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  1. flavberg

    Solved [e1.3.0] Walking on water near Dunglanys

    An NPC with their army walked over the water, then I realized you can actually just click around that quarter of the lake and walk on it.
  2. flavberg

    [e1.3.0] Wrapped Shoes defence

    These shoes provide more defence than leather boots, close to mail chausses even. It must be some sort of typo, surely.
  3. flavberg

    Solved [e1.3.0] (Ridged) Iron Broadsword texture issue

    Summary: The inner edge of the sword appears to incorrectly display the texture, having some smaller textures onto it. How to Reproduce: - Quest/Settlement Name (if related): In any scene. Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.3.0. Installed community-made...
  4. flavberg

    [e1.3.0] Scale Armor and Highland Scale Mail

    These don't look like they're supposed to provide the same protection. The Highland Scale Mail appears to be more protective (at least arms and legs-wise) yet it bears the same stats as the first.
  5. flavberg

    In Progress [e1.3.0] Issues with some beards in character creation

    Summary: Some of the beards (the stubbles) don't show up in the character creation and the moustache one in the video cause some sort of shaded overlay on the chin. How to Reproduce: Go into the character creator and press on them. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Character creator. Media...
  6. flavberg

    In Progress [e1.1.1] Town Outskirts stairs affect movement speed

    Summary: This stair prop seems to be slowing down movement more than it should while both climbing and descending it. How to Reproduce: Walk over it. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Multiplayer. Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e.1.1.1. Computer Specs: OS...
  7. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.2.0] Party notification is active even after selling recruitable prisoners

    Summary: There's a party notification that shows up whenever a prisoner is recruitable, so, if you sell them, the notification remains there even if there's no prisoners to be recruited. Nothing major, but can be misleading at times. How to Reproduce: Wait for a prisoner to be recruitable, go...
  8. flavberg

    In Progress [e1.1.0] Freeze, FPS spike and character reloading upon being hit

    (Skip to 0:39, I've also added MSI monitoring in the video) I've had this issue probably from the beta, it always happens at the start of rounds when I hit someone or someone hits me back. The game is otherwise smooth, but the general stuttering that I get in SP and MP is somehow related to...
  9. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.1.0] Specific prop lowers player movement speed

    This prop seems to be lowering the player's movement speed when passing it.
  10. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.1.0] Chain horse harness

    While looking at it in the trade screen, it shows no icon and it's also only half-showing on the horse model itself.
  11. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.1.0] Newline variable not found in voting screen

    It appeared when prompted to vote for a new policy.
  12. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.0.10] Enemies using ladder during siege

    Seemingly while wanting to attack you, the enemies are climbing down the ladder, basically turning their backs to you and forgetting you're there. Some AI barrier could help with it. This was at Garontor Castle, near Ortysia.
  13. flavberg

    Ability to cancel policy proposition

    Not sure where else to post this but here, but there's currently no way to cancel this decision and get rid of the screen and getting an influence refund if you, for example, change your mind. I think it would be a nice quality of life thing.
  14. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.0.9] Hearing map sounds outside of local vicinity

    You can hear battles around the world map, giving away location of wars and such even if you are nowhere near them. It's basically like cheating.
  15. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.0.9] Sargoth - ability to leave town bounds A minor thing but I'm sure there's intended to be a barrier there.
  16. flavberg

    Unsolved [e1.0.9] Blacksmith uses a rock instead of a hammer Nothing major, but hey, it looks weird.
  17. flavberg

    Ability to hide UI/HUD

    Now more than ever do we need this. It's a great thing for screenshots and cinematic shots, and it should just not be missing from such a game. I can see a plethora of community content being inconvenienced by the inability of hiding your health bar or such.
  18. flavberg

    'Manage Garrison' should be in the main menu, not in keep

    It's just so unintuitive, a lot of people think there's an actual bug with garrisons since they don't know they have to go to keep first to access it. Besides, Manage Town is already in the main menu, and it's only natural for this to be there also.
  19. flavberg

    Delay/stun when attempting to swap weapon upon being hit

    This is one of the topics that was discussed during the beta also, and I still believe it to be a serious issue affecting a part of multiplayer combat. I never understood exactly why this stun or delay upon being hit exists but I don't see how it adds anything to gameplay itself. Apart from it...
  20. flavberg

    In Progress [e1.0.7] Cavalry rearing hitbox issues I'm assuming this is a bug and not an intended feature, because it's honestly broken. There seems to be a major problem with horses being reared by spears, meaning that they are often not even if the hits are direct to the area itself...