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  1. Varian♛

    [DR] Deutschritter [EU/DE] [Best Battle Clan] [Recruiting]

    Deuschtritter has published a new video

  2. Varian♛

    [Clan] Deutschritter - rekrutiert!

    Deutschritter hat ein neues Video veröffentlicht.
  3. Varian♛

    New Season of Beast?

    I'd like to add that this is just a problem of Division A, the playing class which usually has the ego to tell all the others to **** off and then go and try to ruin entire tournaments in their quest of hybris.
    While I actually do like a lot of these players personally, and especially you, Silver, are a voice of reason, this is chief monkey mentality based on "lolz, I can win a duel against you, your argument is invalid" and deserves to be rooted out. Respect for rules has to be restored, but yeah; I'll have to concede the point that rules also need to be agreed on in a certain manner. ?

    Highest playing class, highest skill level, worst behavior as humans and on top the least regard of fair play and proper competition, haha, you can't make that **** up.
    You have to make a sketch. The people you are talking to can't read and understand so much at once.
  4. Varian♛

    Auf der Suche nach einem Regiment

    Naja.. hat schon seine Gründe, warum das Deutsche Board hier tot ist und dagegen auf dem FSE forum sehr aktiv ist :smile:
    Naja.. liegt vielleicht auch daran das der Multiplayer tot ist und es kaum deutsche aktive Spieler in der (online)Community gibt.

    In Warband gab es 20+ aktive deutsche Clans, da war hier noch richtig was los xD.
  5. Varian♛

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Bye NIN3 :xf-cry:

    It will be difficult for your successor to follow in your footsteps, as you were also such a community favourite.

    I wish badbuckle much success
  6. Varian♛

    [BEAST 7] Division B - Weekly Matchups

    DM2 (4)12 - 5(0) DR2 with Mercs :iamamoron:


    If you leave us just before beast, and we bring in new players to still be able to play, then these are mercenaries? Makes no sense, mate.
  7. Varian♛

    #BringBackDeathCount - poll


    • Added a Death counter to the scoreboard.
  8. Varian♛

    [BEAST 7] Division A - Weekly Matchups

    If he already gives a **** and turns on a permanent crosshair during a stream, what else do you think he "mod" when the stream is not running?
  9. Varian♛

    ? MEET THE TEAM: Deutschritter Furor [DR]

    Always these toxic heckling from Gotha

    Dextrus: "100% Weeb-free."
    Dextrus, may I ask if you could introduce this to my team as well?
  10. Varian♛

    Ich würde gerne einen besonders toxischen Spieler bannen lassen

    Ja, es gibt leider ein paar toxboys :sad:
    Schick den Screen ambesten an IceNoVa der ist Global Moderator und kümmert sich bestimmt gerne darum.

  11. Varian♛

    Clanliste und Informationen 25.04.2022

    Könnte mal aktualisiert werden.
  12. Varian♛

    Make NIN3 Leading MP Designer

    What about lettin them what they want to do, and see the best at the end of the 2022Q1 ?
  13. Varian♛

    Make NIN3 Leading MP Designer

    Senpai Nin3 pls fix MP <3
  14. Varian♛

    [BEAST 6] Congratulations & Thank You

    Worst badges so far
    Too bad you don't like it. I have asked a few people and the opinions were positive. I admit the badges are a little different than regular badges. Maybe next? BEAST you will get your standard medal or trophy.
  15. Varian♛

    Mods in 2021

  16. Varian♛

    Bow vs Crossbow Balance (Poll)

    Please do not nerf crossbows, otherwise ranged classes will soon be at the level of shield inf... and you can't expect that from anyone

    No, seriously now. In competitive matches, most of the time one or even no archer is played. If the xbows are nerfed even more you can forget the class completely (in competetive).
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