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  1. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Question for sp players

    I am one of those people who wait with playing the sp until its fully finished. I am quite actively playing the multiplayer though. There you have access to very high tier weapons and armor right from the start. I remember it was a huge part of excitement in warband to finally be able to see...
  2. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    How should TW handle patch release dates?

    This post made me wonder, would you guys prefer to be given an approximate release date (or at least a release time range) for patches, that probably get delayed later on a few times, or would you rather get a "safe" release date, which would mean you don't hear anything at all from the devs...
  3. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Chamber blocks are too hard

    TaleWorlds is probably aware of this, but who knows. Chamber blocks should be hard, but not near impossible, which they are at the moment. That makes them useless. I suggest to slightly increase the time-frame in which chambering blocks is possible.
  4. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    Bannerlords early access released 30 of march 2020. How many hours have you played Bannerlord since then? Closed Alpha and Beta not included of course.
  5. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    In Progress Slowing down when respawning

    Sometimes when the player gets killed and takes over control of a bot in captain mode, he is walking in slow motion. When he gets killed again and takes over another bot, its usually normal again. This only affects the player himself, not his troops following. The peasant in this video is...
  6. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Posts per day?

    I realized there was a "posts per day" displayed on the old forum profiles. Why isn't that the case on the new forum?
  7. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Code of conduct?

    Is there an official code of conduct for Bannerlord multiplayer, made by TaleWorlds, publicly viewable? If not, we definitely need one!
  8. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    What's his name?

    You all know him, but do you know his name? No. Since the dawn of time (since the map has been released..) he is looking over our fights, day and night, occasionally saying "rrah". A true comrade and more, a friend. He deserves to have a name! So what should we call him? If enough people write a...
  9. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Bringing villages to live

    General things Villagers react to the status of the player, bowing down for a noble lord and make simple greetings for a random someone. Some people should be friendly and chat with you, others are annoyed and tell you to go away. Some villagers sit on the ground, playing games, making wood...
  10. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Making mouse clicks visible

    Is there any program, which makes it visible, when I press the mouse buttons? I don't mean making the cursir visible, only the "mouse input actions".
  11. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Whats this about?

    Any Ideas or speculations what they could be testing? A new game mode maybe?
  12. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Nichts los im deutschen Forum?

    Bekomme ich das nur irgendwie nicht mit, oder findet hier im deutschen forum wirklich so gut wie garkeine Aktivität mehr statt? Die deutsche Community für die Mount&Blade Reihe ist doch eigentlich (verhältnismäßig) riesig und in den Spielen aktiv wie eh und jeh!?
  13. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Combat Delay

    Combat Delay 60 fps, 24 ping but the combat still seems to have a strange delay at random occasions. I hit or block, but my character executes the action way too late and gets hit. Either through the delay in blocking or because of holding a hit for way longer than he should (even if I just...
  14. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Purpose of double swing?

    It doesent seem to have any benefits over regular hits. Its not faster (sometimes even slower) and to my knowledge doesen't even make more damage than a regular hit. So what is the purpose of it? Is it usefull in any situation? Do some people purposefully use it?
  15. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Penalty for leaving a game hard enough?

    People are still leaving the game when it looks like the team is going to loose. I really didn't see much change since the punishment system has been implemented. On the other hand, I hear from players complaining about getting banned because their game crashes. Do you think the punishment...
  16. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Visable levels?

    Feel free to write a comment about your choice.
  17. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    No points for collecting flags?

    Why don't we get points for capturing flags in Skirmish and Captain mode?
  18. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    What are these?

    Is this something they've done in medieval times for some reason I don't know or is it just so players can better see where the ladders are?
  19. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Earn your banner?

    You get the banner right at the beginning after the character creation and everyone just accepts it as rightful. That makes it feel like a worthless piece of cloth, not like the banner of a proud nobleman. In warband you had to fulfill certain criteria to obtain it, which made sense and made it...