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  1. Gambles

    Another "Should I Come Back to Bannerlord SP?" Question

    Kind of the same boat, checking in on the game throughout EA and saw changes that were more akin to regular updates a launched game would get instead of EA huge content drops. Figured I'd check it out again on release and the war/diplomacy/fief stuff still feels at best bare bones. The campaign/overworld feels about ankle deep. The in battle stuff is still decent I guess though. At this point when some friends jump on we just do captain mode multiplayer on custom servers and thats alright for a bit of a different kind of game.

    It's kind of funny to see a lot of the people who defended the state of EA, saying the game would improve leaps and bounds and have this and that by the time it launched, slowly coming to the realization that this is it. lol.
  2. Gambles

    When can we earn money in custom server?

    You can earn loot / gold for cosmetics by being on any official server. You can just join one and it will be given for simply being on the server.
    Well that would be cool, if there were any official captain servers. There isn't.
  3. Gambles

    When can we earn money in custom server?

    We don't have any plans currently to expand the Loot system to work on custom servers as well (due to the moddability of those and possible other issues).
    Sooo if I want to play captain mode and the queue is dead I literally can't earn the loot stuff?
  4. Gambles

    Consistant Multiplayer Server Crashes Poll/Petition

    Welp, the matchmaking just doesn't find a match at all and every time I try a private server it crashes after a few rounds. Neat launch out of EA.
  5. Gambles

    Bannerlord was a grift

    And I disagreed with that. Some games calling themselves "early access" are essentially (or literally) finished and largely bug-free. Some games described as released are a mess. Who stops them? No one. Am I saying that is good? No, it just serves to confuse buyers about what to expect from their purchase in many cases. But much of the time that confusion is the entire point of the exercise.

    That's a pretty normal player activity trend for SP games. Huge release numbers that taper off after three or four months. Nothing short of DLC gets people to stampede back into activity, something I had to actually go out and graph like a year ago:

    That's also why I'm doubtful mods are going to bring back players in numbers enough to matter.

    Of course, what benefit high playercount actually brings to a mostly SP game with zero in-game monetization is itself a question worth asking.
    He's right though, those DLC's are basically big patches (with a solid amount of free content as well). In bannerlord you should see the numbers spike when it has a decent update but you don't really. You can bring up something like DayZ for a more accurate comparison and you see something similar, every big patch saw a spike in players coming back to find out what's new and what's been added, and the game had a long near dead point due to lack of meaningful updates.
  6. Gambles

    Bannerlord was a grift

    Well I'd like to say "told ya so" but seeing even some of the die-hard shills from over a year ago admitting defeat. It's pretty disappointing. A big part of me wanted to be wrong, through all the re-code blahblah, the "modders will fix it", the "just give it a year and you'll look dumb!", I really thought maybe something awesome could eventually come through the development pipe in a somewhat reasonable timeline.

    Even the humblest of fan expectations have been undershot completely, and that's just not fun for anyone.
  7. Gambles

    Were our expectations to high?

    On the contrary, I think the game this far has failed to meet even the lowest expectations pre-launch and even months in when so many were speculating the pace and features to be added.
  8. Gambles

    When is TWs actually going to add a major feature?

    Ya know what's funny if you go back a few months after launch you can see all the people pushing the idea that 9 months from now you're gunna be sorry after they release all the new features and you look dumb!

    Now those same people are relegated to "Well people can make up their own mind whether they want to support the game! Stop complaining!"


    When something falls below even your own generously low expectations and you can't even be like "haha hey yeah, guess I was wrong" I think you've thoroughly earned the "shill" title.

    But yeah, like I said months ago I'm pretty sure they what we have is pretty damn close to what the final product is going to be. Certainly not many "major features" are going to be added like so many were... um.. speculating.
  9. Gambles

    Give TW a break guys.

    I think both sides of the fence are ridiculous. If you make a thread just to crap on TW you're being moronic, if you make one to just say how those people are wrong and TW is doing a great job, you're also moronic. Keep the threads pertaining to the damn game and not complaining about the people playing it, you REALLY don't have to talk to them one way or another, no matter which side you're on. And if people hating or supporting the game hurts your feelings somehow to the point where you have to vent, you probably have bigger issues to worry about than a video game.

    Lock every single thread that is just complaining about one side or the other.
  10. Gambles

    What's the One Thing Now that would Reignite Your Passion and Interest in the Game?


    Just give me a glimmer of hope for the base game.

    Fix the AI at least enough so that battles are somewhat challenging and entertaining, have another look at army controls, do something with sieges please, overhaul blacksmithing, overhaul talents (I just don't understand why it took them so long for what we are getting), add some form of diplomacy, for gosh sake help the multiplayer community they're on life support!, do some balancing of units, weapons and armor, just... deliver something impressive in A FEW of these, not all, just a couple or something. Have some real meat in some of these patches. A glimmer of hope would probably make me... a bit more optimistic, for release.
  11. Gambles

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    Jesus, some people spend so much time on this sub I wonder how they have time to play the game. Let alone be a working self-sufficient adult... Wait..

