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  1. Rujasu

    AI Dungeon It's basically Cleverbot but trained to write text adventures in the second person. It's honestly not awful at it by chatbot standards, but everything it generates feels like a fever dream with the slightest hint of causality. I was debating putting this in Fun Stuff...
  2. Rujasu

    Rujasu's Combat Mission AAR Repository

    Contained within are turn by turn reports of selected Combat Mission matches I'm playing against other human beings. It's mostly to document the game's progress so I might gain better insight into what I should be doing by means of self-reflection. Hopefully it's also at least a little...
  3. Rujasu

    Formula Taleworlds - Can be unpinned now

    Formula Taleworlds Season 3 - Communists Win No actual racing knowledge required! [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] Previous season participants: Peni Gardinier, age 29 - Bromden Naci Van Asch, age 26 Ivan Palumbo, age 28 Qasim Vacca, age 35 - Wulfburk Khanpasha Lusk, age 31 Suk...
  4. Rujasu

    The 85th 24 Heures du Mans

    For the uninformed, the 24h of Le Mans is the first and the biggest endurance motor race in the world, running yearly from 1923 with the exception of a couple of French worker strikes and the second world war, and it's that time of the year again to watch the enormous Circuit de La Sarthe to...
  5. Rujasu

    Guardians of Atlas - A 3v3 "Army battler"

    It looks like LoL, has towers and heroes and creep camps, and a generic name but it's not really a MOBA-ass MOBA. I was pleasantly surprised. And it's free.
  6. Rujasu

    Devil Daggers

    It's a game about bunnyhopping around in circles on a flat level. It's five bucks. It's also really really great. I need people in my friends list to pick it up so I have someone to compare my e-peen with.
  7. Rujasu

    Grey Goo - Definitive Edition

    There really was no thread for this? New free stuff for last January's not very successful RTS game! Can't link anywhere since they haven't gotten the announcements up anywhere permanent yet. New race, the Shroud New unit for all existing races New music of course Soundtrack expanded to...
  8. Rujasu

    Starward Rogue

    This thing is out now. Interesting to see new stuff from Arcen Games, as always. This time they're mixing a roguelite twinstick with some bullet hell, and it works well.
  9. Rujasu

    TIS-100 - Someone programmed a game about programming

    From the Infinifactory/SpaceChem devs Zachtronics comes a game about programming an 80s microcomputer in pseudo-assembly code. It's about as hardcore as it sounds. I have the GOG version so I don't get friends list high scores. Interested to know if any of you play and what kind of cycle counts...
  10. Rujasu

    Velvet Sundown - We need to get a group going for this

    So, if there's someone out there who hasn't head of this gem of a game, it's kind of like a mix between The Ship and Werewolf/Mafia (Edit: It's almost exactly like the first day of Mafia), with hilarious text-to-speech conversations. When you start a match, you are given control of a person on...
  11. Rujasu

    Taleworlds Blood Bowl Championship 2014 - Signups and Format Speculation

    Summer is upon us, and with it, an irresistible urge to play Blood Bowl. The 2010 league didn't go very far, as is the case with most of the stuff we do, but I'm highly optimistic about this one. Even more so than with the DF succession game I hosted. Yes, I know Friday the 13th is next week...
  12. Rujasu

    Accelerated Processing Units and being a cheapass about PC building

    Alright, I've come to the conclusion that my laptop is starting to be inferior to anything a budget desktop PC can be, largely because - just like now - I was a cheapass about it and got the model with a wet noodle of a GPU just to save a hundred euros. This time I plan to do the same and get...
  13. Rujasu

    The Last Federation - Arcen Games' latest space dickery game

    Like the title says, there's a simulation of a solar system with eight races of various dispositions and your only job is to **** around until you manage to unite them all under a single banner. Simple, right? It's a bit on the easy side, except when the AFA cleanup mission bugs out with 100%...
  14. Rujasu

    Laptop to TV shenanigans

    So I have an HDTV plugged to my laptop via HDMI cable. All's fine and dandy at 1080p, no issues there. However, it's not a powerful enough laptop to run games at such a high resolution, so I tend to stick with 720. The problem is that the TV really doesn't seem to like this. If I 720p the...
  15. Rujasu

    Infinity Wars - Animated Trading Card Game

    While people were busy Hearthstoning themselves to death, this little kickstarted gem came out on Steam. It's a Trading Card Game, so actual card trading is happening, which hasn't really been a feature in digital card games apart from MtGO. Other curiosities include simultaneous turns, and...
  16. Rujasu

    Cultportal, a Dwarf Fortress Succession Game

    This is a tale of the rise and fall of Ngotunmistem, "Cultportal" Current status: Year 3 and 4 Version used: 0.34.11 / Lazy Newb Pack version Support Bay12 games if you think DF is amazing Episode 1: The Non-Alcoholic Menace Episode 2: The Trogdolyte Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Weremammoth...
  17. Rujasu

    Attack on Titan Tribute Game

    As you might be aware, Shingeki no Kyojin, a.k.a. Attack on Titan is a manga and anime series that quickly became immensely popular in 2013. And because the combat was awesome, it almost immediately spawned a fan game that also gained a lot of attention. Since it has multiplayer now and all, I'm...
  18. Rujasu

    Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

    The reboot of Carl Sagan's wonderful series is finally coming out in 2014, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson and broadcast on FOX. There's a trailer! It's been a while since I've been really hyped for a TV show. A Personal Voyage was a great show and seeing it redone with modern knowledge and...
  19. Rujasu

    Let's play some Civ V! - BNW owners wanted

    Is there a game more suited to PBEM games than Civilization? (Yes, but play along for now.) So I figured I got a grand campaign going with the forumites. Did some digging around, however, and noticed that Civ V lacks a PBEM mode, and Pitboss is garbage in V. That's a bit of a problem, now isn't...
  20. Rujasu

    GPRO - In-Browser Grand Prix Manager Thingy‎ Basically, it's a browser based game where you manage a single F1 racecar. You're in control of the driver contract and training, hiring staff and upgrading facilities, sponsors, car maintenance and testing, car setup, tyre selection, pit strategy and general instructions for the...