when it happens, and NIN3 said they will look at having some clearer audio cues. I think that needs to happen for most combat mechanics such as active blocks and what-not, it's pretty impossible to tell when they've happened especially in the heat of battle.

    Two handed don't need any more advantage than they already have, and this sort of adds onto the pile of why heavy infantry is so weak at the moment.
    Could still reduce the weight modifier to level it out more. It sometimes makes it super clunky if the input gets eaten by the stun (at least on some patch during EA it was like this on some weapons). Or they lengthen the input duration a little bit... as long as the char doesnt start attacking at random times then...
  4. Caps

    The cav parking issue

    For this to be effective, it requires me to rambo too. Then it's 2 idiots running to eachothers' spawns to kill the other player's cav bots. I can already picture it in my mind and it's literally the furthest thing I can imagine from the point of Captain.

    You mean as in all troops or cav to make it more viable to be used as a squad? To both I'd say no.
    - Increasing all units' sizes wouldn't help because it's might be even harder for captains to protect their troops, especially archers, because they would have a wider line.
    - For the rambo cav it'd be just more respawns and the mere thought of that makes me puke in my mouth.

    I think one of the two good solutions right now is to include the good old anti-rambo script to Captain. We had this in NW and some custom servers. It makes you deal no damage when you're too far away from your squad. It still leaves you able to "scout" (which is apparently what a lot of "pro" rambo players say they are doing), but makes you unable to abuse AI without taking any risks.
    The other solution (preferably added with the first one) is to make horses less tanky so they don't tank at least 10 shots from longbows before going down, and make AI ranged fire as a squad smarter, so they wouldn't focus only the one cav troop in front instead of the whole squad and to make them better at leading shots.
    it doesnt matter if you park 8 units but if you park 30 cav in the back of the map your team will lose them in the fight because more damage output will be needed.
  5. Caps

    The cav parking issue

    increasing the unit size might help, if the performance allows it
  6. Caps

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    The most important thing at the very end, as some poor scrap. TW you have a problem with priorities.
    all of the stuff before concerns core gameplay mechanics or is relatively small and easy to implement e.g. voice coms is plug and play
  7. Caps

    Disccusion about the current position of Infantry

    @Mikal Manfriedson Thats what I was thinking as far as archer loadouts go. The heavier archers shouldn't be able to escape without support but fair better in a head to head fight and the lighter archers should get sliced up like butter when caught but have mobility that requires either cavalry or a fast inf unit to catch.
    movement speed is rly important in a close combat fight
  8. Caps

    Disccusion about the current position of Infantry

    increase player count from 6 to 7
  9. Caps

    I want my money back!

    What part of that statement is wrong exactly? I was telling the truth, you're here to troll a person asking a simple question
    I dont see whats wrong with trolling trolls. If he rly wanted to refund he can just write into google "how to refund on steam". Legit just another post to flamebait.
  10. Caps

    Playing Infantry still feels like ****

    True but being powerless to fight someone isnt fun either
    meant the spear sitting in a corner with a spear is not fun
  11. Caps

    Playing Infantry still feels like ****

    being able to counter someone doesnt necessarily make it fun to play
  12. Caps

    the game is incredible with Ultrawide screen

    i just change my monitor yesterday from 2560x1440 to 3440x1440 21:9 screen.
    all the games are amazing now with ultrawide, total war, battlefield and many other games.
    but i have to say that bannerlord amazed me the most, it's like it was optimized to UW settings
    its just fits right with this settings,
    i had to pass this in a thread, & i advice everyone to try it if they have the chance.
    soo good !!
    think this is true for most of the fighting games, you got a curved one?
  13. Caps

    Genuine question how is a non-class system better?

    As in while i like player choice i feel that surley its alot harder to balance in the long run and not have one or two Op broken builds

    now ive not played a huge amount of MP but i did like the options of the classes and felt form what i played (a few versions ago) that the classes were ok and played well

    i do feel that they could maybe allow some more perks for things like better sword or better amour type thing

    can i ask why people seem to hate this system so much? (not trying to bait or start an angry disscusion i just want consrtuctive reasons why and even reason on what could be changed for a middle ground)
    warband had a class system with only 3 classes but more in number and more insigificant upgrade options, basicly this "more perks for things like better sword or better amour type thing"
  14. Caps

    MP Consistent health

    Does it?
    I thought it was only influenced by the weapons handling. But I could be wrong there.
    thats the reason why every garbage bounces on horses and heavy armor, handling influences it as well
  15. Caps

    MP Consistent health

    doesnt armor impact weapon bounces? if it does you need to rework the whole system but it would be nice to have the same amount of healthpoints for units/horses. Could display % based combat log if it doesnt impact performance too much.
  16. Caps

    Modders need to fix the game

    We know exactly their team size, there's a picture with all the employees. And their output in terms of content is as slow as some unpaid mod teams.
    HR etc. doesnt work on the game, If one team falls behind it might drag every other team back
  17. Caps

    Modders need to fix the game

    There's no excuse for the slow output from the TW art folks. 9 months how many new scenes?
    We dont even know how much they output, nor their teamsize so why complain?
  18. Caps

    Modders need to fix the game

    I did entire scenes in two weeks (highly detailed custom town map plus a siege map in 1257 AD) that are much bigger than Bannerlord castles in Warband. That's with that painful AI mesh grid as well. This is a 90 man company lol. Nice try, but you don't know what you are talking about.
    did you plan how the gameplay will feel? In addition, warband is way simpler than bannerlord. You need a month for a single map and there are around 100 cities/castles?

    Dont even know why you bring a warband example; you didnt use the bannerlord tools?
  19. Caps

    Modders need to fix the game

    I really hate to say it but TW its just doing an awful work, i really dont understand their internal organizations or why they havent hired more people with all the money they made from Warband or Bannerlord release, but its none of my business and i dont care at this point.

    Modders really have to take this game to where it belongs, let TW fix things like the pathfinding on sieges (which they could test in Captain Mode Multiplayer with Siege maps btw). Let TW fix the real core stuff and modders should fix the rest of the game, many of them are already at it, but they are doing it separately, so we have a mod with 3 helmets over here, another mod that balances units over there, its too dispersed and lacks cohesion.

    So I propose modders to associate with a single objective, to provide the VANILLA Bannerlord experience that was meant to be, to try to get Bannerlord to the Warband + floris or diplomacy mods standard, like joining an army as a soldier for example, introducing a lot of new armours and weapons and changing the troop trees to integrate them, etc.

    So what do you guys think?

    EDIT: I know some stuff is subject to change, but its been 7 months of EA and they have accomplished little, so im thinking that at this rate is going to take them like 2 years to get the game to a respectable state
    • they are hiring if you actually checked before you made this post (just hard to find skilled people in turkey; they even officially posted this)
    • 1 siege map is in reality 3 different maps if you multiply that with every castle in the game you get a pretty big number, its not smth you can work on in a few months. Humans are bound to make mistakes here and then. But feel free to create a map and you will see how long it takes
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