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  1. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    I immediately learned to abandon army when siege has begun to join them in assault to get rep, relation... If I I did not leave the army I got nothing but loot.
  2. PeteSKTemplar

    Melee cavalry is underpowered at the moment (Suggestions updated)

    I do not use coushed attacks for it gives no exp to riding nor spear from my exp, when seeing looter with pitchfork I go close to him blocking his attack and hiting him if having short weapon if I have lance I use overhead attack mostly avoiding his.
  3. PeteSKTemplar

    Melee cavalry is underpowered at the moment (Suggestions updated)

    I like that cavalry is to be like support for main line (infantry) as was typical for medieval times (same with archers being support unit not Hollywood "riflemen" oneshooting anything visible). In Warband it was just very bad even lightest Khergit Lancers if on open grounds would trample any...
  4. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Those are good to know when to retreat and shoot in another fight to get more exp for shooting them from their range is waste of oportunity to get more exp from larger distance:)
  5. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    I do not know if that would be possible for the engine but every weapon should be able to do not just particular type of dmg like cut, blunt, pierce but just pure weight of weapon plus your weight (armor included) and speed should add some blunt dmg (being in heavy gear with effect like almost...
  6. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    As I wrote the distance is a key with higher range skill and ofc headshots. With bro we both experienced that while neck takes high dmg like head it gives less exp it seems (besides there are some perks for headshot dmg) also pierce dmg was better against head than blunt training bolts back then...
  7. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Oh as if just range exp was problem no matter the weapon. Sometimes I wonder whether ppl tried other skills too to level up. Main requirenment is to not level up anything else much than your main skill you want because there is crazy penalty for exp with higher levels. For example bow from...
  8. PeteSKTemplar

    Just me or has Battanians in general became an powerhouse right now ?

    Reading about place of Batania in Bannerlord I had to remind here that Galatians (Gauls) were in Asia Minor for centuries before and after BL or Warband. And I really would rather had in their roster a lighter longbowmen perhaps (in comparison to Fians) instead of one cavalry unit what would...
  9. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    I experienced perhaps same or similar strange bug few times too. For example: Rhagea was teleporting among towns and castles. Same happened with Ira when I finally was lucky enough to catch her and then marry her and took her to my party she was totally low on HP. I guess there might be a bug...
  10. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Well we fortunately do not have plagues, bacterias from wounds etc killing ppl no matter of armor they wore but gameplay wise I too think that casualties are too high. I remember back when thinking about that when reading about campaings of Alexander that on average in big battles the losses...
  11. PeteSKTemplar

    Alliances between major nations.

    AI could just count on strenght and weakness of factions so minor ones would easily join to defend against stronger ones. Ofc if one minor would become stronger than former allies would become probably enemies etc. No eternal aliances ofc but most likely just reactions or plans depending on sit...
  12. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.4

    Though perhaps it was not typical case in Asia Minor and Middle East fights as in Europe but nobles expected to be ransomed instead of killed so mechanics to increasing survival chance for noble line troops might be implemented not just lords.
  13. PeteSKTemplar

    How are troop trees feeling now?

    I expect (hope) that we get a new command for troops commanding similar to follow me but follow "infantry / main line" so puting infantry without shields to for example "light infantry or skirmishers group" and giving them order to follow main line waiting for good moment and giving them chargé...
  14. PeteSKTemplar

    How are troop trees feeling now?

    I hope that in time (hopefully not far far away) shieldwall will become spearwall as was normal in RL for swords were back up weapon usually and used where spears were bad like in siege on the wall etc. Or that we get command for soldiers using polearms over 1handed like cease fire woks for cav...
  15. PeteSKTemplar

    Troop aesthetics after the armor rework

    Most what I miss are cataphracts helmets.
  16. PeteSKTemplar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.3

    What about this can I say waiting not just me but also mates seems like perhaps Steam may like not so often new updates :)
  17. PeteSKTemplar

    Is real-world inspired repositioning on a large scale worth a map revision?

    In regard to Batania it seems like many ppl forgot that Celts were not just in Britania, Central Europe but also in Asia Minor - even their name is "crying loudly": Galatians.
  18. PeteSKTemplar

    Athletic vs Riding

    My typical engagement of looters to farm athletics - I dismount, throw away any weapon leaving just sword or spear (though 1H is too good with perks in comparison with polearms set I guess) but sheating it having just shield to avoid taking damage from crazy stone trown by looters so I get close...
  19. PeteSKTemplar

    Horse equipment

    I was very long time even in case of Warband surprised that there was no slot for at least one equipment on the horse, if being melee that would be for a lance, if ranged then for another quiver. I would even give a slot for quiver for bow or crossbow so there would be option to equip one bow...
  20. PeteSKTemplar

    Sturgian lords

    Oh view from game experience I understand but Sturgia as faction is inspired by historically real Kievan Rus where Nordic and Slavic traditions combined where heavy infatry was Nordic part, but cavalry (was too dependant on wealth of elites so to (much) lesser degree in comparison to wealthy...