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  1. dinnerblaster

    Why is there no Vyborg?

    The North Eastern parts of the map are empty enough as they are and then there's even a whole historical town missing. Edit. I noticed it is there, though with some pre-civilization name and merely as a village. 4/10 §h1ttý mod.
  2. dinnerblaster

    Was WW1 really the first world war?

    I have no strong opinion on the subject, but the question has crossed my mind multiple times recently. Since the beginning of the modern age, European colonial powers have waged many major global wars that have taken place across more than one continent and thus could be considered world wars...
  3. dinnerblaster

    World War 2 in movie form chronologically

    Updated on November 27. As my official autism initiation work, I've been building a chronological list out of my collection of WW2 related movies and TV series, a project that has spanned two years as of now. I already posted an earlier version of it here, but the list has since then gone...
  4. dinnerblaster

    A few things I'd like to appoint

    First of all, the mod is incredible in so many ways. New features and better graphics really make it something special among the Mount&Blade mods. However, there are couple mistakes that strongly flatten the immersion and gaming experience. First of all, there are mountains in many town and...