    But I think 2 patches back to back is pretty good, let em work on some worthwhile content for a while eh?
  12. Gambles

    Just me or are the graphics really ugly on some maps in daytime in this new patch 1.5.4 ?

    That light looks like it's illuminating some areas with a lot less work done to them or something. It looks like a shiny baron patch, almost like sand at first glance. I certainly don't think that area looks anywhere near realistic, more like an older game lol
  13. Gambles

    Two sides of " enabled death "

    Not having lords die in simulation battles just makes the feature completely redundant anyway. Having only player participated battles count completely disconnects the reality of death from the game, and seems exactly opposite of what they're trying to do in every other aspect (making ai have to recruit, buy food, etc). Just a weird fricken oversight.
  14. Gambles

    Will smithing ever be fixed or at least rebalanced?

    Vonbalt, I agree with what your saying to an extent, I guess it depends on how long you played. Initially, I enjoyed the beginning of the game, (the most) then I soon realized its literally the same exact motions every time, and there is very little do actually do, so the beginning has just become tedious.

    This is what I realized after about 150hrs in game, playing, testing, crashing, starting new games every time a patch hit, testing some more, fiddling with sieges and camps... Basically it's all ankle deep and the what is there isn't intriguing or challenging past the initial hurdle of just figuring out the games sometimes weird balance issues.

    Having said that. Some people can play absolutely repetitive crap forever. I watch my spouse play redundant phone games endlessly, the same ones for years and never seeming get bored enough to quit completely. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  15. Gambles

    A technical question about Bannerlord scaling and CPU cores - what is the best core count vs clockspeed? Is it possible to ask the devs directly?

    Unfortunately it seems although CPU's have been going Core count > Core speed. Games have yet to keep up, it seems as though over 8 cores and 8 threads performance in most games gets severely diminishing returns.

    You could really ask the whole gaming industry the same thing, when the heck are you guys going to utilize all these damn cores? haha, I'm pretty sure we've been hounding dev's about that since like the quad core phenoms.
  16. Gambles

    When will content be added to the game?

    Taking into account what has been said by higher-ups in TW, and seeing the state of the game when it launched (in EA), AND seeing what it is now (more than 6 months later)... I'm personally beginning to think that the base game will essentially be what we currently have.

    I realized this back in July and then just adjusted my expectations. The game is pretty much feature complete, they're not behind schedule and when they say they're on track, they're not lying. People just expected more.
  17. Gambles

    Bannerlord Refunded

    Although I wouldn't refund Bannerlord myself, I think someday it will be good with the help of the community.

    I gotta say I would LOVE to see steam provide any and all requests for refunds on EA games no matter how many hours played. Treat it exactly like a beta/pre-order, rip that money directly from the dev's, weed out the ****s.

    It would stop this whole EA craze to avoid negative reviews and criticism with the EA shield. In reality, if your EA game has nothing better to offer from in the transition from EA to release, it maybe is just crap. The idea of early access is basically used these days by most dev's to keep themselves employed for a period of time on a gamble, often with no real foresight or vision for what they want the game to be. It's like investing except you maybe get what they promised... maybe.. with no equity in the investment itself.
  18. Gambles

    [POLL] When did you last play Bannerlord?

    Haven't touched it since CK3, so about a month. But even before that it was on rare occasions and not in long sessions for sure, there's only so much you can find fun in before tedium kicks in. I'll come back to it some day I'm sure.
  19. Gambles

    What (Realistically Implementable) RPG Elements Would You Like to See in Bannerlord?

    How can you be this sour about a game and still on it’s forums. That’s not what the poster was asking, and it’s not what I wanted to read when I came here. Stick to the rage threads. There’s a pandemic on, and I’ve put 600+ hours into this game while it’s in EA and can’t even will myself to play AAA titles. It’s obviously good, slow your row.

    Well most of the stuff he listed is very RP oriented and either incomplete or not implemented so there's nothing particularly wrong there. People are allowed to not have the same opinions you do and post on the forum. Telling someone to like it or leave is just asshattery of the highest order. Especially on a fresh alt account.

    One could argue that your post has less to do with the thread than his.
  20. Gambles

    What about DLSS 2.0 and Raytracing?

    20-30% better performance for 30% more energy (2080ti vs 3080), this is not an improvement it's a scam. The 3090 is a complete joke 10% better than 3080 for twice the price. And remember this is over 20 months period.

    The big difference here comes with the price. To buy a 2080ti in Canada it was like 1600$, and that's on the low end. The RTX 3080 can be bought for 900, that's a 700 dollar difference for a card that's 30% faster. If you didn't buy into the 20XX (aka you were smart as 10XX to 20XX was a miniscule leap) then the 30XX series is actually reasonable. Certainly better than what AMD is offering with radeon, although Ryzen is doing great.
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