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  1. Telnet

    EDIT: Problem solved
  2. Adding a new menu when encountering a party

    I have tried to make a custom menu to a new town of mine. I have added this line to the end of   ("travel_point",mnf_auto_enter,     "You continue your travelling.",     "none",     [],     [       ("enter",[],"Continue...
  3. Mod Idea

  4. Adding secondary function to item

    I am making a new throwing weapon for my mod but I can't figure out how to make a melee version of it. Does anyone know?
  5. Shining Weapon

    I have made a new weapon with Wings3D and in the game the weapon seems to be shining when standing in sunlight. Is there way to remove that shining? The weapon is made of bone.
  6. Problem

    The game crashes always after I kill an enemy in the battle. What should I do?
  7. Question

    I was thinking is it more realistic that you can attack while jumping or that you can't(like in Napoleonic Wars). Thank you.
  8. Borders

    Does anyone know how to expand borders when editing the multiplayer map?
  9. Presidentinvaalit 2012

    Sauli Niinistö vai Pekka Haavisto?
  10. Jääkiekon MM-kisat

    Jääkiekon MM-kisat on alkanut tässä vähän aikaa sitten, ja kysyn kaikilta jotka kahtoo, että minkä joukkueen luulet voittavan (älä katso suomalaisen näkökulmasta :))
  11. Mod idea!

    I have an idea for a mod but i haven't got a skills to do this mod :(. Can someone do this mod. Here is some informations: Mod name: South africa 1870 Factions: -British empire -Zulu kingdom -Swazi tribes -Orange free state -Transvaal Map: South africa
  12. Ensinmäinen warband modisi?

    Ensimmäinen warband modi, jota pelasin oli 1257AD, entäs sinun?