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  1. Danath

    Multimedia HDD

    Here's the story: my parents have satellite TV. The Satellite decoder thing has HD, hard drive and stuff, BUT can't get the recordings out. So the only way to extract is playing the film, serie or whatever you have and having another HDD recording (one that allows taking the stuff out via USB)...
  2. Danath

    Can you recover companions who became your vassals?

    Once you give a fief to a companion, they become lords forever?
  3. Danath

    Nuka Break - Fallout fan film

    Seriously, how this isn't in any subforum here? Forumites, I am disappointed
  4. Danath

    Wifi for desktop computer

    One of the computers at my place is connected to the LAN with a lousy, unshielded wire which gets to the room going along next to the telephone wire and maybe others, so it's only getting about 10-20% of the speed. The best solution should be the wifi. I've been searching and my conclusion is...
  5. Danath

    Haven and Hearth II

    Wiki<- your main guide! The Hearth Secret Any character can, in his kinlist screen, enter a Hearth Secret. Tell this secret to someone with whom you wish to play, and it can be used to open a secret pathway in the character creation...
  6. Danath

    Wrong weapons size

    I was checking some mod weapons sizes. The way I'm  doing this is: find a weapon with a reach value that fits it's graphical size, make screenshots, compare... No problems with 2 handed weapons. I compared with native weapons and errors were not bigger than 5 units, fair for me. After that, I...
  7. Danath

    Charms Function

    So far I've seen... Charm of Fear :arrow: enemies lower than your level will be afraid of fighting you in melee (like constant but less efective Warcry) Get them defeating Migrating Bear Tribes Charm of Regeneration  :arrow: slowly regenerates health in battle (1 hp/2 seconds). Can be traded in...
  8. Danath

    Quick Battle tests

    Quick Battle tests, Plains (Large), 70 vs 70 RANGED VS MELEE (shields) Orders: Hold position in the very border of the map, spreat outx3 70 Laurian Rodeleros (Sword & Buckler) vs 50 IS Guards + 20 Repeaters = Lauria wins by 41 Rodeleros alive 70 Lion Throne Brigadiers vs 50 IS Guards + 20...
  9. Danath

    A nice animation for the nords fans xD Author is from Argentina, a bit odd making an animation about the myths from the other end of the world :roll:
  10. Danath

    Special Units Compilation - Screenshots

    I'll try to make a compilation of all of them. Mercenaries aren't special, but maybe I'll post them too (and then all troops!  :lol:) If you have a good screenshot of any of them, please post :D CLICK TO ENLARGE SPECIAL UNITS Laurian Royal Guards: Heavy armor (maybe the same Queen uses?)...
  11. Danath

    English, please

    Looks like last version installs the game with the language Windows is using (looks like only Spanish and Turkish for now). The spanish one is just...horrible. I think it was made with automatic translation, and has lots of errors with the names. (escort the caravan to 7 denars night, villages...
  12. Danath

    M&B in spanish online magazine The most important think to improve for the writer: the map (he didn't like the absence of bridges and curves), it should be bigger and with more factions. Also he mentioned the towns, look "ghost...
  13. Danath

    Prisioner slots full-> crash to windows

    If you have your prisioners slots filled, and the 5 slots of prisioners after a battle filled too, and your try to capture or uncapture, it crashes to windows (damn, just bought black armor :( )