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  1. Kayhan

    Resolved Nvidia Freestyle doesn't work

    Summary: If you installed any mods and activated them via the launcher, Nvidia Freestyle won't work, it will show you the error that the game is not supported, if you launch Bannerlord.Native.exe or launch the game normally without any mods then Freestyle does indeed work. But you are still able...
  2. Kayhan

    Stop LES IS MOREx from hosting any future tournaments.

    Just give LES a break, he doesn't want to admit playing as his "girl" friend.
    Just put a disclaimer that the Tournament Hoster is allowed to take control on every Teams Captain Steam Acc to keep the games fair by privately messaging their passwords to him.
  3. Kayhan

    Current Issues being working on

    Rush the captain mode update? Are you kidding me? Since the EA release NOT ONE SINGLE update have been aimed at captain mode! They have only removed a map and then nerfed all other unit classes so Captain mode today is DEAD!

    All Modes are dead, they should focus on many other areas aswell.
  4. Kayhan

    Current Issues being working on

    Don't rush the Captain Mode patch, other fixes are as important.
  5. Kayhan

    Bannerlord RTX?

    How about... they finish their game?
  6. Kayhan

    Had i known development was going to be this slow for the single-player experience, i wouldn't have bought Bannerlord.

    I bought two copies of this and i honestly wish i hadn't.
    according to the world population studies, approximately 108 billion people have lived on the planet. Assuming the lifespan of these was 25, there has been around 2.7 trillion years of life. If we multiply this by the number of days in a year (365) there is a total of 985500000000000 (985.5 trillion) days. Not once in any of these days did anyone ask.
  7. Kayhan

    TW is looking for usefull Employees

    This should be the Topic on your Forum!

    HOW could it be, that your whole team needed 6 Weeks for bug fixing and couldnt even see the Bandit Bug?!
    This bug happen to every 10yo who is playing Bannerlord for 10 min.

    I dont even wonder why they needed 8 Years to develop a Game which is Pre Alpha, not one feature is implemented correctly into the game e.x. Perks, Story Mission or even marriage/interaction with your belongings.

    WTF is this team doing all day? Every 15yo Chinese Programmer could easily do more a day than this team did the last 6 weeks.

    PLEASE Hire more educated ppl and fire 90% of your coders bcs modders really give usefull stuff to this game. We, the PAIED PLAYERS, deserve a Game and deserve a Company who knows how to develop a game properly!

    If you, TW, are not capeable of developing a game like this, PLEASE sell the Brand Bannerlord to Ubisoft or another Big Company so they can fix and develop it otherwise the game wont be finished before 2025 .

    Just my 2 Cents

    Lmao Ubisoft which ads tons of microtansactions, have 100€ editions and are reusing their assets for years? (Look at the difference between AC Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla, there are none.)

    Also Tencent owns a percentage of Ubisoft aswell. They would ruin M&B and also not allow Modding, because then their MTX wouldn't sell.

    OP is a troll.
  8. Kayhan

    New City Map Prototype [captain mode]

    Didn't think I needed the map until now. Gib Map
  9. Kayhan

    MP (Captain mode suggestion) Points for arrows caught on shields, points for damage given, and more assists

    To you it is, to me it's not. I WANT YOU TO BOW TO ME.

    I might agree if we switch positions.
  10. Kayhan

    MP (Captain mode suggestion) Points for arrows caught on shields, points for damage given, and more assists

    Meat shield/first wave infantry needs love on the scoreboard too. The current point system in Captain mode really does not accurately reflect the impact you are having in a battle. There is a massive difference in the way a battle is fought from medieval times to now, but this game scorekeeps like a gun game. Being the first line in a shield wall was incredibly honorable, but likely to get you slaughtered. You were basically sacrificing yourselves to help the people behind you win the fight.

    The rest of the army wouldn't be like "HEY TRY TO GET SOME KILLS NEXT TIME ASSHOLES". It's like the reason your asses aren't filled with arrows is because they went into mine. The reason that troop of infantry fell so easily to you is because my troop met them at their strongest and did a lot of damage, but get zero credit.

    I have screen shot after screen shot of shield walls PILED with arrows and javelins. That helps my team immensely, but doesn't net any points. Being able to cohesively march a shield wall against enemy archers, protect ally archers, and any of the other thankless jobs you can do, is the stuff that quietly wins games. Like when you know your team is just gonna go DPS and dive headfirst into the enemy so you shield wall them to the enemy safely and just die once you get there... which I'm honestly happy to do. Commanding a shield wall of low level meat shield troops is by far my favorite part of the game, you just get zero love for it when it's very valuable.

    I don't see the problem? If you win, that is already credit enough.
  11. Kayhan

    Sturgia has been nerfed too much!

    I cannot keep up with that long list of reasons of yours OP.
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  13. Kayhan

    Beta House ΒΔΞ

    Good Luck
  14. Kayhan

    Bannerlord Clan list

    Clan name: Legion of the Betrayed
    Clan tag: [LB]
    Clan region: International
    Clan's TW thread or TW group link: Group
    Contact's info (links to TW & Steam profiles): Steam l Steam Group l Taleworlds
  15. Kayhan

    Legion of the Betrayed [LB]

  16. Kayhan

    Legion of the Betrayed [LB]

    The Community has been created shortly after the release of Bannerlord. Our Community is made up by 7 Members forming a council, who have been playing the Bannerlord Beta since its launch and also have experience in various other Mount & Blade titles each with an hour count ranging from 100...
  17. Kayhan

    **RESOLVED** Did e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0 just make group vs group impossible?

    Those are bad news for clans, then it would have almost no point to have a clan for Bannerlord yet.
  18. Kayhan

    Patch Notes e1.0.10

    can you share patch file?
    because i'm tester game and my country is ban and i can't access it from steam .

    Are you playing it on Epic Store?
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