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  1. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    EU Native Battle Completed Announcement of a new Warband Tournament; WRT (=Warband Revival Tournament) hosted by RonnyJonny

    Name: TK_Ceasar
    Nationality: Dutch
    Preferred Class:
    Inf or Cav

    Old goat ready for another ****ty tourney. Hit me up whenever u needs goats
  2. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    The 22nd Battalion

    We sell Profail tho, anyone interested?
  3. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Fix the map rotation!!!

    Just leave everytime u get the **** desert map. Thats what i do atleast.
  4. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Penalty for leaving matches

    Not sure. Sometimes i get decent peeps back instead of keeping the apes. :wink:
  5. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    MP Multiplayer Feedback from the Competitive Community.

    Everything that bothers me in Bannerlord, is pretty much summed up in this thread. Therefore i have to shout out that not being able to force a kill makes the whole game less fun by far. Even kicks are not useful at all in single combat. Also the drifting with horse is not how it should be, like mentioned in the thread.

    Lets hope they read this thread and listen for once.
  6. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Zijn we terug?

    nog 1 week jongens

    Je kan beter Warband spelen tbh :wink:
  7. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Life of Ciiges

    Madam Alex.....
  8. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Life of Ciiges

    Honestly, i am jealous of Ciiges. I wanted such video for a decade, showing how OP i am with javs and bows but instead the video is made about my ugly warband son.

    Proud on u, my son.
  9. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    1ste Infanterie van Nassau

    Dat zijn veel Nederlanders, waar komen die opeens vandaan.

    Haha dit is serieus het eerste wat ik dacht. Ga weg, schavuiten!

    Succes boys, mocht ik eens in de NW mood komen, dan weet ik jullie te vinden! :wink:
  10. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    Condemned Bas said:
    I honestly can't believe someone can grow up to be THAT r*tarded

    Ask ur family
  11. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Zijn we terug?

    hahhahah oef, pijnlijk maar waar
  12. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    Exactly what Charlini from Milfheim says
  13. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    ๖Kern said:
    MrMusty said:
    Am I allowed to join the Argentinian team to represent Y Wladfa?

    Remember you can always make your own Argentinian team. :party:

    Ask Fietta how fake teams work pls
  14. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    NC19 Belgium & The Netherlands The horns of Allejoppa will sound one last time

    In-Game Name: Ceasar
    Steam Name: Doe maar Superwarioo
    Classes: Inf close/ cav open
    Clan: Te slecht voor clans
    Kleine introductie over jezelf of opmerkingen of mooie foto's of youtube filmpjes die je wilt posten of een mooie selfie of weet ik veel wat(Je bent verplicht hier iets te posten of je application wordt rejected): De papa van deze groep kleuters voor eens en altijd
    Nationaliteit Groningen, de nuchtere kant van NL
  15. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    What tournaments should we have before Bannerlord EA?

    Fietta said:
    Will there be a community split once 'BeNe' is announced? The biggest joke alliance since 2011

    Ye. Can i join Wales now? :grin::grin::grin:
  16. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    What tournaments should we have before Bannerlord EA?

    Scar said:
    Which nations would participate in a single team per nation, single elimination NC?

  17. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    Your nickname: TK_Ceasar
    Server & Time (if possible): no clue, 20st?
    A short description of the situation: Sir Ceasar was ban evading. Not sure about the first ban. but if i have to guess its prolly insulting
    For how long were you banned?: Foreeeevveerrrr
    Who banned you?: No clue, don't trust any of u xD
    What rules did you break?: ban evading
    Why should we unban you?:  Whats Warband without Ceasar?!?!?!?!?! Nah, gotta agree that i've to be nicer to people in general.

  18. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Top 100 Warband Players (A Spectator's List)

    This is literally insane. Massive work here.

    Thanks for this.
  19. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    Who Would be in Your Dream Team?

    I just need to post for the old ****player i am

    Infantry (5): Noxx, Kaheshie, Oliveran, DrDoener, Napoleon
    Archers (3): LeRoux, Harlequin, Kane
    Cavalry (4): Ciiges, Hives, Sikici Ottoman, Slow, Varangian
  20. 22nd_TK_Ceasar

    De Orde van de Lage Landen - Clan Topic - *Recruiting*

    Blead said:
    Komt er een Benelux clan in Bannerlord?

    Komt er een bannerlord in de Benelux clan?
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