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  1. Habimana

    [WRC] Final & Third Place Match - Champions

    ggwp. deserved winners
  2. Habimana

    [WRC] Division A - Week 6

    OIDA 11:4 Spain


    ggwp. Server was France 1
  3. Habimana

    [WRC] Division A - Week 6

    OIDA vs Spain tonight at 19:00
  4. Habimana

    [WRC] Division A - Week 5

    OIDA 12-2 carnage gaming
    Server was Ger 11
  5. Habimana


    Can you make a list of cheaters and post it here? I want to see who we need to ban from upcoming tournies since your videos are 100% proof
  6. Habimana


    Who is this guy and why does he not understand how the game works?
  7. Habimana

    [WRC] Division A - Week 4

    OIDA 10:4 Aesir


    ggwp. Server was Ger 5
  8. Habimana

    [WRC] Division A - Week 3

    OIDA 10:6 LGN


  9. Habimana

    [WRC] Division A - Week 2

    OIDA 12:0 Forsaken Knights


    Server was Ger_3
  10. Habimana

    [WRC] General Discussion And Suggestions

    dont know if you played recently but even on dreiecksdorf lots of teams play with 3 archers actually in a „6v6“??
    do these teams want to loose on purpose or why do they play 3 archers xD
  11. Habimana

    Tournament vote?

    Subboards to the multiplayer section worked perfectly fine for years and generated good interest without cluttering the rest of the forums. Ruling them out just because someone decided to reinvent the wheel is just silly and a laughable starting point if you're actually being serious (in reality you have 0 power to do anything about it so who cares). As with every change implemented recently, there is apparently never any onus on the changers to justify or present the positives of the change, and only ever the demand that we explain the obvious, meanwhile population and interaction drops off.

    I guess you could recreate it by linking from the multiplayer section to the groups in an obvious Tournament This Way manner, but really that's just making the same thing really. I mean in the BL section there are individual sections for each map and class, I don't see how a few boards for running tournaments is a hassle.
    it took them 8 years to release a broken game. what did you expect? :lol:
  12. Habimana

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Nono no, stop this bull**** reasoning of taking insults personal. If an unknown person calls my mother a whore or insults me, he ends up with a broken nose. Stop justifying people being idiots or being bigots just because we are in the internet. It shouldn’t happen and that’s it.
    I am not saying it's ok or that it should happen. I also think its a bad thing to do but what I wanted to say is that people won't stop being idiots. That's all. It's so easy to just create new accounts and stuff that you will never get rid of trolls.
  13. Habimana

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    I mean it's always the same few guys crying about getting insulted and ****. I was called a nazi and so on several times and I didn't complain on the forums either. if you take stuff like that personal you should just not play multiplayer games.
  14. Habimana

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    the best way to prevent this kind of **** is to just permamute everyone and add a team internal chat on the WBMM site. maybe add an extra 30 sec. before the match starts so you can talk about drops there.
  15. Habimana


    hab doppelt deinen damage und mehr assists
    schreib mir wenn du unterricht brauchst anstatt hier zu trashtalken
    ok Papa
  16. Habimana


    Wow im insane on inf ?
    wenn j4 46 hat dann kann die div nur kacke sein.
  17. Habimana

    Tournament vote?

    Have an 8 man roster cap for div A, and 10 for Div B and C
    I dont mind it being 8 or 9 but just have a reasonable roster cap. I don't want to see div A teams with 15 players
  18. Habimana

    Tournament vote?

    I fully understand the reasoning and I have been a huge advocate of small rosters for competitive events but having only two subs with the current activity in the scene would put a high number of team at a risk of dropping out. Not every teams can afford 8 very active players, some will always need to juggle between several players with different availabilities.

    I like the idea but eventually I feel it should have been enforced way before and could do more bad than good in our current scene.
    But if we don't have roster caps we will see the same teams sign up again and the tournament will most likely end with the same 2 teams playing eachother in the finals.
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