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  1. Sjtaf

    Am I the only person that wants unit homogenization?

    I still don't get why gradual cultural change of fiefs isn't part of the game. I'd even settle for auxiliary troops, like when taking an Empire town as Battania. The troops at that former Empire town will be Battanian with some Empire influences. This would apply to every land grab. This would however take much more time and effort as all possible combinations have to have full fletched troop trees (or maybe give the player the ability to customise such troops). Whereas fiefs converting to the owner culture, and thus the recruits completely as well, should not be that hard to implement.

    I hate to see the circus of armies being a patchwork of troops from across Calradia. Prohibiting other kingdoms to recruit from fiefs that are not owned by their kingdom should also be standard (not for the player). This would've also been a fix for the endless roaming and recruiting by fiefless cockroach kingdoms,
  2. Sjtaf

    What happened to the promised follow-up post for future plans?

    But Daddy!!! You Pwomised!!!
    Very mature reply for someone calling others entitled children.
    Whenever a 40-year old man says this to a 14-year old, I immediately think: "Damn this is the man I want to be, he is the epitome of mature manhood."
  3. Sjtaf

    TaleWorlds, how you succeded to piss off the friendliest community in videogames history?

    Sometimes you just need to take the falling star route, flash for a brief moment in your full glory and then get permabanned.
    Rather take the cockroach route; chilling in a dark corner and witnissing all the drama, surviving. Rather that, than being a light fart in the sky only to end up being forgotten at the expense of your own inevitable but sparkly death.

    But yeah, I enjoy these falling star route people, safely in my smelly and moist cockroach-comfortzone.
  4. Sjtaf

    Great opportunity for Crusader-based Faction

    Great idea, could maybe be a triggered event when aserai is growing strong? Could be a challenge for an aserai playthrough as well. Maybe something similar for the sturgians although they never get too powerful. Only thing is that it is better for a mod as it might be immersion breaking to take a obvious full on history based faction in the game with a full on historical motive. Instead maybe introduce triggered event factions for all factions when they surpass a certain treshold in power. More like religious fanatics or chauvinistic opportunists or whatever. It would actually make the endgame more challenging instead of roflstomping everyone after a certain time.
  5. Sjtaf

    Fur Ball Glitch

    Verify your files through steam and it should fix it.
  6. Sjtaf

    Resolved Graphical bug during battles

    Solved it when I saw this post which was posted a little before this one. MArdA provided the solution. Verify the files through steam. Go to your library, right click on Bannerlord -> properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files.

    Hope it'll solve yours as well!
  7. Sjtaf

    Resolved Graphical bug during battles

    Getting unplayable graphical bugs when in battle. Seems to particulary affect infantry but sometimes other units as well. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e.1.3.1 Installed community-made modifications: These screenshots were made with the...
  8. Sjtaf

    [IR] Irish Rebels

    As much as I love you guys, I haven't really decided to join anyone yet. Would you please be so kind as to remove me for the time being :oops:??
    This hurts mate. How could you even consider abandoning me
  9. Sjtaf

    Zijn we terug?

    Je kan beter Warband spelen tbh :wink:

    Jij kan beter je geluk proberen in Bannerlord
  10. Sjtaf

    Introductie van Wolfyy

    Iemand?  :cry:
  11. Sjtaf

    [VoN] Vikings of Niflheim Native Clan [Recruiting!] [EU]

    Alloo said:
    can i still apply??

  12. Sjtaf

    NC 18 Belgium & The Netherlands?

    Ik wil wel een pruik opzetten
  13. Sjtaf

    How skilled is the player above you?

    Kellermannnn 10/10 nice guy points 10000/10
  14. Sjtaf

    NC 17 Belgium and the Netherlands

    Ceasar said:
    Hoezo, ik ben inmiddels al 14. Wel nog steeds Minderjarig :sad:
    Afspreken en drankje doen?
  15. Sjtaf

    NC 17 Belgium and the Netherlands

    Ceasar said:
    Sjtaf said:

    wtf doe jij stoer dan?

    wtf doe jij stoer dan?
  16. Sjtaf

    NC 17 Belgium and the Netherlands

  17. Sjtaf

    NC 17 Belgium and the Netherlands

    Jij kan niet eens van mij winnen Ceasar. Ik daag je uit en dan screenshotten we alles. Daarbij een officiële scheids, sponsors en een camerateam die alles nauwkeurig kan nakijken. Ik ben er ook aan het denken de NOS uit te nodigen voor een artikel en studio sport voor een live verslag, het liefst met Youri Mulder en Evert ten Napel.
  18. Sjtaf

    NC 17 Belgium and the Netherlands

    Ook nog eens dronken gezegd
  19. Sjtaf

    NC 17 Belgium and the Netherlands

    Ik vind bannerpack iets voor clans. Je kunt er inderdaad beter de speler mee onderscheiden maar zo groot is onze groep niet. Iedereen weet al van elkaar welke class hij speelt.
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