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  1. Alex_C

    [N5aS2] - Knockout Stage Information and Fixtures

    Bracket Last 16 Matches Quarter Finals Semi Finals Grand Finals Bronze Match Port Assault - Sarranids|Rhodoks Village - Rhodoks|Swadia San'di'boush - Nords|Nords Nord Town - Sarranids|Rhodoks Nord Town - Sarranids|Rhodoks Ruins - Sarranids|Vaegirs Snowy...
  2. Alex_C

    [N5aS2] - Group Stage Information and Fixtures

        Group I        Group II        Group III        Group IV    Apis Britanniae; Warsong Clan; Gli Aperol Spritz; Bratishki; Order of the Dove. Guys Rocking Amazingly Sexy Shorts; 5-Way Penetration; Kingdom of Heaven; Baldriders; Retraités Extrêment Dangereux. The Doctors; Turkey V; x5...
  3. Alex_C

    [N5aS2] - Banner Pack

    This is a banner-pack for the Nations' 5-a-Side tournament. It features 'regular' country banners, as well as any custom banners teams submit (so long as they're of an acceptable quality and with acceptable content). The country banners are all from Tomy's NC2012 banner pack, I'm by no means...
  4. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Congratulations

              Congratulations to Peter for triumphing over all of his opponents and winning Nditions European Dueling Tournament III! After beating the previous reigning champion M, and the previous second place Tobi, he has proven himself as the best duelist in Europe, at least until the next...
  5. Alex_C

    [N5aS2] - Match Results Thread

    Please use this thread to post results of matches. Remember that screenshots of the score at each spawn are obligatory. Please only post if you are posting pertinent details regarding a match; congratulations, commiserations, spam and such are not welcome, and will be deleted.
  6. Alex_C

    [N5aS2] - Rules and Regulations

    Due to the success of the last tournament following this format I organised, watly and I will be working together to run another one. The general idea is the same as last time: teams of 5-8 players each from a specific nation will compete in 5-a-side matches with other teams of 5-8. Multiple...
  7. Alex_C

    [N5aS2] - Teams List and Signups

    Les Chiens qui Dorment (Belgium-France I) Team Number: #26 Motto: "Qui a laissé les chiens? 4x Woof Woof" Team Captain: Swordyke; Swordyke; Swordyke Team Co-Captain: Paulo; Paulo; Paulo Team Members: Swordyke; Paulo; Courroux; Cookie; Precharmant; Thibault; Garym; BOEUF In-Game Tag: WOOF_...
  8. Alex_C

    [N5aS2] - Substitutions

    Only Captains or Co-Captains are permitted to request substitutions here.
  9. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Incomplete Second Round Duels

    The following duels from the Second Round of the Group Stage are as of yet incomplete: Deacon_Barry v.s. LeRoux Thovex v.s. Kaltvien Unknown v.s. Schakal Tor v.s. senni_ti Shemaforash v.s. Cleric_Johnson Morii v.s. Dezilagel BlackTide v.s. KilleR You all have until Wednesday to let me know...
  10. Alex_C

    The_Beehive - Competitive European Battle Server | Happy Hour: 20:00 BST

    The_Beehive is a new European Battle server, being set up with competitive play specifically in mind. It has twenty slots in order to more-or-less replicate the numbers used in a clan match. It will also be using settings based on the current European competitive standard, typically mirroring...
  11. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Incomplete First Round Duels

    The following duels from the First Round of the Group Stage are as of yet incomplete: Deacon_Barry v.s. Agis Prostyler v.s. Ereinion Tor v.s. SotaMursu Okocha v.s. Gurnisson captainlust v.s. Szymczak1503 JuRi v.s. Superlilli BlackTide v.s. Xanthor KilleR v.s. Midgard You all have until...
  12. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Knockout Stage Information and Fixtures

    Bracket First Round Second Round Third Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Grand Finals Semi Finals Quarter Finals Third Round Second Round First Round         DEA (0)         MMM (9)         v.s.         v.s.         AGI (0)         DEA (9)         MMM (9)         NEV (0)    ...
  13. Alex_C

    [NC2012] - Congratulations, Thank Yous and Closing Thoughts

    Congratulations to Team France for winning Nations Cup 2012, and for managing to overcome internal difficulties in order to finish what you started in Nations Cup 2011. The French team played amazingly well, and kept us entertained throughout in their Finals with Ukraine. Whilst the they may...
  14. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Incomplete Group Stage Duels

    The following duels from the Group Stage have not been completed: Warmaker v.s. David Ayberk v.s. Candiru Dextrus v.s. Agis Honeydew v.s. Nevino David v.s. meleeattacker Dezilagel v.s. Razz Superlilli v.s. Kula Firunien v.s. Blueberry_Muffin Kwal v.s. Cookiedealer Tor v.s. BlasT Xtrah v.s...
  15. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Incomplete Fourth Phase Duels

    The following duels from the Third Phase have not been completed: BlasT v.s. Wezyk Legion_Six v.s. meleeattacker Giant_Rasengan v.s. Barbarian MrNomNom v.s. Firunien Beardface v.s. captainlust Imperial_Eagle v.s. Nubijuki AZAN v.s. Elmira Stier v.s. Araf Cataracta v.s. Rodin Shikamaru v.s...
  16. Alex_C

    [ND3] - /!\URGENT/!\ Verify Your Statistics

    The group stage will soon be ending, and so it becomes vitally important that everyone's information is 100% correct. Due to the size and nature of this tournament, and the fact that I'm not a robot, mistakes are almost certainly going to have been made with various individual's statistics. As...
  17. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Incomplete Third Phase Duels

    The following duels from the Third Phase have not been completed: DamnUCorey v.s. ContyS meleeattacker v.s. Hardworker Neathar v.s. Dezilagel Shemaforash v.s. Scarecrow Firunien v.s. Blueberry_Muffin Kwal v.s. Cookiedealer captainlust v.s. Superlilli William_Wallace v.s. Nevino senni_ti v.s...
  18. Alex_C

    [ND3] - Incomplete Second Phase Duels

    The following duels from the Second Phase have not been completed: Lt v.s. M Chase v.s. Morii LOuve v.s. Hubbel Zero v.s. Crusader ClaSh v.s. DamnUCorey David v.s. meleeattacker Candiru v.s. Ereinion Watly v.s. Marcus Krzyzak v.s. Carl Grenade v.s. Irishman Agis v.s. Red Schakal v.s. TirtiL...