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  1. Max2150

    Turn off 'Formations' (modmerger) mod for Siege battles

    So I have installed formai and formations via the modmerger, but I can't for the life of me work out how to turn off the formations for siege battles. Whenever I'm defending,or they are defending, the troops just form ranks at the bottom of the ladder.  :lol: Any help would be appreciated :)...
  2. Max2150

    Change Race of Player depending on Starting Faction?

    tl;dr I would like to be able change race of player when starting in certain factions, but due to bad coding player can't be female. help please  :oops: So I have added two new skins, 'Asian' man and 'Mideast' man. They work fine. I was wondering how I could make it so when a player chooses a...
  3. Max2150

    Formations mod Singeplayer glitch, Quickplay works fine

    I've just realised in quick battle the formations mod works completely fine, and is amazing. However, after starting a singleplayer and recruiting a large enough army I realised that during battles all the menu commands for the mod such as 'Additional Formations' and 'Memorise Placement'...
  4. Max2150

    All units with new skin have same face [Fixed]

    So I added a 2 new skins into and also added them respectively to My 'Asian' skin works correctly and all units have random asian faces, however my 'Mideast' skin has a wider variety of choices yet every unit with it is bald with the 'mid_east1' face. (    ...
  5. Max2150

    Lady's wearing incorrect armour?

    Using the module system I have changed the Lady's to wear faction appropriate clothing. ["kingdom_8_lady_11","Lady Zhenji","Zhenji",tf_hero|tf_female|tf_unmoveable_in_party_window,0,reserved,fac_kingdom_8, [      itm_china_rich_female_robe_2,      itm_leather_boots],   ...
  6. Max2150

    Is it possible to change a King's Child

    I am making a mod in which a few of the factions are based on real historical figures. However, during the game, the leaders of the factions are assigned random 'children' I believe. This kinda breaks my immersion when one of the faction leaders doesn't have their actual son as a child, instead...
  7. Max2150

    Need help adding roads/paths on world map

    I recently installed blender and player around editing the world map and such. But what I really wanted to do is add more roads/paths in the game such as those outside Suno. For some reason there are only a few paths in the map that don't really lead anywhere. I really wanted to add more to...
  8. Max2150

    Kidnappers Hideout Bugged

    In the tutorial quest i've found that after clicking the 'Kidnapper's Hideout' and entering, the player just spawns in a field. After killing the looters, the brother is nowhere to be found. Could anyone help/point me in the right direction. Am using the module system. Thanks -Max Edit: It...
  9. Max2150

    FormAI and Freelancer Battles

    I finally managed to successfully modmerge both formai and freelancer into my mod. However, I noticed after enlisting in the rhodok army during battles they tend to use a square formation and just stand a distance away from enemies sometime moving left and right. This may also apply to other...
  10. Max2150

    Freelancer Menu images bugged :P

    I just modmerged Freelancer to my mod successfully. However, I noticed that the pictures in the menus are not correct. I have checked the module system as well as the resources and they are all there. Not quite sure why it is showing a huge picture of the cursor instead.
  11. Max2150

    Diplomacy Constable to recruit Player_supporter_faction troops

    I'm using diplomacy, when talking to the constable you can ask him to recruit troops from each of the factions. I was wondering if there was a way I could add an option for him to recruit unit from the Players faction, since I have customised them. The only way i can get them is to travel to...
  12. Max2150

    Constable to recruit units from player faction

    When you speak to the constable, you ask him to recruit units from each of the different factions. However, I have edited so that you can recruit player faction troops from villages, and I was wondering how I would make the constable recruit player faction troops as well :)
  13. Max2150

    Change the colour of certain lines of text?

    There are certain lines of text that show up which I would really like to change the colour of, however looking into the code I have no idea how to. I have managed to change the colour of the: (display_message, "@You gained {reg12} renown.", 0x33ff33),   to a bright green colour. However, I...
  14. Max2150

    Faction relations report Bug! As you can see, the faction titles on the left do not correspond to the faction titles above, anyone have any clues on what I can do? Thanks - Max
  15. Max2150

    Defecting Lord have faction banner?

    I've come back to playing with my Warband mod that I made a while ago, I changed quite a lot. One important change that I have implemented somehow is that the vassals for each faction have the faction banner instead of their own. This is great and works fine, however when a lord defects they...
  16. Max2150

    New faction lords don't recruit troops

    I created a new faction using the module system, the towns with the new lords have a normal sized garrison, however the lords themselves have a party of (1) which is just them. They do not seem to recruit soldiers. Could anyone point me in the direction of which code I should look at/alter...
  17. Max2150

    "Time and Date" has been taken prisoner by...

    I noticed in the bottom right there is a "O'clock" hourly time update. I like it however, whenever a vassal is taken prisoner in the game messages it says to lines, for example if It was March the 3rd at 10 O'clock: "King Harlaus has been taken prisoner by the Vaegirs" directly below this...
  18. Max2150

    Newly added villages have "oasis_village_alt_prosperity" description

    Hello I recently added some villages.After managing to change their map icon from the sarranid village map icon to the normal village map icon, I have found that when I click on my new village it has a prosperity description which is the same as "oasis_village_alt_prosperity" even though the...
  19. Max2150

    Increase Amount of Garrisoned Units

    I currently have increased the amount of units all the lords have so that I have wars of 5000+ units. However, a huge problem is that the garrisons of my vassal's castles and towns are too small, less than 500. This may seem like a lot of units, but when I'm at war some of I often see my...
  20. Max2150

    Increasing amount Constable recruits

    I'm new to this website and the mod. I have managed to change a few of the text files to my liking and I'm really enjoying the game! Anyway, I really like having big armies in this game, i have even used TweakMB to make it so that all the lords' party limit increases for every 1 renown they...